2 Sept 2021


What is Cursed Text?

The Cursed Text is known as "Satanic Text," "Demonic Writing," or "Void Text," and all of these terms refer to the same thing.  A text that has been messed up with diacritic markings to the point where it is hardly recognizable. Unicode also permits diacritics to stack to heights that cause text to overlap with text above and below. This adds to the "hacked" look by making it appear as if some websites are malfunctioning due to text overlapping in strange ways.

What is a Cursed Text Generator?

If you want to draw attention to the remarks you make, a cursed text generator might assist you. This strange text generator can help you give your comments a distinctive look so that others will pay attention to them.

You could be considering how to compose cursed text. You do not need to learn how to compose cursed writing because it is not a talent you must master in order to curse your text. You may use an internet platform to turn your ordinary writing into cursed text. To create a demonic text, simply write the normal text and copy-paste it into the cursed text generator.

A cursed text generator comes with a variety of style options that it applies to your regular text to make it appear unique. People also refer to it as a glitch text generator because of the misshaped shape of the text. So, if you're trying to produce a professional document, this scary text generator isn't the best option. Only utilize it if you want to come up with something original.

Purpose of Cursed Text Generator

You may use a cursed text generator to make your writing more appealing. When you type regular text into a cursed text generator, it transforms it into something unique or diabolical. This demonic text generator alters the appearance of your text, making it difficult to read. When something is difficult to read, individuals devote extra time to it in order to fully comprehend what is written.

The primary goal of a cursed text generator is to make your ordinary text more fascinating so that readers will spend more time reading it and fully comprehending what is said. This application is a spooky text generator that can turn any text into something frightening or strange.

How to Use Cursed Text Generator Tool

You may also use a cursed text generator to make your text haunted and terrifying. If you're commenting on a horror story, this demonic text generator may turn your ordinary language into something terrifying.

Make sure you're not abusing the text, as this may cause visitors to abandon your page, website, or YouTube channel. Take a look at the instructions below if you don't know how to utilize a cursed text generator. When creating a cursed text, make sure you follow the methods outlined below: You can also go through this reference link to see exactly how the cursed text generator works.

 •First, you must visit the cursed text generator's website.

•Once you've arrived at the website, you may either type or copy-paste the standard text into the left pane.

•Once you've input the regular text, you'll see that a cursed text appears in the right pane.

• From there, you may copy the cursed text and paste it wherever you like.
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5 Aug 2021

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WoW Classic TBC Gold for Sale

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade was released by Blizzard Entertainment on June 1st, and there are some changes compared to the original WOW Classic gameplay. In addition to the new level cap (With a new level cap, players can expect to pick up brand new spells from their Class Trainers on their way to level 70.), new races (Draenei join forces with the Alliance and Blood Elves raise their banner for the Horde.), new dungeons (There are new Dungeons at Hellfire Citadel in Hellfire Peninsula, Auchindoun in Terrokar Forest, Caverns of Time in Tanaris, Coilfang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh, as well as dungeons in Tempest Keep in Netherstorm.), new raids, and new profession Jewelcrafting, there will be a significant shake-up in the PvE Meta.

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World of Warcraft

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How to get WOW TBC Classic Gold?

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TBC Classic Gold may be obtained in various methods in the game, including farming resources, completing quests, grinding monsters, and buying and selling in the Auction House.

Where to buy cheap TBC Classic Gold?

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With additional WOW Classic servers, Mywowgold is expanding the sorts of WOW Classic gold available. Once WOW Classic TBC is open, you may purchase WOW TBC Classic Gold from Mywowgold.

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7 May 2021


  • Pick from 100’s of coaching institute, tutors, and training institute near you
  • Students can compare, review the institutes and make informed decisions

The journey of education for a majority of students faces the big challenge of choosing the most optimal career field, followed by choosing the most appropriate and effective coaching institute. Narrowing down a wide variety of options for these institutes in all domains is quite difficult. Edviseme is here to help you make the correct choice!

Edviseme is an education aggregating platform that bridges the gap between you, the students, and the educational institutes. It provides a common platform for all the coaching institutes to come together and offer their best to you. You can easily search for specific courses, locations, or any such requirements. You can also analyze all the options and select the one that is most suitable and easily accessible for you.

