27 Dec 2013

7 Simple Tips To Improve Your Searchability

Having a visible web presence is important in today’s world. Almost everyone is using the Internet, and in order for your company to reach your target audience, having a web presence is essential.

However, you can’t simply create a website and expect the world to find you. When creating an online strategy, you have to also focus on your searchability. You won’t get many customers or followers to your site if it’s difficult to find you, so be sure to use these seven simple tips to improve your searchability.

1. Create descriptive page titles.

Look at the top of every website you open. See those words all the way at the top of the page? That’s called the webpage title, and it’s very important that you add descriptive page titles to your website. Some people make the mistake in using the same title for every page, but this is a bad idea because not every page of your website contains the same information.

If you truly want to increase your searchability, you need to give every web page on your website its own unique description that is relevant to the content on that specific page. Search engines read these descriptions and use the content they find in order to rank your site appropriately, so the more descriptive and accurate your title can be, the better it will help your website become found.

2. Keep website copy short and to the point.

Have you ever landed on a web page that had paragraphs and paragraphs of copy? This is not good for searchability. Instead, it’s better to have only a few paragraphs with content that is strong and to the point.

Talking in circles or putting too much content on one page is going to be harder for the search engines to rank appropriately. Be sure to separate your content into separate pages that make more sense and write strong and detailed copy. Doing so will help to improve your searchability.

3. Change your content regularly.

Search engines visit websites on a regular basis in order to rank them. However, if the content on a website doesn’t change when a search engine revisits the site, they’re not going to come back as often. By changing your content regularly, you’re ensuring that the search engines continue to come back to your site on a regular basis, which will help improve your overall searchability.

Improve Your Website Searchability
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4. Link your website to other pages.

In today’s technology driven society, it’s very important that you link your website to multiple web pages. For example, be sure to create social networks for your website as well as your general website.

You should also add your website to popular online directories such as Google Places, and you should also create online review profiles on popular pages like Yelp. All of these websites already have good traffic to their sites, so if your website can be linked through them, you’ll improve your searchability.

5. Put an emphasis on local content.

Search engines automatically generate local results when search queries are performed, which is why it’s important for you to add local content to your website. Be sure to put your contact information on your site as well as any other location-rich content, such as streets or buildings you’re located near. This is also another reason why you should add your website to local online directories, as it will help to drive local traffic to your website.

6. Add conversational content.

Search engines have changed the way they produce results. Instead of giving you results that contain some of the same words used in your query, you will now receive results that contain verbatim content from your query. Since most people use conversational content for their search queries, using conversational content in your website will help improve your searchability.

7. Transcribe audio and video files.

Audio and video files are a great way to add flair to your website, but they don’t help your searchability because search engines cannot crawl through the content. This is why it’s a good idea to have your audio or video files professionally transcribed.

By adding a transcription to your website, you’ll be able to improve your searchability by giving the search engines content to crawl through and use to better rank your site.

  Lizzie Lau

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