6 Jul 2015

These days simply having a professionally developed website is not enough to promote your business online as you also need to create and maintain social media pages especially Facebook business page. Through social media, you can easily connect your business with potential clients and customers by sharing informative and engaging content. 

Moreover, proper FB page customization can help you promote your brands and products in more effective way; however, you need to do this all within the design and restrictions set by Facebook which does not allow you to do things freely like you can do on your own website. Here are some very effective ways to customize FB pages:

Customize your Facebook page

1: Get Vanity URL for Your Page

The first thing that you need to do as customization is to get vanity URL for your page. For example, if your business name is ABC, the URL on Facebook should be like http://www.facebook.com/ABC. In this way you can make your page more accessible for the clients and users.

2: Inspiring Welcome Page

Secondly, you need to create a welcome page for your visitors and you can do this by creating a custom tab which will allow you to make changes on overall look and feel of the page. There are some useful programs easily available online which can help you create variety of custom tabs on FB. Once it is done, you can showcase client testimonial, display case studies, deliver product information etc.

3: Other Channels Content

Creating custom tabs can be really helpful for your business and you can increase the advantages by showcasing other channel content on your page. Wondering it is possible or not? Yes, it is possible because channels on other social media networks offer applications which will allow you to add a custom tab on your FB page for showcasing their published content. Flickr, SlideShare, Twitter, YouTube and various other networks can be added to your business FB page.

4: Get a Creative Profile Picture

Most of the business owners think that they should be limited to their business logo when it comes to profile picture, however, this impression is absolutely wrong as you can use creative profile picture too. Create eye catching and inspiring images to get the attention of visitors and if you can’t create or design images, don’t worry, there are tools available online which can be really helpful for you to improve the overall image of your business.

5: Utilize Photo Strip 

You might have already seen that the Facebook has included photo strip option on business pages, most of the businesses have started using this unique feature to customize overall look of the page. You can also learn how you can customize photo strip as this can be really useful for promotion of your business page.

6: Customize Post Targeting

Facebook recently duplicated a feature from Google Plus and in the response of G+ circles, introduced customizable audiences. Like on G+, you are allowed to share a certain post with a particular circle, you can now share specific post with the people speaking a certain language or living in a certain region. In this way, you can get more engagement for your page.

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 Brooke James

About the Author:

Brooke James is an online marketing expert who believes in greater involvement of technology in marketing campaign. She is also a passionate writer and loves to write about technology, small business, entrepreneurship, social media and academic writing. Nowadays she is writing blog on fastdissertationhelp.co.uk and other writing services companies.

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1 Jul 2015

In today’s highly competitive world, business operators have to come up with strategies that will enable them to retain their customers. You will be amazed to know that more than 90% of businesses fail to retain their customer due to multiple reasons. Therefore in this article we would discuss some effective approaches that any business operator could implement to drive 3x customers as well as revenue for their business.

Business operations

Here are 4 smart approaches that you should make sure to grow your business proactively.

Friendly Customer Support System
According to a recent survey based report it’s unveiled that customer support is the heart of every business. This is why every leading business ensures to set up an effective customer support system to facilitate their customers in a rocket rapid manner.

No doubt this is a great method to satisfy customers by answering their queries and reporting every inconvenience that they have faced while making their transactions. If you want to retain more customers then you must organize an effective communication system to build a stronger relationship with them. Friendly customer support system is the only way to grow one business 3X faster.

Entertain Your Customer
It is true to say that customers love to purchase goods and services from businesses that offer discount along with freebies and add-ons to them. If you want to drive 3X revenue, then you must enhance the retention rate of your customers by entertaining them with great discounts and amazing offers.

It is seen that businesses that entertain their customers with big discounts and guarantees always provide a solid impression to them that they really care about them. Thus you can also entertain your customer with amazing discount and guarantees to tell them that they’ve made a wise decision to choose you from the extensive list of rivals.

