25 Nov 2015

n-gage, world’s first 360 degree lifestyle chat-app was launched today in India. This is the most advanced and latest messaging app which comes with innovative features allowing its users to enjoy rich messaging across any other messenger apps. n-gage aims to bridge the gap and connect people, make new friends and learn new things by making it available to all, regardless of whether users have a smartphone or not, and without compromising on features.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of n-gage in India. With our efforts to enrich everyday communication, we decided to develop a360 degree lifestyle chat application. This app will enable Indians to experience rich personalised messaging, file sharing and have video calls in a way never seen before. Through this app, we envisage to change the way people communicate.”says Mr. Ajit Patel, CEO & Founder of n-gage.

Key Highlights of the app:

- n-gage facilitates a rich messaging experience for its users with various fun and interactive features like ‘n-Cards’, ‘n-Stickers’, ‘Chat Makeovers’ and ‘Doodle Plus’.

- Unique features of this app include n-Stickers, which allow the user to express exactly what is on their mind.

- Users can create groups with up to 300 participants from their contact lists to enjoy multiple conversations under one group.

- Language is no longer a constraint as n-gage enables users to communicate in over 45 languages with ‘Translate’ feature.

- n-gage aims to educate the user, on how they can maintain a good and healthy lifestyle, without compromising on all the fun. Hence, the feature ‘Know’ an entire section of articles and various health tips to keep them updated with the latest lifestyle trends and help them stay in the pink of health.

- n-gage is further putting in, continuous efforts to add features and give an enriching experience to its users while communicating with friends and family. n-gage is available for use on Android, iOS, PC and tablet.

n-gage app is available to download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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This article is posted by Faizan, Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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17 Nov 2015

Experts believe that SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. They fit and work really well together. In fact, SEO is supposed to be everything about content marketing and so is content marketing all about SEO. However, the problem today is that in several cases content marketing and SEO are not integrated, they are separated. The underlying truth is that content marketing and SEO actually overlap, blend, cohere and go together very well. It is high time that disconnect between the two is identified and efforts are made to bring them back together.

SEO & Content Marketing Differ Yet Not Separate
It is an accepted fact that there are quite a few differences between content marketing and SEO in some critical areas, yet these two cannot really be separated entirely. They seem to differ in degree only. SEO seems to be narrower yet more technical than content marketing. Content marketing has a holistic and a broader approach. You need to channelize specific SEO technical efforts into content marketing. Conversely speaking, the success of any content marketing endeavor depends primarily on application of SEO techniques, while implementing it.

The Overlapping Roles of Content Marketing and SEO
SEO seems to make demands that are fulfilled by content marketing. SEO lays down the precise requirements and content marketing makes concerted efforts toward fulfilling those requirements. SEO and content certainly complement each other.

SEO Demands & Survives on Content, Content Marketing is nothing but Content
You cannot think of SEO without content. You definitely require articles, words, keywords, and substance. The fact remains that content is really the king. It is all about content, content and more content. This is the hardcore reality of the SEO world. And what does content marketing entail? It is clearly about content. The practical and successful application of SEO is the very essence of content marketing. You should take an advanced SEO course for understanding the intricacies of the SEO industry.

SEO Wants Keywords, Content Marketing is All about Using Keywords
SEO always demands keywords. Content marketing implies effective use of keywords. There is absolutely no question of an argument regarding keywords being the fundamental or the key component of SEO. SEO is all about researching appropriate keywords, using them effectively and tracking your precise ranking of these in the SERPs.

How do you actually apply these keywords? How is your research channeled toward its practical application? The answer is through content marketing. The best way to use your keywords effectively is to infuse them strategically and effectively throughout your content. Content marketing comprises brilliant content, using targeted keywords and written for humans of course.

Success of SEO Depends on Link Building and Content Marketing is All about Robust Link Building
SEO success can become a reality if stellar content is provided through content marketing. Links can be built by getting in touch with several link-building agencies, which may or may not be reliable. The best way however, to build links is simply by publishing exceptional content and allowing the audience to link back to the content. This is the actual way of ensuring SEO survival and continued SEO success.

SEO and Content Marketing Complement One Another
Good SEO is nothing but steady output of content. If you are involved in content marketing and doing your business right, consistent output would be a reality. There is no second thought about it. Content marketing is regarded as an active verb. It represents an ongoing action.

