26 Jul 2012

How To Create Desktop Shortcut For My Computer In Windows 8

My computer icon in windows 8When you install Windows 7 there is no desktop icon for My computer, but if you want you can easily add it from the start menu. But what about Windows 8, there is no start menu in Windows 8 from where you can create My Computer and Control Panel desktop icon. So here I am giving a small tutorial on how to Create My Computer and Control Panel desktop icon in Windows 8.

When you have installed a new copy of Windows 8 you will have only Recycle Bin on the desktop. If you want to add a desktop icon of My computer and control panel then follow the steps below.

• Right click on your desktop and go to Personalize option. Now on the left pane click Change the desktop icons and a window will pop-up.

• From that window you can tick the options of My Computer and Control Panel and apply the settings. Now you will have your icons on the desktop.

One more small tutorial:

How to add My Computer icon in Windows 8 Metro UI Start Screen

From the above tutorial you have created desktop icon for My Computer. Right click on the My Computer icon and click Pin to Start. Now it is there on the start screen.