26 Mar 2013

Contribution of Information Technology in Finance

Information technology is concerned with development of various networks that are electronic in nature, with the aim of passing information from one place to another. The Finance sector is mostly concerned with information exchange in various forms.

The sector has developed tremendously with an aim of reaching more customers through online financing. The development of these new innovations is highly dependent on the advancement of IT. This has seen finance sector go global with much convenience in operations.

In the ancient days, banking system was quite inflexible and inefficient because clients had to make long queues to be served. It was the only way to get to the counter and access your account. However, IT has brought several changes in this.

Time was a very limiting factor and for people working till late in the day, then they had to get a day off just to go to the bank. Right now there is electronic money, thanks to information technology.

Instead of wasting hours in long queues, the use of automated money systems enables one to access their account at will, and what’s more, you can still keep a receipt of the transaction at whatever time of the day.

The electronic money is being accepted by more and more business enterprises as the mode of payment. You do not have to carry cash in some big supermarkets; all you need is your credit card and all in the basket will be catered for.

Information Technology in Finance
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Internet has come to simplify things and make them even better. At first, banks felt threatened by the large public-open internet. For financial institutions to compete in the market and to give their clients better services and products, they have adopted this technology.

However, they have done a good job striking a balance between information security technology and effective way of sharing information. Security is very important especially considering the high confidentiality levels in these institutions.

This is more important because clients need to see this in action as a professionalism measure. Without information technology, finance companies would not be so efficient.

Financial institutions are able to conduct their business through globalization of their operations. This has been made possible by the inter-connecting of several computers. It enables them to have the same information as their competitors and at the same time.

Several banks have however tried to improve their technology to see to it that they are ahead of their competitors. This has given them a good competitive edge in the market.

The institutions have developed some means of reaching their clients through social media. This requires the use of internet to be activated. Through the social media, they can tell how their clients’ views are concerning the various products they offer.

They can also convince their clients into purchasing these products through advertisements and enforcing on brand loyalty. Information technology has therefore been the long sought answer to good performance in finance sector, and has brought with it several improvements in the banking system.

Donna Boerners

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