Offer after Sales Service
Believe it or not the most effective approach to retain customers is to facilitate them with after sales services. Keep in mind to entertain your customers with after sales services so that they will love to order goods and services to your firm.

For instance, you can offer them free delivery or free of cost repairing services to please them in the best manner. Think out of the box to please your customers with extra-ordinary services that are not offered by your competitors to add them into your clients list. After sales services would not only allow you to drive more repeat customers but also allow you to gain competitive advantage over your rivals.

Act on Customer Feedback
A new statistics proved that more than 75% of businesses fail to drive repeat customers because they fail to act on customer’s feedback. If you want to increase the satisfaction as well as retention rate of your customers then you must organize a system that will allow you to fulfill their request.

By doing this, you will provide a better impression to them that you really value them. Otherwise you will miss a great opportunity to delight your customer but also drive your customers to your competitors.

 Jessica Barden

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Jessica Barden is a proficient content writer who loves to help out students in their academic matters. In these days, she is writing blogs on Writingbunch.co.uk and other technology forums to facilitate young professionals.

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20 Jun 2015

In today’s tech savvy world, having a business website is must for every business. Unfortunately a large number of businesses are unaware about the benefits that they can get by upgrading their website to a mobile friendly version.

Gone are days when customer browsed website via laptop or desktop computers. Now customers are connecting to online businesses via their smartphones and tablets to shop in a smarter manner. If you’re also interested to upgrade your website to mobile friendly then here are some tactics for your benefit.

Responsive Website

Develop Responsive Design

In order to create a responsive website the very first thing that you will need to do is to develop a responsive design that could easily browse on different devices. By doing this you could easily facilitate every gadget user including desktop, laptop or mobile is the best way.

Additionally, make sure to upload optimized sizes images so that users don’t need to wait too much for loading time. Otherwise heavy scripts would not only drive away your customer to other competitors but also enhances the bounce rate of your site.

Add Google Maps

One of the best ways to develop a mobile friendly website is to place your business on Google maps. Due to the rapid advancement in technology people are preferring sites that entertain their customers with Google Maps. When you will use your physical address along with postal code Google map you can increase business credibility in front of customers. Therefore verify your business by Google to build a better relation with your current as well as potential customers.

Write Relevant & Crispy Content

No one wants to read long and boring content that’s why it’s crucial for you to develop relevant and crispy content that will hook the attention of the visitors. A new report unveiled that landing pages that contain information such as contact numbers, email, as well as physical address along with pricing table and order now button easily satisfy their customers. Don’t copy/paste other material as it will not only negatively affect your business credibility but also provide you a tough time.

Use Internal Linking

Last but not the least use internal linking style to entertain every visitor in a better way. This is because internal linking would make your website browsing process easier and interesting for mobile users. Surely by implementing the tactics shared in the above passage you could easily develop a mobile friendly website to facilitate more customers in an innovative manner.


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Charlie is a creative content writer; Blogger and designer who love to entertain his audience with interesting blogs. In these days he is writing blogs on tech tools to increase the knowledge of readers and also providing logo design training to fresh graduates.
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15 Jun 2015

Technological advances in the printing industry have seen more and more companies take up in-house printing of their publications. Printers that are ideal for home and office use office use have become more affordable. More so, they have more advanced capabilities that enable a company to comfortably carryout some of its in house printing without having to involve a commercial printing company.

In Mumbai, things are not so different and you may be pondering to move all your printing needs in house. However, before you do so, you should know how engaging a commercial printing company would be helpful for your business. The following are four ways through which your business will benefit.

Commercial Printing Services

Cut down on your printing costs
The most important and direct benefit is that using a commercial printer will save you from associated printing costs. Printing ink does not always come cheap, and if you are looking to make bulk printing, you will require quality ink that does not interfere with the final printed product.

You will also require good quality paper. A commercial printing company already gets the ink and paper in super large quantities, which enables it to get the paper and ink on wholesale prices. This is an option that you may not have. Printing from a commercial printer is cheaper as the cost spreads over large orders.

