7 May 2021

Edviseme Connects You To The Best Coaching Institutes in Your Area


  • Pick from 100’s of coaching institute, tutors, and training institute near you
  • Students can compare, review the institutes and make informed decisions

The journey of education for a majority of students faces the big challenge of choosing the most optimal career field, followed by choosing the most appropriate and effective coaching institute. Narrowing down a wide variety of options for these institutes in all domains is quite difficult. Edviseme is here to help you make the correct choice!

Edviseme is an education aggregating platform that bridges the gap between you, the students, and the educational institutes. It provides a common platform for all the coaching institutes to come together and offer their best to you. You can easily search for specific courses, locations, or any such requirements. You can also analyze all the options and select the one that is most suitable and easily accessible for you.

The market today offers a vast variety of options in the field of education. It is a long process of choosing the best fit that caters to your needs and hence, it often leads to a wrong decision or a less accurate decision. So, to loosen up this burden, Edviseme works as an exclusive virtual market for you. It aims at smoothening up this intimidating task.

Edviseme is India’s largest education aggregator. It makes sure to provide efficient information to students, which is collected from hundreds of coaching centers, educational institutes, and tuition classes. Students can easily compare different institutes before making a decision. Additionally, it also allows them to review the institutes that act as feedback for the institutes and information for other students. The objective of Edvisme is not only limited to provide a platform but also lets students reserve their seats for admissions and plan a better future with the ease of sitting at home. Edviseme also makes sure to study the growing demands and interests of students. The scope of institutes is not bounded. The option of studying abroad is also made open and hence, institutes that offer courses like Graduate Records Examination (GRE) or Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are also made available.

Suraj Punjabi, the Founder of Edviseme Tech Venture LLP
Suraj Punjabi, the Founder of Edviseme Tech Venture LLP

Suraj Punjabi, the Founder of Edviseme Tech Venture LLP opined, “We cannot deny the giant iceberg of coaching institutes that are providing tuitions in all the education front. So, how do you get to know which coaching is the best for you as an aspiring student? Edviseme is where you find the best leads at the best price. We are a B2B2C online aggregator for all kinds of classes, institutes, and organizations.”