15 Feb 2012

Publish Your Tweets On your Facebook Wall

Link Twitter and Facebook accounts
Social media plays very important role in sharing your ideas and views with family and friends. You can easily share anything on social networking websites without going anywhere. People use it different for different purposes. Businessmen use it to promote and advertise their products and services, bloggers use it to get traffic and making their blog popular.

Among all social websites, Facebook and Twitter are most famous and popular websites. Facebook is a complete social networking website whereas Twitter is a micro-blogging website on which you can share or promote your ideas by writing which is called tweet. So if you can link them together they can be proved very beneficial.

Here I am giving a tutorial on how to link twitter and Facebook, so that if you publish a tweet on Twitter it will automatically publish on Facebook too.

To start this process log in to your Twitter account. After that go to your Settings and select the Profile tab. Scroll down where you see the option Post your Tweets to Facebook

Share your tweets to Facebook

 Click the button and it will start connecting your Twitter account with Facebook account. After that it will ask you request for permission to allow. Click the Allow on the accept permission prompt and the process is completed.

Now your Twitter and Facebook accounts are linked. Every time when you post a tweet on Twitter it will automatically share on your Facebook wall. You can also set the privacy option to share your tweets, click the drop down button from the shared tweet and select the privacy option.