The market today offers a vast variety of options in the field of education. It is a long process of choosing the best fit that caters to your needs and hence, it often leads to a wrong decision or a less accurate decision. So, to loosen up this burden, Edviseme works as an exclusive virtual market for you. It aims at smoothening up this intimidating task.

Edviseme is India’s largest education aggregator. It makes sure to provide efficient information to students, which is collected from hundreds of coaching centers, educational institutes, and tuition classes. Students can easily compare different institutes before making a decision. Additionally, it also allows them to review the institutes that act as feedback for the institutes and information for other students. The objective of Edvisme is not only limited to provide a platform but also lets students reserve their seats for admissions and plan a better future with the ease of sitting at home. Edviseme also makes sure to study the growing demands and interests of students. The scope of institutes is not bounded. The option of studying abroad is also made open and hence, institutes that offer courses like Graduate Records Examination (GRE) or Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are also made available.

Suraj Punjabi, the Founder of Edviseme Tech Venture LLP
Suraj Punjabi, the Founder of Edviseme Tech Venture LLP

Suraj Punjabi, the Founder of Edviseme Tech Venture LLP opined, “We cannot deny the giant iceberg of coaching institutes that are providing tuitions in all the education front. So, how do you get to know which coaching is the best for you as an aspiring student? Edviseme is where you find the best leads at the best price. We are a B2B2C online aggregator for all kinds of classes, institutes, and organizations.”

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25 Dec 2020


5 Ways Technology Helps Small Business to Thrive

The fast track life we are living today is all thanks to technology. There's no denying the fact that technology plays a key role in making a business successful, for employees' motivation, and so on. But when it comes to particular mindsets, small business owners have their way of handling the good and the bad side of the business world.

Whether it's about tracking your employees, running a project management system or using new online software, etc., technology shows us how things can be made easier over time.

Utilizing technology has certain implications for one's business, so you have the opportunity to use it in various ways.

1.     Android Trackers

Check out your surroundings, and you will hardly see any person without a smartphone. The majority of the workforce is comprised of millennials who are dedicated to their work and addicted to the use of smartphones.

In the business world, mobile phones are means of advertising, reaching the consumer (having the right accessibility); however, for an employee, it has counter effects. In the case of low productivity levels, office grievances, and for other reasons, small business owners prefer to use android trackers to track, monitor the work, MMS, SMS, locations, and so on to help the business management become aware of what's going on inside.

Of course, this is only for rightfully legal reasons.

There are so many mobile trackers and software available for both android and iPhone in the market. You just have to select one for your company by considering all the factors and features of the app. TheOnespy android tracker is popular for many reasons as it is offering some amazing features that no other software is providing. TOS is a complete package and has a set of features for all communities like employers, parents, and individuals.

2.     Use of social media

Talking about consumers reminds us of their importance. Thanks to modern technology, social media platforms have taken the hype for every small business. It has helped these businesses grow and expand their customer base. Most entrepreneurs are getting in touch with their customers on a personal level by tweeting and replying to their stories.

It's a good idea for a business to use social media platforms to promote the brand through social media forums. It's perhaps the quickest way to keep the customers aware of the latest articles and not to forget to remove the geographical boundaries too.

3.     Accounting Software

Accounting has changed its shape from predecessor techniques. Modern technology has made the accountant's workload far less tedious.

Currently, the latest inventions and innovations in the software have led to the development of tools like word processing tools, specialized accounting software, etc. These technological advancements have allowed accountants to work efficiently, smartly, and improving the bottom line too. Small businesses can buy this software online or use some of it free of charge too!

Saving extra expenses on hiring and training a new workforce, small businesses can make smart investments in technology and use accounting software for the long run without any worries.

4.     Project Management

Similar to the android trackers is the project management software/tools available for use. Small companies are known to use certain tools that make it easier to manage the goals, tasks, keep a record of meetings, important documents, etc. It also controls the level of productivity at the workplace among diverse team members and their team leads.

Not only can you have an excellent overview but also improve the overall state of the organization too. So if you want to see constant optimization, then the use of such tracking tools are vital for the business's success.

