7 Dec 2012

What Can The Magento Cart Do For Your Ecommerce Website?

Magento Cart
For an unbeatable combination of power and simplicity, very few software solutions come close to Magento, the ecommerce website platform. This software is an open source shopping cart platform that delivers the ability to build extremely professional looking and interactive e-commerce websites.

This software loaded with useful features also does not need one to know a lot of programming to be successful while working with it. In comparison with most other e-commerce platforms, Magento comes out on top for many reasons. Some of these reasons include features such as useful and interesting marketing tools, cutting-edge analytics, search engine optimization or SEO and simple catalog management.

While there are plenty of features that make this software stand apart let us take a look at one of the features called Magento cart. With this feature, a developer can manage the shopping carts and also manage the checkout process in a smoother and effective manner. Magento also stands apart because it has most features of a cart as a standard addition in its software whereas other software offers the same as add-ons.

Thus, if a company is looking for a really professional and smooth online shopping presence, then it makes complete sense to opt for a website powered by Magento. Magento also works with the help of many successfartul extensions such as the GoMage ProCart. This extension is available in three editions- Community, Professional and Enterprise.

The GoMage ProCart is a Magento Ajax cart extension which gives customers the capability of adding products to the shopping cart without refreshing or reloading the page. This means that the customer gets to enjoy a swift and useful shopping experience and is able to complete his shopping in the least amount of time and do all this with a single click.

The GoMage ProCart also allows the display of quantity box in “My Cart Block”. This software also allows addition of products from the list of “Based on Your Selection” and once again does this without reloading the page in the shopping cart.  The one important facet of employing Magento is also the fact that you will have to employ a developer who knows the Zend framework that Magento uses.

This will give you the right kind of website and enable you to harness all of Magento’s features in a powerful manner. Considering that the cart feature is one of the more important ones in an e-commerce website, any business owner should pay attention to hiring the right kind of people who can deploy the power of Magento in their work.

Magento prides itself on harnessing the newest and latest technologies. This means greater flexibility, greater content and greater functionality as far as online shopping is concerned. It is because of this array of features and deliverable that Magento has overtaken most e-commerce website building solutions in the market today.

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