You are not just doing it and stopping. You are doing it and keeping on doing it. It is supposed to go on and on. Most definitely the success of content marketing is related to and dependent on its SEO features. Your content is of no value unless people are searching and finding it.

Author Bio: Catherine Hooper is an SEO consultant attached to a leading SEO firm in Las Vegas. She is an avid blogger. She recommends taking an advanced SEO course for success in the SEO industry.


About the Author:

Catherine Hooper is an SEO consultant attached to a leading SEO firm in Las Vegas. She is an avid blogger. She recommends taking an advancedSEO course for success in the SEO industry.

Author Faizan Ahmad
Database exporter is a tool required to access a database from any other point. This increases the convenience of the administrators to make changes, save them and access the database when required from a remote server.

This is basically a tool that imports database of a particular system to another when required. This makes use a number of consoles and platforms. The single point control increases the potentiality of the tool. The data stored in any computers need to be transported for various reasons. The installation of REST API makes the job easier.

There are various reasons that make a Database Export integral part of a huge organization. The main reasons that make the exporting database an easier and efficient option are- when a system grows old, when providers cannot properly manage data or when the system crashes. There are various features of this exporter that make it a feasible option can be noted as below:

1. Easy Installation Procedures:
The database exporters are software that can be installed very easily. The software requires human support only to transfer data and nominate any change in the extension of the file. This kind of software is user-friendly and can be handled with ease. The process of file transfer is easy and the configuration of the software is easy as well. The flexibility exhibited in the working of the software in any desired environment makes it an easy option to be used in any organization.

2. Use of Prominent Methods:
This application software makes use of various prominent methods. The versatility exhibited by the software makes it capable of using various prominent methods. Few prominent methods used by the application can be named as follows: REST API (HTTPS and HTTP), Web Client, Windows Clients Excel plugins and FTP. There are numerous companies offering database exporters but choosing a brand name for the purposes will be a wise decision.

3. Ensures Security Of Data:
The servers gradually lose the capability of securing data and its respective folders. Therefore, migration or export of the database is required. The exporting of a database ensures additional security to the users. The database exporter makes use of encrypted communication and has providence for secure access and easy access as well.

4. Easy Access to Database:
The use of an expert system for storing data, files and folders with an easy way to access is the key word to the success of the database exporter. Web servers used by the exporters make it simple and secure to access data at any point of time. There are multiple support systems used by the database exporter. The most commonly used support systems by database exporter system are as follows: SQL server from Microsoft, Oracle, Postgres, ODBC support, and OLE are few prominent ones.

All the above said points make Database FTP a prominent access point for database exporter support tools. The use of exporter ensures the safety of data and easy access to it from remote servers.


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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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23 Oct 2015

We have seen numerous self-help articles and books stressing upon the importance of choosing a job that one loves. The main purpose of pursuing a career field that one is passionate about all boils down to the point of a single objective, ‘job satisfaction’. When does one really achieve job satisfaction? The answer may look simple when we look at the peripheral aspects of the question, but the thought associated with it goes deeper than we think.

What is job satisfaction and why is it important?

There is a lot of discussion going around regarding the concept behind job satisfaction, from philosophical to empirical point of view. Researchers have studied different patterns that lead to job satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

First of all let us understand what does ‘job satisfaction’ means.
Job satisfaction is a very vague term if we consider the variables that lead to it. In brief, we may say that when an employee or a worker feels that the job he is doing is meeting the expectations of his own, then we can say the person is satisfied with the job. But, job satisfaction is not a singular point of convergence; it usually is a process that continues parallel to the career life we undergo. There is no meeting point, though it virtually feels like it does.

But what is all this fuss about job satisfaction. It should be understood that though the causes are not that clear the effects are clear. Let us look at the some of the few consequences of job satisfaction and what importance it plays:

Job Satisfaction

• There are significant research studies that show that people who are happy in their job are generally happy in their personal life. The positivity that they carry with them reflects in their social lives as well. There is a psychological term called ‘dispositional theory’ which gives an idea about why job satisfaction affects personal lives.

• There is a direct correlation between productivity and job satisfaction. Satisfied employees show higher levels of commitment to their work and have a distinct increase in the quality. This in turn helps in the success of the company and generates better revenue.