5.     Lower the Costs

Since the industrial revolution and mass production, ten times the work was being done by the machines. This reduced the manual work rapidly. However, because of technology, people can invest in the right skillset these days. Employees are now becoming the new technological masterminds behind machine learning.

Instead of hiring new employees and increasing the budget, the existing team of employees can be trained to bring out the best of their abilities. Hence it helps the company to maintain its finances too and make the most use of the capital.

Bottom Line

That's not just it. Thanks to technology, whether it's in the form of a mobile app tracker or a project tracker to keep to help businesses worldwide, the benefits are eternal. You just need to make smart investments when it comes to making your business work. 

Author Faizan Ahmad

28 Oct 2020

Among all emerging technologies, nothing has made progress as Artificial intelligence. It has changed the way of solving company problems and at the same time, it also saves time and money. Technology like Google and Uber use AI systems to create human-like features that can predict what the client is looking for. With advanced technology like artificial intelligence, you can do many things with-in no time such as paying bills, schedule meetings, and many more, and also you can save the costs as well. Installing

 Artificial Intelligence to offices is a one-time investment that helps to save time and money. HR departments, recruiters, and hiring managers are using AL powered tools to improve the process of hiring. Humans can take a lot of time to do these tasks as compared to AI technologies.  

The work duration is different for humans and technology that is based on artificial intelligence and the difference of work duration between technology and humans is measurable. For measuring the work duration, a time calculator can be used that allows you to calculate how many hours, minutes, and seconds are present in the duration of two hours.

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence?

Machines are more capable and efficient than humans because they have the ability to work 27/7 without taking rest. They also don’t need breaks and don’t get bored. It means that you can trust them to notify you about important events and issues at any time. Artificial intelligence can analyze the data in large amounts with the blink of an eye. 

Reducing error:

Artificial intelligence is not free from making errors completely but it's more accurate as compared to humans. In most cases, the accuracy rate is about 99% even systems like Google LYNA (Lymph Node Assistant) get the 99% accuracy and 69% sensitivity in the detection of metastatic breast cancer. The great benefit of the AI system is that it can make decisions on the basis of available data. Artificial intelligence does not have their own opinions and emotions, so AI technologies can work more efficiently.


When Artificial intelligence reduces the working errors it also reduces the duration of working on a task, so the work duration can be calculated with time measuring tools such as Time calculator and Time duration calculator.

How can Artificial Intelligence be dangerous?

Most of the researchers have agreed to one aspect that artificial intelligence can't feel human emotions such as love and hate. When considering the risks of artificial intelligence, experts especially think about these two aspects.

Artificial intelligence is programmed to do destroy things:

Weapons that are based on artificial intelligence are programmed to destroy things. If these weapons are in the wrong hands then these would cause mass casualties. Moreover, artificial intelligence can lead to a war that can also result in mass casualties. Even these weapons would destroy planets in few minutes or maybe seconds. 

Use of destructive method for achieving goals:

Artificial intelligence is designed to take benefits but the method of getting benefits from the technology is destructive. It happens when we fail to regulate technology with us, which is a difficult task for a human who is not aware of the technology.

Final Words:

Artificial intelligence has slowly taken an essential part in the life of humans. Progress in AI technology is beneficial for us for numerous reasons and Technology at the medical level helps to treat critical patients and also saves the lives of many humans and helps us in so many aspects of life. So we can’t ignore the fact that technology is important to us.
Author Faizan Ahmad

25 Jun 2020

Programming Languages

Getting into coding is the first step toward breaking into tech, but learning the right programming language could help you land a high-paying job. Depending on the role, company, specialization, and experience, a tech professional in the US can easily earn between $77,000 to $100,000 annually. 

Generally, the language that you decide to learn is directly related to the specialization you’d go for. If you are curious about which language is the most beneficial to learn, this guide will highlight the top four based on a recent Stack Overflow survey. Keep on reading to find out which one works best for you.


Python is a very strong programming language as you can do so many great things with it. It’s a very versatile language that allows you to accomplish different things—from the basic object-oriented programming to complex things like machine learning or big data analysis. 

The language is widely used in the tech sector by data scientists and web developers, among others. In fact, most developers prefer to use Python because they’re able to use several web frameworks like Django or Pyramid to build functional websites. 