Get professional looking publications
Your company may not give the printing process the same care as a professional printer would. At this point, you will end up with misaligned printing that gives your company an unprofessional look. The colors will also run into each other and images and words will look blurred.

If your brochures start looking as if they hastily went through the printer, it is time to go back to using a commercial printing company. The company will always give due care to have aligned printing and clear colors as well as sharp images and wording. You can even use the digital copies of the publications in your digital branding campaign.

Get specialized services
If you are looking for something extra for your company publications, your back room printing will not cut it at all. An established printing company such as http://www.jakprinters.com/ has the capabilities to use various techniques that will add more value to your publications.

Techniques such as UV printing will add something different and will help capture more attention than what you can do with your office printer. You can also incorporate different designs by using the techniques available at a commercial printer such as embossing and laminating using different materials.

Using commercial printers leaves you to concentrate on your business
Running a business has additional tasks without having to take on more that you can outsource. Putting together a publication until the end requires total focus. You can avoid indirect cost of lost man-hours by having the professionals take on the printing for you.

The printer will worry about the layout, printing and post printing activities that will only be a headache for you. Imagine binding all the copies of your company newsletter in time for its release. Commercial printers already have the infrastructure, skills and equipment needed to handle all printing requirements effortlessly.

The writer has run a commercial printing firm for more than 10 years. He says that as much as you would want to take on all your printing, consider what a commercial printing company can do for you. To know more visit his website.

 Jenny Gunn

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.

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10 Jun 2015

Crafty vaporizer is in the trend in the recent days and it provides you lots of reliable features. Storz and Bickel, the manufacturer of the Crafty vaporizer has made this crafty and mighty vaporizer with lots of attention. This is one of the quality device built by the volcano, which is also a portable device.

The flat black plastic body is questioned by many people, but they have something to say. There are many questions asked by people that are why to spend $400 to the device, which is not reliable at all. But, hang on read the complete review and then decide whether the money have some use or not.

Crafty portable vaporizer has the flat plastic body, but the heating unit is kept far from the battery so that the device should not get overheated and the body should not become thin. The body has the ridges so that the surface area is increased and the body gets enough time to get cool.

Crafty vaporizer

The heat sticks to the surface and allow the device not to get overheated. The ridges present in the inner part also allow the battery not to get heated. As, heat can hit your battery in the long run.

The Crafty vaporizer has the one LED light, which will show the battery status and the device status. It will blink as orange, which means the device is getting started. These LED lights are placed near to the cooling unit. The cooling unit also has the maze of ridges to avoid the overheating.

Crafty vaporizer comes with the two preset temperatures. These two temperatures are the lowest and the highest temperatures set for the device. But, if you wish to pursue with the changes in the temperatures, then you have to install the Android or iOS app on the device.

This app will connect the device with the Bluetooth and will handle the settings of the device. You can change the temperature using the app between 40 degree to 210 degree Celsius. Also, it provides you the boost option to activate the crafty booster. You can double tap the button, to activate the booster feature of this device.

The battery gives you the backup of 1.5 hours, when it is used continuously. But, if it has been used for some time, then it gives longer battery life. It has passed through charging feature, which will allow you to charge the device while using the device.

So, you can enjoy the device while charging. Also, it supports USB adapter charging, which you can get in the market, which charges your smart phone also. So, you can use an adapter for charging while travelling in the car.

The crafty vaporizer has the good vaporizing features and also the great features which will allow you to enjoy the herbal blends. You can use this device while travelling anywhere. Also, the battery can be recharged while travelling using the charger or the USB adapter.

Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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8 Jun 2015

If you ask the experts about the need of partitions, then everybody will say that it is of high importance. It will help you organize your data. Depending on the file types you can store them in different partitions. This will help you locate the files based on file types.

Looking at the type of file you will immediately know where to look for this particular file. But, if you are not a pro in creating the partitions, then it is important that you take the help of useful software to accomplish the task on your behalf.