• Job satisfaction is one of the main reasons that employees trust in an organisation and gives long-

term commitment. If one is not satisfied with the job, there is a high probability that person will look to change his job. So, this plays an important part in organisations for retaining its valuable employees.

When does choosing a job one love lead to job satisfaction?
No two persons has the same criteria for reaching an agreement upon the causes of job satisfaction, but there is one common thing that makes all these variables fall in one place – doing what one loves.

• You do not have to deal with the unknown future

The best thing about doing what you love is that you already know a career path that you will tread upon. There are no dark alleys or treacherous bends that can come in between you and your goal, when you have a clear understanding of what you want to be.

• Become more creative and passionate about the work

When you chose a job you love, it provides you with the motivation to be creative and do something unique. You can work hard to reach your goals. You will feel more passionate and understand the job better when you love what you are doing.
Why does it not always relate to job satisfaction?

• Loving a job does not mean you are perfect in that position

I love cooking that does not mean I can choose to be a chef as a profession. Just because I love cooking does not mean that I am a great cook and can able to create dishes that are unique and will be appreciated. If I turn this passion into a profession, it will turn out to be disastrous and ultimately lead to huge job dissatisfaction.

So job satisfaction does not always mean following the passion and doing what you love. You must be perfect in that career field and must have a good knowledge about it to make it a profession. If you perform well, you will get appreciation and even a good pay for that, which are one of the main reasons for job satisfaction as shown by Justine Field’s Job Satisfaction Model.

• Passion or love is not always meaningful when it comes to profession

This is the truth, all passions or love of doing something is not meaningful to the society as a whole or even not ideal for a person. Suppose a person has a passion for selling illegal things; that would be a harmful profession to the society and even though it may lead to a whole lot of success to the person, it is not an ideal one to follow. The person will regret later in his life about it and this is going to take a toll in his career.

Thus, choosing a profession just for success also does not mean it will always lead to job satisfaction.

Bottom Line
Considering the above situations we can answer the question of “does choosing a job that you love always leads to job satisfaction?” is a clear one. First of all you should understand if the career you love is viable to you as a profession and is an ideal one, and then you should proceed. This will surely help you to move ahead in your professional life successfully and lead to job satisfaction.


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Hasib is a professional writer working with the Job Site –Naukri.com and often writes articles related to career and education. He is an avid reader and lives for two things – football and food. If he is not involved in any of those, you can find him contemplating existential issues. Follow him @Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.
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12 Oct 2015

Windows partition is an integral part of computer and helps you to smoothly organize files and folders. You can choose to save movies, music or documents in partitions of your choice to access it frequently and whenever you required. Best thing is, you can define size of disk partitions and ensure that they weren’t ran out of space in future.

At times, need arises to shrink or extend partitions if the space is filled with files. Additionally, you may also need to delete partitions so you can get more to use on any different partitions of size. Microsoft Windows well understand this point and that’s why introduce disk management software (disk Utility in Mac) to perform disk related operations on your finger tips.

However, disk operations are recommended for experts only to stay out of any troubles. Disk partitions are sensitive and may corrupt or become inaccessible if the disk management operation goes wrong. Loosing partitions could be horrifying and that’s why we’d recommend using third party disk management software to perform disk operations like EaseUS Partition Master Free 10.8. Computer beginners can also begin using this utility without any training or hands on experience.

Deleting unnecessary partition

Sometimes it’s required to free up disk space to utilize the same on extending another partition of your hard disk drive. You may also need to rearrange hard disk partitions and wanted to delete any partition of your choice. EaseUS Partition Master will make it simpler for you and allows you simply deleting volumes of your choice.

Deleting unnecessary partition

Keep in mind that deleting system partition will make your PC unbootable and that’s why it’s recommend to carefully following detailed steps mentioned at developer website on how to delete a partition?

Extending Partition Space

Many times we just don’t care about defining the right size of system partition, isn’t it? Suddenly, we notice that the system partition (C volume in most of the cases) is running of space and we need to remove applications, clear desktop folders or purchase another hard disk drive of more capacity.

We can simply fix this problem by extending the system partition size using disk management. Simply, navigate to Disk management, right click on bootable or system partition and select ‘Extend’. On the pop window, simply enter your desired size that you want to add up into system partition. One thing to note here is that you can only add space that is remaining on the hard drive and is unallocated. Moreover, simply extending system partition will turns into failure of whole PC and the system will become unbootable.

