15 Jan 2018

Sporting events have always been among of the biggest spectator affairs in history, from the time of the very first gladiatorial events in Ancient Rome to today’s fast-paced and highly diverse athletic competitions. In modern times, television has been the primary medium of broadcast to reach bigger audiences, but with the advent of digital and Internet technologies, online video streaming has emerged as the most popular and promising broadcast platform yet.

In the recent 2016 Rio Olympics, for instance, traditional TV viewership on the NBC network dipped by as much as 17% from the 2012 London coverage. However, interestingly, online audiences posted a record total of 1.86 billion minutes of viewing on the first 10 days of the event alone, which already surpassed the online viewership recorded during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.


Clearly, streaming is changing the way we enjoy large-scale sporting and spectator events, and it seems that it will continue to be the trend in the foreseeable future for many good reasons. Here are some of them:

Wider Reach
Plain and simple, Internet technology enables media networks to reach more people around the globe despite time and distance. In countries where traditional media technology is poor or restricted, Internet and mobile touchpoints provide great alternative access. Media companies are evolving into content providers and harnessing technologies such as subscription billing software to provide uninterrupted and satisfying material to information-hungry audiences.

Wider Coverage
Network coverages of massive spectator events such as the Olympics are increasingly becoming more detailed and accurate, thanks to the unprecedented number of cameras and broadcast points that are utilized throughout the sporting venues. Technologies such as augmented reality provide real-time coverage as if you were right there in the event.

Customized Viewing Experience
Internet broadcast platforms are finally able to satisfy a long-held need of home audiences for total control of their viewing experiences. They can choose which sporting events to watch and when to watch them. They can even choose to track the appearances of their favourite teams, athletes, or national contingents. All of these experiences can be viewed simultaneously and can be managed with ease with the help of computer-mediated platforms.

In-depth information and analysis
Part of the enhanced and immersive experience of streaming is the availability of more information and analysis through complementary features such as mobile phone apps. Viewers can consult applications for more detailed scores, statistics, athlete performances, rankings, and other data as the games progress. This feature is one of the reasons why recent Olympic broadcasts have attracted an even growing number of hardcore sports enthusiasts and analysts.

The Future of Broadcast
By all indications, streaming is the way things are headed in terms of how we watch sports—whether it be the Olympics or your favourite basketball game. Not surprisingly, it will also greatly influence how we watch broadcast events in general. As early as now, the potential of streaming broadcast is astounding when you consider it for other major public gatherings and events, from news coverages and political summits to concerts and conferences.

However, the future of online streaming largely depends on how traditional media outlets are able to evolve and meet the demands of a highly discerning and demanding global audience. Gone are the days when viewers simply sat in front of the television screen and waited—today’s brand of viewership is truly immersive, engaging, and multi-dimensional. That is why the challenge is on media companies to shift gears as dynamic content providers and developers. Technology has to be actively harnessed in order for businesses to realize its full potential and to reap its benefits for a wider audience.

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29 Dec 2017

Today I’m going to show you an awesome online tool- DesignEvo which can easily light up your ordinary logo into a sparkle visual art. It is the best FREE logo design tool where you can make custom logos within minutes, and you don’t need any design skills to use it. So, let’s check out this amazing tool.


How to use DesignEvo?

DesignEvo has a very intuitive interface that a first time user can work with it easily and smoothly. It works seamlessly in web browsers and does not require registration. With that being said, once you enter its site, you can immediately start your logo designing and use all its features- couldn’t be more convenient and time-saving! Just click Make a Logo for Free button to begin your design journey.

1. Choose a proper logo template
There are over 3,000 professionally designed logo templates covering a variety of fields for you to choose from. They are listed with corresponding categories such as Technology, Nature, Art, Business, Lifestyle, Food, Fashion and so much more. Scroll through the categories or type some keywords, you can easily find out the most suitable logo templates for your business.

2. Customized it with your creative mind
You don’t have to worry about the tendency of having a logo that looks like other logos if you use template. DesignEvo provides you with a large collection of graphics resources to make your logo unique with your own style. It has a huge built-in icon library, offering millions of logo icons for free. Just hit some keywords to describe the sort of icons you need, then you will see innumerable related icons. Additionally, over a hundred of logo fonts are available to play around with. You’re free to change colour, fonts, size, layer, effect, layout, or whatever to meet your specific needs.

3. Preview and download your logo design
Before downloading your design, you can use preview tool to see how your logo looks like on commonly used items, such as T-shirt, business card, website, notebook cover, etc. When everything is ready, you can download your logo without any fee or watermark. Your logo will be packed into a zip file which includes three formats- JPG, PNG and PNG with transparent background. The logo resolution depends on your setup. The default logo size is 500 x 500px, but you can adjust it to a maximum of 2,000 x 2,000px.

