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26 Jan 2023

It’s no secret that content is king when it comes to capturing the attention of your audience. Whether you’re writing blog posts, creating videos, or crafting beautiful emails, the content you’re creating has to be compelling, informative, and engaging.

So, what does it take to create content that stands out in a crowded market? Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Know Your Audience

Before you start creating content, take some time to get to know your audience. Think about their interests, what they’re looking for, and what they care about. Then, tailor your content to meet those needs.

2. Research Before You Write

For blog posts, articles, and other long-form content, it pays to do some research before you start writing. Collecting data, statistics, and other facts will help you back up your points and make your content more credible.

3. Use Visuals

Break up large chunks of text with visuals such as images, videos, and infographics. Not only do visuals make your content more visually appealing, but they also help to explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand format.

4. Stay On-Brand

When you’re creating content, always make sure it’s on-brand. Use your brand’s colors, fonts, and tone of voice to ensure your content is consistent with your brand identity.

5. Focus on Quality

Above all else, focus on creating high-quality content that your audience will find valuable. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. If you focus on creating content that is useful and engaging, your audience will come back for more. Creating content doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By following these tips, you can create content that resonates with your audience and drives engagement. Don’t be afraid to experiment and test out different ideas to see what works best for you. Good luck!
Author Faizan Ahmad

Content is king when it comes to running a successful blog. Whether you’re a budding writer, established blogger, or marketing professional, having a strong content strategy is vital to driving traffic and engagement to your blog.

Creating great content, however, involves more than simply sharing your thoughts and ideas. It requires planning, research, creative thinking, and a well-defined strategy for creating, curating, and publishing content. So, what does it take to create compelling content for your blog? Here are some tips for creating effective blog content that will draw in readers and help keep them engaged.

1. Set Clear Goals

First and foremost, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve from your blog content. Are you hoping to raise awareness about a particular issue or goal? Are you trying to drive more traffic to your site? Are you looking to increase your revenue? Once you’ve decided on your goals, you can begin to develop a content strategy to help you reach them.

2. Choose Your Topics

One of the most important steps in creating content for your blog is choosing the right topics. Think carefully about the topics that your readers would find most interesting and valuable. Consider their interests, needs, and preferences when selecting topics. Once you’ve chosen your topics, you can begin to plan out your content.

3. Structure Your Content

When creating content for your blog, it’s important to think about how you’ll structure it. Will you write short posts, longer articles, or a mix of both? Will you have a specific format for each post or will you mix it up? Make sure you’re creating content that’s easy to read and understand, so your readers won’t get bored or confused.

4. Use Quality Sources

When creating content for your blog, it’s important to do your research and use quality sources. Make sure the information you’re providing is accurate and up-to-date. This will help build trust with your readers and ensure that your content is reliable.

5. Write Engaging Content

Creating engaging content is key to keeping your readers interested and coming back for more. Make sure you’re writing in a conversational tone and using images and videos to illustrate your points. You can also use storytelling and personal anecdotes to make your posts more relatable.

6. Promote Your Content

Once you’ve created your content, it’s important to promote it. Consider using social media to reach more readers and engage with them. You can also share your posts on other sites and forums to increase your reach. Creating great content for your blog doesn’t have to be difficult. By following the above steps, you can create content that will draw in readers and help keep them engaged. From setting clear goals to promoting your content, these tips will help you create effective blog content that will help reach your goals.
Author Faizan Ahmad

22 Sept 2022

Most computers have connectors for microphones, music players, and speakers on the back or side of the main unit. Some computers have an additional microphone jack on the front. These jacks are connected to your computer's sound card or processor. Most microphones designed for computer use have a 1/8" jack, but some have a larger 1/4" jack. If you have this type, you will need to plug it into an adapter before connecting it to your computer.

  • Step 1

Identify the audio inputs on the back of the computer. Unless your computer is very old, the connectors are color-coded green for line out - for speakers or headphones - blue for line in, and pink for the microphone. The microphone and speaker connectors may also have small images next to them. Line input is for music players or other audio devices.