There are a lot of Python bootcamps out there that you can take advantage of, including Thinkful. It offers an in-depth bootcamp that only lasts for a couple of weeks, depending on your schedule. The bootcamp is comprehensive enough to equip students with the right skill set to branch out into data science, machine learning, and web development. If you’re working on data analysis with Python, you’ll be able to make between $63,000 to $123,000 annually.


Clojure is a complete general-purpose programing language that comes from the Lisp dialect. Lisp is a family of programming languages developed by John McCarty in 1959 with the purpose of creating AI-driven products and exploring machine learning. Lisp is one of the oldest programming language families that is still used worldwide. Clojure, on the other hand, is a dialect of this family and is used for hardcore concurrency tasks. 

This is the reason why this programming language is so in-demand. Based on a quick online survey, there is currently a low supply of developers working with Clojure. Depending on experience, location, and company, tech professionals who work with this programing language can bring home between $90,000 to $100,000 annually. If you are interested to learn more about Clojure, you can look up for the many resources available online.


Automation is everything these days in the tech world. All companies are looking towards automating their processes to become more efficient. Ruby can help you do just that, which is great and many companies would hire you only for the automation service. Other types of tasks you can achieve with Ruby are full stack web development and report generators in HTML or CVS. This programming language is very intuitive and will also help you solve some data cleaning problems. Ruby on Rails is an amazing starting point for beginners, so if you have no prior experience with coding, you can totally try learning Ruby first. 

Some of the best places to learn this skill are Coding Dojo and Bloc school. You’ll learn how to build functional web applications with Ruby on Rails and how to make rapid prototypes. The average salary for people who know how to work with this language goes from $77,000 to $107,000 annually. 


SQL is the dream language for a data analyst. This coding language can help you manage, process, and analyze data to create meaningful insights. This a very data-driven language that you can use to optimize any data-related process. With SQL, you can also store and organize large volumes of data. Modifying and creating databases isn’t a hard thing to do with SQL. With the high demand for data-driven skills and so little supply, there’s a high possibility of getting a high-paying job by learning SQL. It’ll also depend on the combination of other skills like data analysis or complete data engineering, but if you already know how to use SQL, it’ll be easier for you to embark on any of those paths. 

By only knowing how to use SQL you could earn up to $60,000 per year. However, if you combine this skill with the others listed above, you could increase your annual salary up to over $100,000. Now, where can you learn how to use SQL? Some of the best SQL Bootcamp is offered by the General Assembly. In this course, you’ll learn all the essential fundamentals of SQL that go from pattern matching, segregation, and grouping.  


Learning a coding language will open many doors for you in the tech world. And even if you’re not into tech, learning coding skills will help you automate processes that you regularly do. Learning a coding skill will also help you train your brain to think more logically and solve problems easier than ever.
Author Faizan Ahmad

14 May 2020

Social media advertising

It is an outgrowth of digital marketing in which any company pays some amount for their ads to run on different social media platforms. It is the way to get promotions of products and attract differently
peoples towards them.

Cost of social media advertising

Usually, the cost is always synchronized with the budget of any company, yet some companies use
$4000 to $7000 per month on social media advertisements. It usually comprises a once-a-month paid
amount for any specific ad, as well as a routine promotion and publicity for one or more platforms.

CPM calculator

The best way to estimate the cost is the use of a CPM calculator. Now, what is CPM? CPM represents
the cost per mile and is a communal measure of volume in advertising. If you'd like to compute the cost per click, you can use it to do a cautious valuation.

How to calculate CPM in the social advertising industry in 2020

CPM marketing or CPM advertising is a term that simply evaluates the Cost-Per-Thousand. It measures the total budget or cost of any online ad per 1000 impressions. Now the question is how to calculate impressions? An impression calculator is the best option for this valuation process. An impression can be measured when the advertisement will be exhibited on a web page. Such systems are created to make a conservative guesstimate about the cost of advertising campaigns on different social networks in the year 2020. It will give an indication of how much the advertisement will charge for every 1000 people exposed.

