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28 Oct 2020

Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Save Time And Money

Among all emerging technologies, nothing has made progress as Artificial intelligence. It has changed the way of solving company problems and at the same time, it also saves time and money. Technology like Google and Uber use AI systems to create human-like features that can predict what the client is looking for. With advanced technology like artificial intelligence, you can do many things with-in no time such as paying bills, schedule meetings, and many more, and also you can save the costs as well. Installing

 Artificial Intelligence to offices is a one-time investment that helps to save time and money. HR departments, recruiters, and hiring managers are using AL powered tools to improve the process of hiring. Humans can take a lot of time to do these tasks as compared to AI technologies.  

The work duration is different for humans and technology that is based on artificial intelligence and the difference of work duration between technology and humans is measurable. For measuring the work duration, a time calculator can be used that allows you to calculate how many hours, minutes, and seconds are present in the duration of two hours.

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence?

Machines are more capable and efficient than humans because they have the ability to work 27/7 without taking rest. They also don’t need breaks and don’t get bored. It means that you can trust them to notify you about important events and issues at any time. Artificial intelligence can analyze the data in large amounts with the blink of an eye. 

Reducing error:

Artificial intelligence is not free from making errors completely but it's more accurate as compared to humans. In most cases, the accuracy rate is about 99% even systems like Google LYNA (Lymph Node Assistant) get the 99% accuracy and 69% sensitivity in the detection of metastatic breast cancer. The great benefit of the AI system is that it can make decisions on the basis of available data. Artificial intelligence does not have their own opinions and emotions, so AI technologies can work more efficiently.


When Artificial intelligence reduces the working errors it also reduces the duration of working on a task, so the work duration can be calculated with time measuring tools such as Time calculator and Time duration calculator.

How can Artificial Intelligence be dangerous?

Most of the researchers have agreed to one aspect that artificial intelligence can't feel human emotions such as love and hate. When considering the risks of artificial intelligence, experts especially think about these two aspects.

Artificial intelligence is programmed to do destroy things:

Weapons that are based on artificial intelligence are programmed to destroy things. If these weapons are in the wrong hands then these would cause mass casualties. Moreover, artificial intelligence can lead to a war that can also result in mass casualties. Even these weapons would destroy planets in few minutes or maybe seconds. 

Use of destructive method for achieving goals:

Artificial intelligence is designed to take benefits but the method of getting benefits from the technology is destructive. It happens when we fail to regulate technology with us, which is a difficult task for a human who is not aware of the technology.

Final Words:

Artificial intelligence has slowly taken an essential part in the life of humans. Progress in AI technology is beneficial for us for numerous reasons and Technology at the medical level helps to treat critical patients and also saves the lives of many humans and helps us in so many aspects of life. So we can’t ignore the fact that technology is important to us.