  • Step 2

Connect your microphone to the microphone jack. If your microphone has an on/off switch, turn it on.

  • Step 3

Point the mouse to the right edge of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, click "Search", and type "Control Panel" in the Search box. Type "sound" in the search box at the top of the window and click "Sound."

  • Step 4

Click "Microphone" on the Recording tab and choose "Properties." Open the "Levels" tab and make sure the microphone is not muted. Click and drag the "Microphone" slider to increase or decrease the volume.

Don’t know how to make safe wire connections on your devices? Visit and purchase the best solder wire connectors.

Author Faizan Ahmad

4 Jul 2022

Pet Set Paw

Pet Set Paw is an on-demand pet service marketplace to find, schedule, and connect pet parents to trusted groomers, trainers, and vets in India. The founder, Aanandi Sardana came up with this idea in early 2021 after seeing several new and existing pet parents struggle during the pandemic to find trusted service providers to come to their doorstep for their fur baby. To find a qualified groomer or trainer, pet parents would ask friends and family with pets for a recommendation.

That's when it struck Aanandi how fragmented and unorganized the rapidly growing petcare sector was in India. In 2021 not having a place to easily find trusted service providers motivated her to begin her entrepreneurial journey in her fourth year of university at Sauder School of Business in the University of British Columbia.

Working on the idea while still being a full-time university student, she realized the potential and scope for growth in the Indian Pet Industry and has moved back to India to work full-time on her startup. 

Following the lean startup model, the company started as a search tool but the end goal is to make a seamless end-to-end transaction between the pet parent and service provider through a website and mobile application. It will be a two-sided market with service providers on one side and pet parents on the other.

The aim is not only to make the lives of pet parents easier but also for service providers to find more business. Currently Pet Set Paw is offering services in Delhi NCR and Mumbai but will soon be expanding to other major cities. The long-term vision is to be a household name for all pet services in India. 

Author Faizan Ahmad

21 Jan 2022

We are seeing a number of news stories nowadays about giant ed-tech organizations' despicable behaviour in the country, and how they are lowering the quality of education and converting into sales-driven businesses with only one goal: "Sell At Any Cost."



Then, in the midst of a pandemic, Techokids emerges, providing kids innovative ways to learn coding languages, artificial intelligence, robotics, and web development, all of which are particularly targeted and tailored for children aged 6 to 18.


Alumni from Google, Facebook, IIT, IIM, and MSU collaborated and formed Techokids. Because of the curriculum's unique design, exposure to industry experts and educators, 1:1 online live courses, and a learn-and-implement-based concept on real-world projects, our students successfully risen to the next level.


We see our students as the future Tech-Entrepreneur, Tech-Leader, or Tech-Specialist, that is why we have made it a priority to prepare them with 21st-century new-age tech skills.


Techokids Highlights:

1. Collaborated with Government of Gujarat State 2500 Schools.

2. Conducted 60,000+ live classes and registered 10,000 students.

3. Teaching expansion - USA, UK, UAE, and India
Author Faizan Ahmad

20 Dec 2021


Are you feeling exhausted from switching between accounts day in day out? Managing multiple social media profiles can be difficult when you are jumping between accounts and platforms, using different tools on each.

Social media staff of big businesses usually end up managing several accounts that serve different purposes for different platforms. It is quite difficult to login to each and every individual network to compose new posts, check what’s happening in streams, follow up on conversations and posting on time, and basically perform any other social media management that was on the plate.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to manage multiple social media accounts while maximizing their potential.

Manage multiple social media accounts with Appu Social

Social media management tools like Appu Social makes your job easier by giving you a single, unified dashboard for all your social media accounts. We will help you by reducing multiple account switching and distractions to increase productivity also to get more out of social accounts.

 1. Scheduling for the relevant social accounts per each respective post

Social networks are all similar, yet different when it comes to the photo sizes and the number of characters in the caption section. Each social network displays captions differently and that’s the reason why everyone should be very careful when it comes to curating a new post.

Here’s where the previewing tool comes in handy. Appu Social provides Desktop and mobile previewing tools per all the changes you make to each post/social account. It’s important to view how your posts will look like once they’re online and if you’re not satisfied, you can simply go back to the creation dashboard and make the desired changes.