There are several software available in the market, but there is no guarantee that they will perform as per your expectation. So, it is better that you go through the reviews of the software vividly and then select the best one for you.

EaseUS Partition Master Pro is one such name that most users trust. It has been in the business for a long time and has been performing well too. When you are looking for software that will help you with partition you must look into some of the features to make sure that it helps you with the partition.

EaseUS Partition Master Pro

Necessity of partition software

Not all users are aware of some of the basic features that are required to make sure that the partition software is useful for you. Here are some points that you must keep in mind while looking for the perfect partition solution -
• The software must have a simple user interface that will help the users navigate through comfortably.
• It must have the ability to convert GPT disk to MBR disk and the opposite without the fear of data loss
• The software needs to ensure that the hard disk space is used fully
• Around 16TB of hard disk is supported
• It is highly cost effective
• Supports almost all the Windows format
• Extends system partition
• Solves problem of low disk space
• Helps in managing disk space
Partition recovery is also made possible
• Resize the partitions
• Converts the dynamic disks to the basic disk
• Wipe disk possible
• Wiping of partition is also available
• File by file copy is also an important feature

If you are making use of the Partition Master Pro from the house of EaseUS, then you won't have to worry about anything because the software provides you with all these and much more. The new version of the EaseUS partition software will help you have much improved user experience. This time around it has also taken into account the requirements of high capacity users as well.

The perfect solution

The partition software that you are using must be a one stop shop for all your requirements. When a partition manager can resize the partition without deleting it, then you can assume that it will serve all your purposes well. Formatting the partition is also the work of the software and the best software in the market is able to do it with élan.

Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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5 Jun 2015

Call Recording
Call recording is an essential business activity followed by companies across the world as it helps them to shape the call flow and delivery high quality of service to the customers.

Because of the tight integration between VoIP and computer, recording has become easier.

Over the past decade several call recording solutions have been released in the market and these have been availed by organizations at different points in time. It is imperative that a company has an effective and efficient call flow solution because productivity is directly affected by it.

Research has revealed that companies lose billions of dollars every year due to poor quality of customer service. Once a customer has had a bad experience with your company, they are bound to go to your competitors, which is a direct loss of business. A recent survey states that the customers are ready to pay more for a better customer service experience.

Experts believe that this is the best time to identify and deploy a call recording solution for your company. However, companies are concerned with the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and ROI (Return on Investment) while investing on any new technology.

Call recording systems are designed to meet the regulatory requirement. However, an advanced call recording solution will prove to be a value addition to your business as it would improve productivity and enhance the bottom line.

Here are 5 reasons call recording is essential to any customer-centric business:

• Customer service – When you deploy a good quality call recording solution at your office, it would facilitate the effective management of customer service, identify the business needs and enhance the performance of your employees. The utilization of call recording makes it extremely easy to monitor the company procedures and policies and make quick adjustments to eliminate inefficiencies or productivity.

• Ensure customers satisfaction and increase retention – The use of an advanced call recording solution gives you the opportunity to conduct quality training as well as improving the first call resolutions.

This will help you to directly improve the customer satisfaction and increase retention. Customer retention rates can witness a marked improvement when you keep training as well as evaluating the manner in which every employee responds to customer queries. Call recording is sure shot way of making the call processes efficient and lean.

• Better Employee Training – The performance of every agent can be evaluated and reviewed by managers when they get the opportunity to list to the customer calls and the response of the agents. This will also help the mangers to identify the problem areas and discuss the findings with the agents.

The mangers can even conduct tests and carry out quality training from time to time. The staff trainers and supervisors will be able to use call recording the mark and playback the voice files to demonstrate the mistakes the agents are making and tell them how to improve.

• Real time assistance for dispute resolution – In case a dispute between an agent and a customer, the call recording tool can be used as evidence to corroborate facts and arrive at a solution.

• Increase Up-selling and Cross Selling – During quality control and training, the missed opportunities for up-selling or cross selling can be easily addressed. The agents can be trained to improve his/her awareness about the financial opportunities that exist during any customer interaction.

