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19 Aug 2017

4 Filters That Can Make Your Hiring Smart

Recruitment or hiring stage is the first and the foremost important stage for any business’s success. It plays a vital yet fundamental role in a business’s performance and production. The importance of smart recruitment is not at all hidden from the modern world’s business community. But still, it appears that modern business world lacks the technique to improve their hiring and recruitment strategies in a way that only potential applicants can be filtered or hired.

The real problem today is not understanding the importance of potential employees hiring or recruitment instead the dilemma of today’s business world is being unable to recruit the top potential applicants. In order to hire such potential and suitable employees you first, need to identify them correctly. Sometimes identifying the potential candidate is not also the problem but the retention becomes a problem.

This article will discuss in detail some techniques and filters that can be implemented right at the time of recruitment so that a business doesn’t have high employee turnover.

4 Filters That Can Make Your Hiring Smart

1. Small interview before the IQ test.

Every business entity today has a strategic recruitment system while the decision is made right at the last stage. Experts have observed that the initial stages of recruitment cost a company quite much while the later stages don’t and therefore a company should decide wisely if what candidate should
be made to go through those initial stages of recruitment and what not.

This is the first filter that needs to be implemented right before the IQ tests are conducted. Arrange a small interview where your agenda or objective remains focused on one point and that would be; “Who desperately needs this job”. Somebody who doesn’t have the need of your job who is ready to work for you or for anyone else for no good reason than such a non-serious
candidate should be barred from the initial stages of recruitment as well.

2. Objective oriented IQ test.

The business model should design IQ test with the help of its creative heads and employees. The focus for every department or hiring position should be different. For departments that require employees who are quick learners or technology freaks the IQ test should be designed in a way that these characteristics of the candidate may emerge out clearly.

In case the departmental needs depict that a candidate must have good reading or writing skills his IQ test should be designed that way. If the recruitment is for accounts or finance department then specific IQ tests should be designed to judge the proficiency of a candidate.

3. Candidate’s relevant interest.

Shortlist candidates who you find to have mutual professional objectives parallel to your business model. Those who seem to have relevant interests and professional qualities that can be beneficial for your business in a long run, give importance to them. Make a list of what you see in the candidate as positive for the position and whatever you find negative in the candidate.

4. Final interview.

This should have a filter of truthfulness. Tell the employee his maximum growth opportunity in the business setup. Just like the machines are measured with a margin of depreciation. Don’t expect everyone to stay with you forever honestly. Just as you don’t over use machines for quality production don’t over expect from a human resource asset.

So this is a truth filter that needs to be implemented right at this stage. All the monetary benefits should be discussed and ask his demotivating factors. What makes him feel bad about a company and what would motivate him other than money and fiscal arrangement.

 Andrew Davies

About the Author:
The writer of this article is Andrew Davies. He has had an ample of experience in the hiring and recruitment department for call center and offshore projects. He has often rendered services for the purpose of consultation and advisory to different companies. He is an expert to consult
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