2. Curate a Social Media Content Calendar

It is important to keep track of your work and maintain a good working schedule. We always aim to finish our tasks at the right time, but what happens when there’s a lot to do?

Appu social’s content calendar helps you to manage social media posts so that you have free time to create a new marketing plan per the upcoming months. Our social media calendar will help you in the following ways: -

·         assign multiple posts - Social media posts should always be updated for all different platforms with multiple posts

·         schedule multiple posts – With the help of a well defined calenda you can find a way to select posts via their statuses or your own preferences and schedule them to designated profiles and platforms.


3. Store your content in Media Library

Media library is a love-at-first-sight section for many digital marketers. It provides an endless collection of all your high-quality images that are easily filtered by orientation. *Filters will show up as soon as you start typing.


Make the most out of your time by selecting tons of images at the same time and never worrying about one creative that got lost on your drive. Appu Social’s media & library save you that hassle.

4. Bulk schedule of the posts

It is nice to be able to manage your time efficiently using smart tools. That’s why Appu Social is allowing you to import a CSV template that you can fill with up to 500 different posts, save it, and simply drag and drop it. Let Appu Social do all the rest.

By using a CSV file, you can quickly create status updates, add links, hashtags, multiple photos/videos, timeslot labels, etc.

5. Personalize your social media posts with watermarks

Besides being able to select the Album to which the Photo(s) should go to, you will now see an option to use any of the saved watermarks. You can also make any last-minute changes to the default settings (position, size & opacity) or even preview your watermarked Photo.

You can select multiple Accounts and add a [different] watermark for each Account without having to do it one by one. Watermarks can be added to individual photos as well as to multi-photo posts, albums, and photos uploaded in bulk.

That’s it! Publish your watermarked post right away, or (auto) schedule it for later.

Here you can find the guide to how to watermark your photos on Facebook using AppuSocial.


The 5 best tools to manage social media accounts

Social media management tools have features that range from unified dashboards to customer monitoring and listening. We picked out five of our favourite and most effective tools based on features, supported networks, and pricing.

Here in this guide, you can find all the details of the marketing tools that will help you to level up your social media game in 2022.

Stay on the top of the social media game with a unified dashboard and a validated strategy

As a social media manager, it’s your job to build a content strategy, create content schedule all your posts, engage with your followers, and then monitor performance to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

A unified dashboard will let you manage all your social media accounts in one place, saving your time and effort by reducing platform switching. It also lets you monitor your posts and accounts in one place so that you can validate your strategy across networks.

See how a social media management platform can increase efficiency and help you achieve better results by trying out Appu Social’s publishing, analytics, andengagement tools Today!

Author Faizan Ahmad

2 Sept 2021


What is Cursed Text?

The Cursed Text is known as "Satanic Text," "Demonic Writing," or "Void Text," and all of these terms refer to the same thing.  A text that has been messed up with diacritic markings to the point where it is hardly recognizable. Unicode also permits diacritics to stack to heights that cause text to overlap with text above and below. This adds to the "hacked" look by making it appear as if some websites are malfunctioning due to text overlapping in strange ways.

What is a Cursed Text Generator?

If you want to draw attention to the remarks you make, a cursed text generator might assist you. This strange text generator can help you give your comments a distinctive look so that others will pay attention to them.

You could be considering how to compose cursed text. You do not need to learn how to compose cursed writing because it is not a talent you must master in order to curse your text. You may use an internet platform to turn your ordinary writing into cursed text. To create a demonic text, simply write the normal text and copy-paste it into the cursed text generator.

A cursed text generator comes with a variety of style options that it applies to your regular text to make it appear unique. People also refer to it as a glitch text generator because of the misshaped shape of the text. So, if you're trying to produce a professional document, this scary text generator isn't the best option. Only utilize it if you want to come up with something original.