 Michelle Patterson

About the Author:

Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

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4 Jun 2015

Storage was not on the top priorities for the IT companies, until they witnessed deficiency in proper storage management. To avoid the loss of huge amount of data, there is a need of effective storage management programs.

Storage virtualization has undergone rapid transformations, but it has put a huge pressure on the storage management. In the earlier times, only one application was used to store the data that ran on the old server, and was consolidated to a VM. It means that moving the data from the old disk to the SCAN or NAS platform.

Now the question arises what is the capacity of the application that is used to store data. Are there ways to make the existing storage management procedures effective than before? The answer is yes. Significant advancements in this sector have resulted in the evolution of several systems that help in effective storage of Data in the IT firms. In the recent years, some important data management and storage trends came into existence that make the data storage easier and permanent.

Effective Storage Management Trends for Enterprises

Cloud Computing:
In the recent years, cloud computing is one of the effective ways to manage data. Researchers and analysts foretell that continuous momentum for the cloud adoption through the greater consumption of the cloud-based applications, system management software and cloud services.

The increased growth of the cloud computing is largely due to the extensive use and adoption of virtualization. The IT companies that has invested on the virtualized data centers are best placed to transition to the cloud.

This technique helps the companies to sue the provision of the server footprint. Cloud storage is actually not the replacement of the data center storage; it is the extension form of storage. Making replicate copy of the files not only offers protection of the data to another location but it also helps in fire-up the application on the cloud. The objective of storage technology in the cloud computing environments is to gain an importance economically.

Data Protection:
Frustration and ineffectiveness of the traditional backup facilities and the data recovery process has resulted in consistent evolution of data protection techniques. Most of the online backup applications used in the recent days were designed more than 15 years ago.

The old version of the data backup model was just used to freeze the applications and during the “backup window” copy and stores all the data and files from the server to the tape drive. But nowadays, the files are much larger and data is placed on the NAS or SCAN array filer rather than positioning them on the server. In this uncertain economic environment, it is much difficult to get a reliable data storage application other than the data protection technique.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure:
The IT professionals have the knowledge that the rolling out of the storage system update or the patch can be time-consuming. The use of the Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) helps in alleviating the pain of storage and provides extra data and application management benefit where the monitoring regulation compliance is the main necessity.

The SSD offer an elegant solution of the boot storm problem. The storage technologies meet all the requirements of VDI. Most of the IT firms are becoming more serious about using the VDI for data storage.

These three techniques are quite effective data storage and management. Lastly, some of the analysts also prefer using TSM backup software to properly backup the files for future use.

Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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3 Jun 2015

The gaming industry is undergoing a major boom thanks to the rise of mobile gaming popularity in the past decade. There is serious potential in the market— it’s projected to gross $102 billion in revenue by 2017 largely in part due to mobile games and their ability to appeal to a mass audience. Gaming has already advanced mobile devices that house the highly engaging visual experience and with more demand comes a continual push to progress mobile technology.

A New Way to Connect
Currently, 90% of the world’s population has a mobile phone and 56% of those are smartphones. A new way to connect has emerged and people are embracing it in open arms and quick fingers. Smart devices like iPhones, Tablets and something in between like phablets (phone+tablet) aren’t just used for immediate communication in the traditional sense of calling another person, but enable the ability to link to the internet, opening a multitude of opportunities for users to communicate and connect with others at lightning speed via social networks, email servers and mobile applications.

Gaming dvices
Image source: Gradly.net
Games create a world for players to get lost in, play in, compete in, win in — what many mobile games have brought to the table is a social component where participants can share their wins and experiences with others by posting accomplishments to a social media platform.

This type of complex integration between various applications calls for ample technology to support these functions in a seamless manner. Extremely powerful processing units have been developed to execute hi-speed operations.

For example, the quad core processor from Snapdragon lies inside mobile device hardware and helps produce crystal-clear smooth video streaming and graphics along with sharp sounds, while at the same time provides internal connections and commands.

