31 Dec 2012

Quick Tips for Bloggers to Take Care of Their Health

Health Tips for Bloggers

Daily Blogger health and what to do?

Being a blogger is fun. It is meaningful to realize you are always sitting and not doing any real exercise. This means you can get “out of shape” fast, and your body fall into ruin before you know it. Your back can wear out quickly.

Your belly will become round instead of flat. While it may not be a problem when you are sitting at the computer, it may cause problems in public. Your overall health is very susceptible as well. Because you are not out in the sun, you are prone to more illnesses than you used to be.

Health Tips for Bloggers:

Posture sitting

It's important to realize that nearly all pain is caused by the chair, and how you are sitting in it. There is no correct way of sitting that matches all the chairs. Each chair has its own design and you need to find out which posture you need to take up to sit in that chair properly. This will prevent a wide majority of pain and help stem hunger issues you may begin to have.

Eye Distance

Keep yourself at least three feet away from the computer screen in a well-lit room. This is due to the cornea’s need to be able to focus on everything. Not just a very bright screen. Exposure near a very bright screen will act like looking into the sun for a couple of hours. When you look away, there's a spot that is black compared to all the color, or you can't see that well. You will need to take a second to clear your sight.

Hand massages

For people who do most of their work with their hands and fingers, receiving a hand massage is the best to prevent arthritis from spreading to them. The muscles are constantly being stressed from all the typing. Many people do not come to know what muscles they are using until it's too late.

While most of us enjoy the everyday life of being able to type to our hearts content, others may experience a more painful process of typing.

Chair breathers

When getting up from a chair, have you ever noticed that you have bits all over your back? Or, that suit you like to wear is covered in sweat? This is because you are literally starving your skin pores of air.

They overwork themselves to make sure they are doing what's best for the body. The body creates sweat to cool the back off. Your body thinks that when the back is warm, because of a prolonged period of time of sitting, that section of the body needs sweat to cool down.


While hand massages help the hand directly, switching to a more comfortable keyboard can easily save you from needing to attain one again for a longer time. Also, this can stop some of the diseases associated with being a typist for too long.

Chair height

As puzzling as it may be, chair height is one of the biggest issues when sitting at the computer for prolonged periods of time. By simply making sure that you're not leaning back all the time, or sitting at angle where your wrists need to touch the desk to type, a lot of pain is avoided now as well as in the future. This reduces the likelihood that you will develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


You'll be sitting at the chair a lot. So, it's not necessarily about how much you exercise. It is about what you eat. Staying low in sodium, high in vitamins, high in fiber, and low in fats will make sure that the food easily passes through you. With a balanced reduced calorie diet, you will get the vitamins you need and the nutrition your body craves over the course of the day.


This is the number one aspect to staying healthy while being a blogger. Not only does it allow for your body to repair any damage you may have caused, but for every two hours of sleep you have within an eight-hour period, you can lose almost an entire pound.

It boosts your immune system. Your mind will feel sharper, and your thoughts will flow faster. This will help you write better and still maintain a level of sanity.


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