Purpose of Cursed Text Generator

You may use a cursed text generator to make your writing more appealing. When you type regular text into a cursed text generator, it transforms it into something unique or diabolical. This demonic text generator alters the appearance of your text, making it difficult to read. When something is difficult to read, individuals devote extra time to it in order to fully comprehend what is written.

The primary goal of a cursed text generator is to make your ordinary text more fascinating so that readers will spend more time reading it and fully comprehending what is said. This application is a spooky text generator that can turn any text into something frightening or strange.

How to Use Cursed Text Generator Tool

You may also use a cursed text generator to make your text haunted and terrifying. If you're commenting on a horror story, this demonic text generator may turn your ordinary language into something terrifying.

Make sure you're not abusing the text, as this may cause visitors to abandon your page, website, or YouTube channel. Take a look at the instructions below if you don't know how to utilize a cursed text generator. When creating a cursed text, make sure you follow the methods outlined below: You can also go through this reference link to see exactly how the cursed text generator works.

 •First, you must visit the cursed text generator's website.

•Once you've arrived at the website, you may either type or copy-paste the standard text into the left pane.

•Once you've input the regular text, you'll see that a cursed text appears in the right pane.

• From there, you may copy the cursed text and paste it wherever you like.
Author Faizan Ahmad

5 Aug 2021

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WoW Classic TBC Gold for Sale

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade was released by Blizzard Entertainment on June 1st, and there are some changes compared to the original WOW Classic gameplay. In addition to the new level cap (With a new level cap, players can expect to pick up brand new spells from their Class Trainers on their way to level 70.), new races (Draenei join forces with the Alliance and Blood Elves raise their banner for the Horde.), new dungeons (There are new Dungeons at Hellfire Citadel in Hellfire Peninsula, Auchindoun in Terrokar Forest, Caverns of Time in Tanaris, Coilfang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh, as well as dungeons in Tempest Keep in Netherstorm.), new raids, and new profession Jewelcrafting, there will be a significant shake-up in the PvE Meta.

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World of Warcraft

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How to get WOW TBC Classic Gold?

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TBC Classic Gold may be obtained in various methods in the game, including farming resources, completing quests, grinding monsters, and buying and selling in the Auction House.

Where to buy cheap TBC Classic Gold?

Buying TBC Classic Gold is the most excellent option for those who don't have enough time. However, this is not a cheap investment; therefore, it will be everyone's choice if TBC Classic Gold is available for a low price. Mywowgold will be the most appropriate website at this moment. Mywowgold is a game-related service website with a long history. Almost all major gaming currencies and accounts, including WOW Classic Gold, are now available here.

With additional WOW Classic servers, Mywowgold is expanding the sorts of WOW Classic gold available. Once WOW Classic TBC is open, you may purchase WOW TBC Classic Gold from Mywowgold.

Author Faizan Ahmad

7 May 2021


  • Pick from 100’s of coaching institute, tutors, and training institute near you
  • Students can compare, review the institutes and make informed decisions

The journey of education for a majority of students faces the big challenge of choosing the most optimal career field, followed by choosing the most appropriate and effective coaching institute. Narrowing down a wide variety of options for these institutes in all domains is quite difficult. Edviseme is here to help you make the correct choice!

Edviseme is an education aggregating platform that bridges the gap between you, the students, and the educational institutes. It provides a common platform for all the coaching institutes to come together and offer their best to you. You can easily search for specific courses, locations, or any such requirements. You can also analyze all the options and select the one that is most suitable and easily accessible for you.

The market today offers a vast variety of options in the field of education. It is a long process of choosing the best fit that caters to your needs and hence, it often leads to a wrong decision or a less accurate decision. So, to loosen up this burden, Edviseme works as an exclusive virtual market for you. It aims at smoothening up this intimidating task.

Edviseme is India’s largest education aggregator. It makes sure to provide efficient information to students, which is collected from hundreds of coaching centers, educational institutes, and tuition classes. Students can easily compare different institutes before making a decision. Additionally, it also allows them to review the institutes that act as feedback for the institutes and information for other students. The objective of Edvisme is not only limited to provide a platform but also lets students reserve their seats for admissions and plan a better future with the ease of sitting at home. Edviseme also makes sure to study the growing demands and interests of students. The scope of institutes is not bounded. The option of studying abroad is also made open and hence, institutes that offer courses like Graduate Records Examination (GRE) or Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are also made available.

