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17 Jan 2015

Google Tools to Boost Your Website

Searching for the tools which can boost your online business? Well for that, first you have to understand the most popular search engine Google. Google is a well known multinational organization which was built on search engine platform and now deals with various enterprises which includes cloud computing, web applications, operating systems, Internet analytics, browser and advertising.

Below, we are explaining what all you can do by using the Google tools- Analytics, Adwords and how they can help you to grow your business.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best services to analyse your website for marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purpose. This service is easy to use and available for free to anyone with a Google account. You can get most out of your website through analytics by improving your content and user experience.

Google Tools

Setting up Account

If you don't have Google account then first sign up for it and access analytics. Provide necessary details and select tracking method website or mobile application and get your tracking ID. After completing the process, place the tracking ID code in the head section of website or application.

Measuring Performance

As soon you connect your website with the Google analytics, hit “view report” and you will see various type of data like:

Visitors: This shows you the insight of visitors by analyzing from which geographical location they are accessing your website, what language they speak, browser, computer (OS) etc. After getting a detail on visitors you can now get more traffic after targeting certain areas.

Traffic Source: This section provides you with the information like how frequently user exit from the pages and average time period of visitors accessing your website. It also shows the real time traffic on your website. Now you can just improve the information on the pages from which users are exiting.

Setting Goals: You can also set up goals every month and it also helps to track down users, registration, purchases and what all improvement you can do to achieve the goal.

Adjust Time: This feature helps you to customize the dates and select the range on which you want to track the visitors, page views etc.

Report: The best thing about Google analytics is that you can also download the report of your website in PDF, XML, CSV formats.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the most renowned advertising platform in which advertiser can bid the appropriate keywords in order to appear in the Google search results. Adwords is very effective for many kind of businesses as you don't have to waste money on other ad platform with low click through ration (CTR) and weak keywords.

Keyword Planner: You can take help of it and research on the keywords for your business. After selecting best keywords you can bid them. The position for your ad can only be determined by the rank. Cost per click is the amount which advertiser pays for each click on the advertisement.

It also helps in improving the visibility of the site and get you more traffic through the ads based on the business. Google Adwords and Analytics help your online business by analyzing the interests of the users and plan the best way to reach the audience.

 Aaron Russell

About the Author:

Aaron Russell, an internet marketing master, is highly dedicated in developing strategies for Seo Company Guru. The company deals with various techniques used in Search Engine Optimization like SMO, link building, reputation management and much more.