Figure out CPM in 2020

What is CPM in marketing, or what is the CPM formula can easily evaluate CPM in advertising as it is the simplest notion behind it. Meanwhile, CPM is the cost per thousand impressions. Therefore, you just have to divide the total cost by the total number of impressions and then multiplied by the thousand. So the CPM formula is:

● CPM = 1000 * cost / impressions

Estimation of the average cost

We can make a rough guess about the average CPM in 2020 with the help of some previous cost.
On average, in the year 2018, promoters consumed $2.80 CPM. Through the whole Google Display
Network, such as Gmail, YouTube, and some other famous sites, the average click-through rate was
measured by 0.35 percent.

Defining A Good CPM

By determining a good CPM online, we can figure out ours. For instance, if the overall retail CPM is
$1.39. So if someone is running an all-purpose marketing advertisement and their CPM is above $1.39, then they are remunerating extra money. However, if it is less than $1.39, it means that they are getting a decent contract.

Increase in CPM in 2020

The complexity of an assembly of advertisements will influence the average CPM rate across
impressions in 2020. High-bidding promoters who will win an impression first in the session will
frequently have frequency caps. It means that they will not bid again on future page views.
Author Faizan Ahmad

7 Feb 2020

document security

How can organizations safeguard their data in a world that is growing increasingly insecure? Should they build a separate security framework or adapt to an existing one and extend it throughout the system to address anticipated risks?

The corporate world today has moved into an era of mobility and cloud storage. And while technology has enhanced operations and streamlined assistance, the threat of data breaches has magnified manifold.

In a world where data is ubiquitous, it can be terrifying to imagine how very few precautions are taken to protect the information flowing throughout an organization or even take data security seriously. In an age, where everything is shared seamlessly, such as one's email address and mobile numbers to more confidential data like personal credentials and financial details, the consequences of not safeguarding that data can be dangerous.

Across the world, GDPR and similar data privacy regulations are compelling companies to take fundamental steps in preserving their organizational data and manage it accurately. However, when it comes to single entities or persons, be it, customers or employees, much needs to be done on educating them on the seriousness of a data security breach or not having requisite backups in place.

Data regulation is essential in keeping organizations in line with legal requirements. However, individuals still carry the responsibility of safeguarding their own data. This data could be in the form of document files, PDFs, and other crucial records that are hived on hybrid and cloud-based environments today.

Knowing about data security begins by asking basic questions in the digital world. Individuals must understand what they are agreeing to, and the trade-offs, particularly when it comes to free services, mobile applications, new beta launches and more. Most people simply tick on the terms and conditions box without going through them carefully. But at the same time, not accepting those conditions could mean the inability of using the specific service or application. In the case of free services or apps, one must introspect why it is free and think twice before handing over personal details, information, and credentials unknowingly to an organization.

And while being cautious about new technology, it can also help to understand the implications of older technologies such as flash or pen drives. These innocuous bits of storage devices are crucial but just as dangerous when it comes to data security. While these can be easily lost, and so can the data long with them, some others could launch a malicious infection into a computer and compromise the data in it.

Today, even trusted platforms and all the applications in them does not mean that your data is secured. Users need to be continually educated on how to safeguard their data in the most effective manner. From the perspective of an organization, employees must realize that there could be grave repercussions for a company if it does not comply with legislation and data security regulations.

Typically, employees do not usually download suspicious emails with the purpose of harming the company's reputation or bottom line. In some cases, there could be a relevant requirement to download a specific application to access a document. However, these applications could have malicious code piggybacking onto them. But, preventing employees from downloading any and all information could have an adverse effect on their morale and could impair productivity. This is why organizations must consider a carefully choreographed data security process in which the company considers not only the effectiveness of the data security solution but also the impact of the solution on the uptake in the use of applications and systems in the organization.

Digital rights management (DRM) offers continuous data protection throughout the lifecycle of a document file or PDF. With the help of DRM, businesses no longer need to arrange secure file transfers, operate complex and unwieldy technology or assemble data files to store them. Through DRM, PDF files or documents that contain classified and sensitive information are instantly encrypted and safeguarded without additional complication in an employee's workflow process. A robust DRM technology solution can protect information at the document and operating system level. Given the recent spate of data security breaches across the world and especially in large and small corporations, there needs to be a renewed interest and attention in securing private information, which can be effectively resolved with digital rights management.