Change in Accessibility
Mobile gaming and mobile device advancement go hand in hand. Game publishers have revised marketing strategies to make gaming free or little-to-nothing to play and congruently, this low-cost form of entertainment attracts a large amount of potential customers, thus, mobile devices have rapidly developed and are becoming more accessible to the everyday consumer.

These mobile devices are the definition of efficiency because they allow a person to do work and play all from one device. Gaming has introduced the possibility of a highly immersive gaming experience on a more conveniently sized mobile device and as a result, tech innovators have been driven to manufacture various formats of mobile devices to sell in the market.

Expansion in Audience & Demand for More
Since mobile devices have a massive audience, so too does mobile gaming. It’s fast becoming the most popular form of entertainment and new types and categories of mobile game applications are being formed by the second, appealing to almost every type of consumer.

From serious games, which are apps that help users learn specified areas of study such as education, nutrition and medicine, to social games requiring players collaborate with friends and contacts, and last but not least, classic video games made to fit the mobile format with visuals often better than the traditional console.

This expansion in demographic from niche (think nerdy, teen gamer) to everyone and their mom is a huge leap made possible by mobile gaming and the device technology required to house it.

Gaming has paved the way for mobile technology to include ultra-high resolution graphics, speedy connectivity and synced data. So long as mobile gaming continues to pull the interests from its wide-ranging demographic, the availability and accessibility of top-notch mobile devices will be ever-growing. It is truly mobile gaming for the win.

Faizan Ahmad

About the Author:

This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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27 May 2015

For any business to succeed online, it is very important to generate guaranteed web traffic. Once you generate web traffic, you can be rest assured that your business will do well. Several marketing policies usually fail because they are not able to generate guaranteed web traffic in the best suitable way.

Unless you attract high quality of traffic online, it is not possible to inform about your presence to search engines and make your business popular among your targeted audience. The life of any online business depends purely on web traffic and without achieving guaranteed website traffic; it would be not possible for your business to survive online.

Web traffic is simply the number of unique users who visit your website. The more amount of web traffic your business receives, the more amount of profit it will gain. There are numerous ways in which you can achieve guaranteed website traffic:

How to Pull Guaranteed Website Traffic For Your Business?

1. PPC – This method is one of the fastest and guaranteed ways to gain more web traffic on your site. This will get your site listed in front of users, who are looking for products and services offered by your company. With PPC, you can either create banner ads or text ads by making use of Google Adwords.

2. List your website in directories – It is very important to get your site listed in top popular directories. This will ensure that your site receives a huge amount of qualified web traffic.

3. SEO – It is very essential to ensure that your site is SEO-friendly. Make sure that all meta tags and alt tags are completed in the right manner, update robots.txt and Google sitemap, optimise text for targeted keywords and make sure there is a H1 header.

4. Optimising site for relevant keywords – It can be done through SEO process. For this, you need to write website content by making use of competitive keywords suitable to your niche. Besides this, you need to make sure that your site is a relevant one so that it will be easily highlighted by Google, whenever a user searches for keywords which are related to the product/service pertinent to your industry.

5. Content – Create compelling web content on your site. If you are providing information to your visitors, then it is important to ensure that it is more than just a list of links for your prospective visitors to browse. High quality of content which is regularly updated will make your customers come often to your site.

6. Viral marketing techniques – Viral marketing is believed to offer great benefits online. With this marketing method, you can spread the word about your company and products, whilst spending minimum amount on it.

7. Social media – Having an effective online presence on major social networking platforms will really help your business to achieve a great amount of highly qualified traffic. There are several popular platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, where you can promote products/services of your company in the best way.

Thus, by implementing the above mentioned points you can gain relevant and qualified amount of web traffic for your respective business.

 Daniel Clark

About the Author:

Daniel Clark is a reputed webmaster, author and traffic generation expert in the UK. He often shares his articles, tips and effective ways on how to achieve guaranteed website traffic for your online business.
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