11 Oct 2017

Convert PDF to Word on Your Mobile Phone

We all know that using our smartphones we can make many of our daily tasks easier.

Remember the time you had to print your paper documents and then fax them to another person? Well, those times are far behind us, because now there are PDFs - portable document format you can easily share with anyone. Right now you probably have at least hundreds of PDF files that store some useful information on your phone.

However, did you need sometimes to make some changes on data stored in a PDF document? If so, you have noticed how difficult and time-consuming that is. But it doesn’t have to be. There is an easy solution to this problem.

PDF to Word converter app converts your PDFs into Word documents so that you don’t need to retype the text that already exists in the document. You will get your Word file converted in just a few taps. The file will be exactly like the original file, with just one difference, you can make some changes now.

App Features:

Convert big and complex PDF documents
Convert as many files as you want
First-rate conversions quality
Advanced OCR engine which enables conversion of scanned PDFs too
Convert files from Dropbox, Box, iCloud, Onedrive, and Google Drive

How to convert PDF to Word

After downloading PDF to Word Converter from the App Store or Play Store, you will meet a user-friendly intuitive interface.

Select the file you want to convert

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, choose the file you want to convert from your phone by tapping thebutton and selecting “Copy to PDF to Word” with this icon. It will automatically open the document within the app.

If you are an Android user, select the file from the phone by tapping + button and then  “Files on this device” button, as shown below. It will list all available PDFs.

A much smarter way to save memory on your phone is to use services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Box, and Onedrive. Keep your files there and you can access them anytime directly within the PDF to Word Converter app on both, iOS and Android.

Wait for the upload to finish

When the file you want to convert is selected, it will be uploaded to the servers where the conversion is performed. In order to save your battery, you can close the app and wait for the conversion to finish. 

Edit the file further

Once the conversion is completed you will get a notification that your file is ready to use. Just open it and check if everything is alright. When you are sure everything is fine, just open the file in your Word editor app and continue editing the text as you please on your mobile phone. 


PDF to Word Converter app is a very convenient solution for your digital documents that you need to edit. It is very easy to use and gives nice results. In addition, it can help you a lot with your document management and bring you one step closer to going fully paperless. Last but not the least, it can boost your productivity while on the go. 

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