From customer information to intellectual property, confidential correspondence to proprietary information and vested content, data holds the power to make or break the future of any business. This is why it is now more crucial than ever to protect organizational data and shield it to the greatest extent possible.

Author Faizan Ahmad

1 Feb 2020

OCR: Optical Character Recognition

The optical character recognition technique is commonly abbreviated as OCR. Many tools use this technique to extract text from any picture in the first place and then convert it into an editable format. Sometimes we do not have enough time to type any document, and an efficient OCR online tool is all we need. The tool will scan your document to extract text from it as electronically designated characters. In the second step, after extraction, it will convert it into an editable i.e. word format. There is a huge list of the photo to text converter, which is free of cost for unlimited use.
IMAGE TO TEXT converter
Image: Gizmostorm
Working Procedure
The examination is a very rudimentary step to recruit any technique. Only a profound analysis aids the delivery of the most precise outcomes. This “profound examination” is the basic code of any jpg to doc converter. Any OCR online will scan your document for its analysis before converting it into the editable text format. OCR Online is an astonishingly remarkable technology that aids you to inspect an image deeply. Extraction and then conversion into the editable format comes next. Occasionally it becomes difficult for many people to comprehend it as it includes a sort of some electronic adaptation of a photograph into a particular machine-encoded manuscript.

A Jpg to Word Converter

A jpg to word converter is an additional name to classify this phenomenal tool which supports you in taking out the text from any image. An OCR converter fundamentally catches the meticulous match of the scanned photograph in the corresponding automated version. Sometimes the quality of the scanned paper is not good, then the copies of a manuscript will be blurry and unclear; therefore, it will give rise to the chances of error as well.

OCR Converter by Searchenginereport.Net

There is no hesitation in saying that OCR is an inordinate modernization in the digital realm, but there are probabilities of more or fewer inaccuracies as well. But no fears as faultlessness does not exist anywhere. Additionally, inaccuracies permit you to make enhancements and upsurge your motivation for working hard to make your name prominent among your competitors. https://searchenginereports.net/image-to-text-converter offers you an OCR converter with unconventional functionality to bring comprehensive help to its operators for extracting text from any picture.

Working Procedure of OCR Converter by Searchenginereport.Net

You can find numerous tools, but “precise one” is certainly infrequent. Searchenginereport.net grants you a most precise and immaculate jpg to word converter. A supplementary benefit is that it works online free of cost for moving from image to text.
There is a very passionate and dedicated team that is working hard for the betterment of this software day and night so that you can have the best results immediately. Open this tool online and you will see the route to uploading any of your documents. Upload it. How will you upload a photograph? You can enter its URL or select the image from your device or Dropbox. Click the “Submit” button and this online OCR converter will convert your document into an editable format. In a small number of seconds, without any cost, you will have the outcomes in front of you.

Some Other Tools

Free online OCR service

Onlineocr.net provides the opportunity to scan the PDF documents. Via this tool, anyone can extract text from any PDF and image such as JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF with ease and then convert into an editable format such as Microsoft Word format, an Excel sheet, and some other text output formats. If you are using this software, there is no need to install it on your device. without installation, this tool is specialized to identify writing and typescripts from PDF scanned documents, snapshots and captured images of course.


FreeOCR is another most efficient and beneficial free Optical Character Recognition tool. It is window supported and can scan the documents via Twain scanners. This tool is well known for scanning of the PDF's, multi-page, Tiff images, and many more other kinds of scripted documents. The tool delivers the output in the plain text and can convert directly into Microsoft Word format for your ease. This tool costs you nothing for its services. Moreover, instant delivery is its identity.


If you are running any association or writing a paper as a research scholar, then frequently you need to convert images or scanned documents into editable formats for making changes according to your work requirements. If you take support from a free OCR converter online, you will be gifted with the opportunity to extract the text from any of your pictures or documents with ease. Without any uncertainty, you can say that searchenginereports.net offers you an impeccable and the most well-organized free online OCR tool for this purpose.
Author Faizan Ahmad

27 Nov 2019

Reverse text as its name suggests is the concept of generating the written texts of various types including the long sentences, fewer words, paragraphs, idioms, phrases, proverbs, saying quotations, etc. in reverse. Yes, it is not a joke but a reality. The count down from 10 to 1 is reverse. The word ‘yrotsih’ is the reverse of the word ‘history’.

