7 Feb 2013

Social Media Marketing Plan For Your Business Improvement

Social media has emerged as a powerful business tool. Research says that 80% of businesses are using social sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. to promote their products. Social platform acts as a medium to attract more number of customers.

It drives targeted traffic to a website. You can enhance the business popularity. For instance, information shared in social sites can reach millions of users. It brings targeted customers to your site, who is interested in buying your products and services. It can increase your sales and profit rates. Plan your marketing strategy effectively, which may improve your business standards.

• Understand the power of social connections: Before creating your marketing plan, understand the importance of social media. Identify how your business benefits through social platforms. Know the popular marketing strategies like link building, content marketing, video promoting etc. Think which strategy works better for your business.

• Set goals: After analysing marketing platforms, set your goals. Make sure that your objectives improve your business sales. For instance, customers will believe friends’ suggestions more than your advertisements. Encourage visitors to share your information on social sites. This brings more visitors to your website. Set such kind of objectives which may enhance your sales and profit rates.

• Go beyond Facebook: Most businesses think using social media is all about Facebook. There are many other social sites apart from Facebook. Make your presence in all social sites. Don’t stick to a single networking channel. For example, research conducted by Partnering group states that 70% of customers use retail blogs and 68% use YouTube to search products before buying them.

• Reach customers: There are a number of social channels. Make your presence on every network. You can’t expect desired results from a single social site as you never know where users search for your products. For instance,

• Facebook: Using Facebook you can build community with customers.

• Twitter: It’s a popular tool for real time interaction.

• Google plus: It’s the best platform for increasing your website visibility.

• Linkedln: It’s an ultimate B2B networking tool.

• Pinterest: It’s a popular viral platform for sharing data and pictures.

• Content marketing: Write content, describing about your products and services. Make sure to give your website address before submitting it to directories. When your content interests users, they get back to your site. A content that is shared in social networks brings large number of users to websites.

• Avoid promotional speaking: Never show your promotional skills to build trust of customers. Remember that they don’t believe your ads easily. For instance you need to develop quality content. Provide two way communications. Listen to your customer words. Solve their issues through comments. This strategy helps in building trust with customers.

• Videos: Videos and pictures speak more than words. Users get attracted to videos on social sites. Ensure to include videos in your marketing strategy. You can attract customers by sharing quality videos.

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