Final Words
DesignEvo is really a handy tool and has all-inclusive features for logo design. It makes logo design process simple and straightforward and provides you with the easiest logo design experience. Head to its website and give it a try. It’s joyful to play around with it.

Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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21 Dec 2017

Cloud computing has become more and more commonplace when it comes to how software is being deployed and consumed. The business of building and delivering software has changed in more ways than one ever since this technology started gaining in popularity.

Questions of data and application security are some of the most critical factors when discussing cloud computing, especially when you consider the transformation of core infrastructures like email delivery into a cloud-native service.

Below, we will discuss how cloud security might operate, and how it directly addresses some of the greatest software security concerns. Most of these will be applicable for securing cloud services of all kinds but are mainly looking at email cloud services.

Cloud security

Email security isn’t the same anymore

Emails are used as a primary means of communication due to their reliability and effectiveness in business cases. They are great for driving customer engagement and growth, but this is all dependent on the trust that customers place on emails.

Email is universal and cross-platform, which is a main selling point when referring to emails as a main business tool. However, due to its openness, emails are highly susceptible to attack on the server or infrastructure that’s hosting them.

When we usually think of email attacks, we usually think of spam, malware, and phishing. The fix is usually verifying email addresses or implementing virus scanners, which have grown much better over the past years. Still, breaches will occur, especially since email is such a big target for cyber-attacks.

In-house doesn’t mean safer

The IT landscape has developed incredibly quickly. Now, the threat models are so varied that few IT teams actually have the resources to stay ahead of the curve to protect their systems.

Aside from the physical aspects like having secure siting, making sure your technological infrastructure can stand up to natural disasters, and even securing it against violent threats, complex issues can come from hosting everything in-house. Network defense and isolation, operation system security and encryption, and specialized hardware can all accumulate into issues that are hard to surpass.

Every layer within your stack is a potential vulnerable area, and your team has to secure it. Any weaknesses can be a foothold for someone to attack your infrastructure. Having an in-house team offers no advantages over the cloud. In fact, it actually presents more risk than you’d expect.

The cloud’s core benefits include rethinking security

Risks and costs associated with self-managed email delivery infrastructure, either through in-house or third party data centers, are almost always less secure yet more expensive than more modern, cloud-based alternatives. This is the reason why many progressive IT teams opt for cloud-based email delivery infrastructures.

The advantages of the cloud offer businesses flexibility, scalability, and security. ‘Security by design’ is a natural part of modern cloud architectures. Because cloud platforms are usually offered as a service, not just code, operational security is a main quality of any cloud business.

They tackle any security issue that it comes into play, both at present and in the future. This quality alone makes the technology much more secure than self-managed systems.

Domain expertise is important in cloud security

The strongest teams that run and secure software are ones who understand the domain space well and who work closely with the developers of the actual software. The interaction between developers and security teams is a major strength of the cloud provider model.

Having that ability to quickly iterate fixes and changes to the email delivery system is important in creating a high-performance email that is secure and reliable.

Cloud security is all about delivering more for customers

All cloud services deliver functional value. These cloud providers are charged with protecting their customer’s security and reputation. While it’s a challenge, it doesn’t have to be a liability.

By locking down your messaging and email regarding the cloud functionalities, it acts as a reassurance for your customers that you are able to handle the cloud computing needs they have. The use of cloud systems are much more prominent now, and for good reason. Through unrivaled security and domain expertise, customers get the best in email security, service, and functionality.
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1 Dec 2017

Working on the go from our mobile devices has become customary and normal. It’s great that thanks to the Internet we can perform so much work on our smartphones today. This even includes sharing and managing our business documents and files.

For example, as we recently wrote here at the Tech Senser, you can even convert your PDF to Word on your mobile phone. If something needs to be done, preferably on the fly, you bet there’s a mobile app for that.

Convert PDF to Word

However, that does not mean that the good old desktop is dead. On the contrary, many professionals who work with sensitive information and data still prefer the safety of their desktops and opt for desktop apps and tools that allow them to manage documents and files locally, without sharing their information with some third-party servers. To go back to our example, this includes converting PDFs to editable file formats like Microsoft Word.

So, if you are looking for the desktop app that can quickly, accurately and safely convert PDF to Word, try Able2Extract Professional. It is a full-blown PDF solution, but it is quite easy to use. You can check out the quick PDF to Word demo to see for yourself. It’s interactive, so you will actually go through the entire conversion process using the prompts and then be able to repeat the steps for yourself super quickly when you find yourself in the need to export content of your PDF to Word.

From PDF to Word in Three Steps

Basically, as the demo above clearly shows, conversion from PDF to Word is a three-step process:

1) Open the PDF for conversion
2) Select what you want to convert (you can actually hand select the part of the document for conversion, specify the area or just click to choose to convert the entire PDF).
3) Choose the file type, namely Microsoft Word and then specify where you want the converted .docx file saved on your computer.