EaseUS partition can handle these types of requests carefully and helps you in smoothly extending the C partition without altering the file system records. This will also ensure trouble free booting and unnecessary damages to your PC. If you don’t know how to do that, check out tutorials on how to increase disk space, a step by step guide.

Extending Partition Space

Other important disk operations
There are various other important hard disk related operations required to understand like resizing existing partition, converting system disk from MBR to GPT or converting FAT to NTFS volumes etc. EaseUS Disk partition is well equipped with list of functionalities to handle these type of requests as well as various others.

This tool can also helps you in copying entire hard disk to another disk of same or higher capacity, merge two or more partitions into one, permanently wipe or erase disk/ partition and so on.

Final thoughts
It’s crucial to well manage spaces of the hard disk installed into your system. If you’ve realized the mistakes later, you’ll need an extra helping hand to fix them all without facing any glitches. Any wrong disk operations can cause system unstability and leads or partition or data loss situations which will only make the situation worse.

 Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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8 Oct 2015

Giving a tribute to Delhiites, Internet giant Google has launched an experimental app called Delhi Public Transport Offline. As the name suggests, the highlight of the app is that it runs offline. The app has been designed to help people navigate their way around the Delhi's public transportation system even if they are not connected to the Internet.

The are several modes of transportation in Delhi, so the app supports DMRC Metro, DTC bus, Gurgaon Rapid Metro, as well as DIMTS Orange buses. Users can search for directions to metro and bus stations, look up their timings, and plan their travel routes.

Delhi Public Transport Offline app

However, Google has mentioned on the Google Play listing that the app is "an experimental app from the Google Maps team, designed from the ground up to make it easier for New Delhi residents to get around on public transit," and it notes that "features may change quickly based on usage and feedback from users."

“Delhi Public Transport app makes the direction and time-table information for Delhi Metro and buses available offline, to help users get information about directions between bus stops and metro routes even when they don’t have any net connection,” Google said in a statement.

”Once the app is downloaded, it uses no data for directions’ queries or timetables, even if the phone is online. A small amount of data is used for news alerts (if online, roughly 1 KB each, about once a day) and user-optional feedback (up to 100 KB per feedback report),” it added.

The app is available to download from Google Play Store.

 Faizan Ahmad

About the Author:

This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
Author Faizan Ahmad

26 Sep 2015

Websites nowadays tend to have videos embedded into them, whether it is streamed from YouTube and Facebook, or Flash animations, or even something else entirely. Trying to extract video from a website to save on your PC can be tough – particularly due to the fact that most websites tend to lack any way for you to do so.

With the help of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio however, that shouldn’t be a problem. By using its ability to record anything and everything on your screen, you can simply play the video in question and capture it directly from your screen – audio and all. Although this may sound a tad complicated if you’ve never used screen capture software in the past, you’ll find that one of the things that is so appealing about this specific software is that it is extremely easy to use.


To extract video from websites, just:

1. Start the software and adjust the capture area to encompass the video that you want to extract. All you need to do is pull at the edges to do so – just the way you would resize a regular window.
2. Make sure the audio source is set to ‘system audio’ so that it captures the audio from the video that you’re recording.
3. Start the recording by pressing the ‘REC’ button. Stop it when you’re done.
4. Save the video using one of the presets available to optimize it for the device or platform that you want to use it on.

All that doesn’t sound too complex right? If you like you could go a step further and take advantage of some of the other features that the Movavi Screen Capture Studio packs under its hood and enhance the video quality, add special effects and filters, include music, or even capture keyboard and mouse actions.

The bottom line is that you can extract video from a website as and when you need to with the help of this software, and it won’t take you long to figure out how to do that, and more.


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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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21 Sep 2015

Affordable Premium Power Banks Electrifyingly Low Prices Sept 16-23.

KMASHI Brand Sale

KAMISHI is a leading brand specializing in power banks and smart technology. Their products boast creative designs that optimize functionality while also enhancing performance. This September 16th-23rd KMASHI products are featured at Gearbest.com through a flash sale where products are more than 70% off. The first buyers will enjoy a super discounted price so don’t delay and check it out right away!