Nowadays, YouTube is full of videos by the people regarding the pronunciation of reverse words. We are just sharing with you this example of youtube so that you can learn more about the word reversal by watching videos if you are not able to understand it.

Reverse Text Generator

People, play the games in their daily lives with each other or on the websites of the pronunciation of word reversal. Then, on the basis of the reverse text, the other person has to guess the original word. For example, you have 5 seconds and you need to guess the original word with the help of the following word ‘retaeper’.

Well, the original word is ‘repeater’. It was not easy to guess. This is the beauty of this guessing game. Guessing the real word out of the reversed word will increase your brain capabilities as well. They increase the concentration, memory, and other hidden potentials of the brain.

The idea of the reverse text is not an invention of modern-day. It has also existed in the past as well. This phenomenon has continued until now as well. It was actually done to perverse the secret words, messages and ideas for the group of people they are trying to communicate something to.

Furthermore, the different kinds of civilizations were also trying to convey a message to their followers and generations to come in the future. Not everyone can understand the words. Those with intellect will pay attention to it and will come to know. However, the majority of the people will keep on considering the words as rubbish. But, the truth is that to whom the messages are conveyed, they are the focus.

In fact, be it a modern civilization or the older civilizations they have all been built on some kind of code. The reverse text was used by some people from history in order to carry on the legacy of their civilization. The reverse wordings are also known from the works of Leonardo Da Vinci who was the renowned painter of Mona Lisa. Many people as Dan Brown according to his novel Da Vinci code claims that Leonardo was a part of some kind of group. That is why you will see some kind of secrecy in his works. Thus it proves here that people like Leonardo were trying to communicate their words to some people who can understand what he is trying to tell them.

We are just trying to explain to you the mechanism behind the reverse text. We hope that you have enough details about how it all works. There are many websites present on the internet which are providing the service of reversing the text. But, not all of them are the best. You will see three of them providing the best service. The Prepost Seo gains the topmost position. With Mefancy on the second rank and textmechanic on the third rank.

All of these websites will be able to provide for you the mirrored texts. The real purpose is to transform and convert the texts and message into the texts as shown in the mirror. For instance, when you write the following words on a piece of paper ‘how is everything going in your life?’.

After writing it down you need to bring it in front of the mirror. Would the sentence appear as it is? No, it will not. This will be shown in the mirror ‘?efil ruoy ni gniog gnihtyreve si woh’. These words look very strange when reversed. This is the uniqueness of this tool that it hides an important message. A person who sees it the first time will be totally confused.

Similarly, the mirrored texts were also written during the Ottoman Caliphate of Muslims. It existed during the 18th and 19th century where the proponents of Bektashi Sufi Order wrote about their religious beliefs in the reverse text. For instance, the name of Islamic Fourth Caliph Ali has been written in reverse along with the name of Allah (name of God used among Muslims).

How to make use of this tool?

We have guided you about how this tool works in all of the websites mentioned above. Let us start with Prepost Seo. When you will open up the website you will see a box where you have to type the original text. Under the box you will see the following options: Reverse Text, Reverse Wording, Reverse Each Word’s Lettering, Select.

The option of Select is present to select all the text. However, in the case of Mefancy the box is also present on the website. Below the box you can find the following options present: Reverse Text, Flip Text, Reverse Wording, Flip Wording, Reverse Each Word’s Lettering, Upside Down, Select, Clear. Similarly, in the case of textmechanic the same options are available.

The option of Reverse Text is just the same as the mirror text. The reverse wording will reverse the whole sentence but it will not reverse each word. For example, the words ‘the world is beautiful’ will be like the following letters ‘beautiful is world the’.

The concept of flip text and reverse text works the same way. Just like the flip wording and reverse wording works the same way. But, in the case of Reverse Each Word’s Lettering, only the words will be reversed but the sequence of the whole will not change. Moreover, the option of Upside Down means that the word will be turned from top to bottom (topsy-turvy).

Author Faizan Ahmad