Suraj Punjabi, the Founder of Edviseme Tech Venture LLP
Suraj Punjabi, the Founder of Edviseme Tech Venture LLP

Suraj Punjabi, the Founder of Edviseme Tech Venture LLP opined, “We cannot deny the giant iceberg of coaching institutes that are providing tuitions in all the education front. So, how do you get to know which coaching is the best for you as an aspiring student? Edviseme is where you find the best leads at the best price. We are a B2B2C online aggregator for all kinds of classes, institutes, and organizations.”

Author Faizan Ahmad

25 Dec 2020


5 Ways Technology Helps Small Business to Thrive

The fast track life we are living today is all thanks to technology. There's no denying the fact that technology plays a key role in making a business successful, for employees' motivation, and so on. But when it comes to particular mindsets, small business owners have their way of handling the good and the bad side of the business world.

Whether it's about tracking your employees, running a project management system or using new online software, etc., technology shows us how things can be made easier over time.

Utilizing technology has certain implications for one's business, so you have the opportunity to use it in various ways.

1.     Android Trackers

Check out your surroundings, and you will hardly see any person without a smartphone. The majority of the workforce is comprised of millennials who are dedicated to their work and addicted to the use of smartphones.

In the business world, mobile phones are means of advertising, reaching the consumer (having the right accessibility); however, for an employee, it has counter effects. In the case of low productivity levels, office grievances, and for other reasons, small business owners prefer to use android trackers to track, monitor the work, MMS, SMS, locations, and so on to help the business management become aware of what's going on inside.

Of course, this is only for rightfully legal reasons.

There are so many mobile trackers and software available for both android and iPhone in the market. You just have to select one for your company by considering all the factors and features of the app. TheOnespy android tracker is popular for many reasons as it is offering some amazing features that no other software is providing. TOS is a complete package and has a set of features for all communities like employers, parents, and individuals.

2.     Use of social media

Talking about consumers reminds us of their importance. Thanks to modern technology, social media platforms have taken the hype for every small business. It has helped these businesses grow and expand their customer base. Most entrepreneurs are getting in touch with their customers on a personal level by tweeting and replying to their stories.

It's a good idea for a business to use social media platforms to promote the brand through social media forums. It's perhaps the quickest way to keep the customers aware of the latest articles and not to forget to remove the geographical boundaries too.

3.     Accounting Software

Accounting has changed its shape from predecessor techniques. Modern technology has made the accountant's workload far less tedious.

Currently, the latest inventions and innovations in the software have led to the development of tools like word processing tools, specialized accounting software, etc. These technological advancements have allowed accountants to work efficiently, smartly, and improving the bottom line too. Small businesses can buy this software online or use some of it free of charge too!

Saving extra expenses on hiring and training a new workforce, small businesses can make smart investments in technology and use accounting software for the long run without any worries.

4.     Project Management

Similar to the android trackers is the project management software/tools available for use. Small companies are known to use certain tools that make it easier to manage the goals, tasks, keep a record of meetings, important documents, etc. It also controls the level of productivity at the workplace among diverse team members and their team leads.

Not only can you have an excellent overview but also improve the overall state of the organization too. So if you want to see constant optimization, then the use of such tracking tools are vital for the business's success.

5.     Lower the Costs

Since the industrial revolution and mass production, ten times the work was being done by the machines. This reduced the manual work rapidly. However, because of technology, people can invest in the right skillset these days. Employees are now becoming the new technological masterminds behind machine learning.

Instead of hiring new employees and increasing the budget, the existing team of employees can be trained to bring out the best of their abilities. Hence it helps the company to maintain its finances too and make the most use of the capital.

Bottom Line

That's not just it. Thanks to technology, whether it's in the form of a mobile app tracker or a project tracker to keep to help businesses worldwide, the benefits are eternal. You just need to make smart investments when it comes to making your business work. 

Author Faizan Ahmad