Exclusive Premium Bargains

KMASHI Force K2 Car Jump Starter Mobile Power Bank
• Massive 8000mAh capacity battery
• Supports 12V emergency jump start
• Supports mobile device and laptop charging
• High luminance and multi-mode LED light

Regular Price: Amazon WAS ($79.29)
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Flash Sale Coupon Code: KMASHI

KMASHI Arma K1 3 in 1 Mobile Power Bank Bluetooth Speaker LED Flashlight• Versatile electronic device
• Latest Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 connectivity
• 4800mAh battery capacity
• Unique Outdoor Hook Design

Regular Price: Amazon WAS ($36.99)
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KMASHI Arma K2 2 in 1 Bluetooth Speaker Power Bank Charger
*Perfect for listening to your music.
*Built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery, a standard USB port
*With built-in microphone for hands-free calling.
*Unique touch screen switch design, easy to use.

Regular Price: Amazon Was $39.99
Nomal Sale Price: $21.71
FLASH SALE PRICE: $20.99 (20pcs only)


The promotion is LIVE so get going and grab these deals before it’s too late!

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18 Sep 2015

In the 21st century, every business operator wants to drive maximum profit for their business growth. But in order to do this every entrepreneur, director and upper hierarchy members need to take some crucial steps to make things happen.

In this article, we will discuss strategies that can help you to optimize the profit of your business easily and successfully. Check out the information shared in the below passage to enhance the graph of your company growth with tech tools.

Company growth with technology

Time Management Apps

In order to be productive at work, it is crucial to manage ones time effectively. The best way to manage ones time effectively is to install a to-do list in ones smartphone. Once you will install a to-do list, ensure to add every task that you will need to accomplish within a week or month. In this innovative way you could easily meet your workplace requirements in a perfect order. Else, you miss a great opportunity that can grow your performance speedily.

Digital Planners

If you want to achieve your business targets perfectly, then you must spend some time in planning out your goals. The more time you will spend in the planning session, the more opportunities you will discover for your business. So, install a digital planner so that you could easily discover endless opportunities for your company growth.

Online Socializing Sites

In today’s tech savvy world, businesses are advertising their products and services over socializing forums. You can also double your sales revenue by devoting online socializing resources for your firm maximum growth. Otherwise you will miss a great opportunity that can place you on the top of the ladder.

Upgrade Your Product

Every customer loves to purchase stuff from companies that upgrade their commodities regularly. You can also launch a new and improved version of your product to your new and existing customers by using new machines. Therefore consume tech tools in the development process of your products to boost your business process.

Enter in Online markets

One of the best ways to maximize ones profit ratio is to enter in the online market. When you will sale your product and services over the World Wide Web, you will get the opportunity to drive more sales revenue that will ultimately increase your profit. Thus discover new leads for your products over the internet to earn minimum revenue in a nonstop manner.

In the closing, it could be said now that the information shared in this post is best for entrepreneurs who want to double their revenue.

 Ishika Agarwal

About the Author:

Ishika Agarwal is the content creator of this post who shares her knowledge via coursework online with K12 students and entrepreneurs. In these days, she is writing blogs for a writing agency.

Author Faizan Ahmad

14 Sep 2015

Samsung has unveiled its most affordable new Galaxy J2 handset, priced at Rs. 8,490. The Galaxy J2 hanset will be available for sale in Inida On September 21 as well. The phone has three color variants Black, White and Gold.

The new Galaxy J2 has been developed in the company's India R&D facility. The phone comes with the new ultra data saving facility powered by Opera Max, which lets users allow or block individual apps while using mobile data and save data, you can do this by enabling data optimization at the same time. The new ultra data saving facility seems to provide 50 percent savings in data and can free up to 11% RAM.

Samsung Galaxy J2

In terms of specifications, the Galaxy J2 features a 4.7-inch qHD (540x960 pixels) with Super Amoled display. The Smartphone is powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core Exynos 3475 processor coupled with 1GB of RAM. The device comes with 8GB of inbuilt storage capacity which is expandable further via microSD card (up to 128GB).

The phone runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop, with the TouchWiz UI on top, and has a 5-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and 2-megapixel front-facing camera also on board. The Smartphone comes with dual-SIM support and measures 136.5x69x8.4mm.

You'll find 4G support too in new Galaxy J2 and it also supports LTE bands in India. In terms of other connectivity options the phone has other features like 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Micro-USB. The Samsung Galaxy J2 packs a 2000mAh battery.

 Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
Author Faizan Ahmad