4 Apr 2018

Monitor Your Baby With Astra Baby Monitor

These days it is very troublesome on part of the working mommies who have a busy & a hectic schedule. They are busy doing household activities as well as working throughout the day from this to that.  So, it is not easy for them to look after their cute little prince or princess for the whole long day.

Levana Baby Monitor

Babies sleep for long hours a day. So, while the mother is busy doing the household works, they need to look after the baby’s movements throughout the day even from a different room, this gave rise to one of the best electronic gadgets, “the baby monitor”. I shall present o you some of the awesome gadgets of 2018 and you can read it here as follows.

The Levana Baby Monitor

It is one of the leading companies that has been selling baby monitors for a decade. It sells the most famous brands. Some of the brands shall be discussed later. You can buy the best baby monitors from this spectacular brand which guarantees its users to sell the best product. You can purchase the articles from any of the online shopping apps or stores. Get more to know about this wonderful product on babymitortown.

The Best Selling Products

There are three top best selling products of this brand which can be listed as follows:

1. The Astra which weighs just 1.6 pounds and can capture any of the signals within a span of 750 feet. There are 4 cameras with this product.
2. The second in the list is Alexa which weighs just 11.2 pounds and can capture any of the signals within a span of 500 feet. There are 4 cameras with this product.
3. The Ayden is the third in the list which weighs just 1.6 pounds and can capture any of the signals within a span of 750 feet. There are 4 cameras with this product.
Now I shall give you a brief description as to how these are the leading brands.

Features Of The Above Products

Features Of The Baby Monitor

1. The Astra is the top seller this year. It has a superb monitor, which includes multicoloured LED lights which blink hence giving you a signal as to what activities the baby is doing. This is also supplied with a rechargeable battery. The power saver in the device can last for a span of 48 hours.
This product has been reviewed to be a very special one because the video monitor is the best. It has a feature which is far better than Power on/power off the system, often abbreviated as PEEP.

  • The camera has awesome features as to zoom and provide coverage of all the footage even at each and every corner of the baby’s room.
  • The multicoloured lights are a clear signal to give you information about the baby. There are three lights which refer to three different meanings. Red refers to high volume yelling, yellow refers to a cooing level and blue refers to a whispering level.
  • The setup of measuring to a range of 750 feet is an outstanding feature because it can help you monitor the movements from any corner of the house.
  • This is also an outstanding brand in its feature of a live chat with your baby.

2. The Alexa is the second on the list. This is one of the best brands which has a very good video monitoring system with an awesome video quality to watch the movements of the baby.
  • This is one of the best because it has a very clean audio and video system.
  • There are many other features like remote pan, tilt and zoom cameras that control each and every phenomenon at the home.
  • There are also other fun features like recording video and snapshots for the moments you have missed out to monitor.
  • The monitoring device is a great one because it can control the camera in a very good manner.
  • The combination of the parent unit is a touch panel and a button control.
  • The set up is a very easy one. There is an instant connection between the parent monitor and cameras.
  • The facility of both a touch screen and physical buttons are available.
  • The PEEP function which is available with this device is a very important and exclusive feature which helps to test the movements of the baby.
  • There is a microphone system available which is a very sensitive one to capture any of the sounds instantly.

3. The Ayden is the third on the list. This is one of the best systems to mind the movements of your little baby. This device also has some awesome features that will really please you. the awesome features are as follows:
  • 48 hours battery endurance
  • There is also an infrared sensor that can work equally at night. This is an awesome feature. It is often hard with other systems. But the infrared light is designed in such a fashion that the baby can sleep comfortably yet you can mind the movements.
  • The communication is a two-way system which can help you to communicate with your baby whenever he wakes up.
  • Footage coverage of 750 feet is available.

Other Smart Devices From The Brand

multi-room baby monitor

There are also some of the other devices from the brand to look at. These go as follows:
1. The best multi-room baby monitor for 2 rooms which is also a very outstanding and a smart one to mind your baby.
2. The best dual camera baby monitor.
3. The Snuza Hero SE baby movement monitor.
4. Angelcare AC1100 Baby monitor. The best infant optics SXR-8 baby monitor.

List Of Prices

Some of the awesome articles from the brand are available on online shopping sites. The price of the articles can be given as:
1. Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor with 8-hour rechargeable battery comes at a price of $163.34.
2. Levana Ayden 3.5 digital Video baby monitor at a price of $153.07
3. Levana Ayden 3.5 digital Video baby monitor with night vision camera, the temperature at a price of $168.56
4. Levana Aria 7 inch touch screen video baby monitor with a PTZ camera is available at $316.15
5. Levana Sophia Digital 2.4 inch Video Baby monitor is available at $207.15
These are some of the top goods available. Besides, there are also other commodities available at very affordable prices.


As far surveys have been made regarding each and every product of the company it has been reviewed that the company sells only the most trusted and reliable products. The new varieties of the baby monitor that are coming in the markets are more innovated with the introduction of better camera qualities.

It is often seen in the Hollywood top horror movies like how the mother senses the presence of a ghost as in the movie Insidious. Though ghosts are not real and the monitoring system does not believe in myths, but the scientific aspects are the best with such monitoring technology that can give you a super peaceful situation. So, do not be late to purchase one of the best products to provide a very comfortable life for yourself and your sweetheart.

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