That is all -- once the file has been converted, it will be opened for you automatically so you can start modifying it as initially planned. It means that there is no waiting associated with sending the file over the Internet to be converted on some remote servers. You have it when you need it, right on your hard drive.

Added bonus
As mentioned earlier, Able2Extract Professional is a full-featured piece of software, not just a simple PDF to Word converter. It is equipped with OCR technology, which means that you can also extract content from your scanned PDFs into Microsoft Word and other editable file types like Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice formats and more. On top of that, you can create PDF, both regular and secure, edit PDF content and pages without conversion, convert multiple files at once (perform batch PDF conversions), and more.

If you want to convert your PDFs to Word from your desktop or test some of those advanced PDF handling features, download Able2Extract and test free for seven days.

Author Faizan Ahmad

20 Nov 2017

Perhaps you’ll agree to me if I say that the whole job-hunting process, in the same manner with resume writing papers, is indeed frustrating. There will hundreds, if not thousands, of candidates, competing for the attention of recruiters and/or employers the reason why it becomes significant to find ways on how you can stand out amongst the pack.

Parenthetically, would you be surprised to know that your consumption of social media can increase your possibility of getting hired?

But of course, it will only work through proper usage and engagement in the online world! Here’s how to boost your chances in the job search through the use of social media.

Using Social Media to Increase Potential in the Job Hunt

Pay attention to your social profile
When screening candidates, the most go – to – websites of employers are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. That being said, you may want to make some necessary tweaks and adjustments to your social profiles.

A significant study has been performed by Career Builders which revealed surprising statistics:
• 51% of the employers say that they look if the candidate will be a good fit in the corporate world.
• 45% are researching potential hires on social media to find out more about the candidate’s qualifications.
• 44% of hiring managers want to see if a candidate is creative.
Moreover, also cited from the research are the leading types of posts and behaviours employers do not want to see on candidates’ profiles. These include:
• Posting provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos or information
• Posting information about them drinking or using drugs
• Having comments that relate to discrimination of race, gender, religion
• Bad-mouthing previous company and/or fellow employees
• Candidate lying about qualifications
• Having poor communication skills
• Being linked to criminal behaviour
• Shared confidential information from previous employers
• Candidate’s screen name unprofessional
• Lying about an absence
• Posting too frequently

What you post, how you post and who you interact can have a huge impact to potential employers. Be sure to hide or remove any post or information that may negatively impact your job hunt.
In addition, be cautious of the details you’ll input on your profile. There is also a tendency that your potential employer will caught you lying.

Since the employment has become very competitive in nature, there comes the desperate times wherein candidates are tempted to fib on their resume about their education and qualifications. In fact, HireRight.com, a provider of on-demand employment background screening, revealed that 34 percent of job applicants lie on their resume.

However, your lying may only drop off the possibility getting hired. As per Dennis Nason, CEO of the recruiting firm Nason & Nason, "Background checks are much easier now since it's all pretty open on the Internet."

Build online connections
“It is important for job seekers to utilize social media accounts,” says Rebecca White, an area director at staffing firm Kavaliro. "Not only does this show that they are current on the latest technologies, but it also provides them to stay in touch with their colleagues, expand their professional network and open themselves up to other career opportunities," added her.

Aside from making your social profile appear as professional as possible, you can also utilize social media to widen your connections. Personal networking can be a great tool in broadening your contacts but the online platform can be of great help too since most to all (employers or not) consume social media nowadays and whilst there’s only a little chance to be acquainted to them personally (considering their busy schedules), a greater possibility lies on meeting them online. And so, be wise enough to take this an advantage. Plus, chances are those connections of yours have more connections thus providing you further possibilities of getting hired.

As mentioned in an article from Business News Daily, Chief Marketing Officer of applicant – tracking system iCIMS Susan Vitale acknowledged that staying connected on social media (with companies you may want to work for) “helps your chances of being hired later.”
As per a study conducted by job match site The Ladders, “only about half of all available job openings are ever advertised publicly.”

This may put you into the curiosity of how the rest of the job positions are getting filled. And how can job seekers find these job openings?

In relation to this, there’s a survey which revealed that 85% of all jobs are filled via networking.
This now gets you back to the relevance of improving your social profile. Anything you want to be made apparent about yourself to recruiters must be prominently featured online through professional outlets and professional platforms.

According to Shankar Mishra, Vice President of Data Science and Analytics, “job seekers without visible brands will be missing out half of the opportunities.”

Research the company you’re eyeing
Social media consumption can also provide a unique opportunity to look over your desired company. It is only a mutual benefit for whilst they can search your profile, you too can do the same- may it be for the whole company profile or the personal profile of your potential employer. Visiting their pages to see the contents they are posting, you can get an exclusive insight of the company’s culture, priorities and its stand. You can learn from some reviews made on the company, making you understand if you’re a fit to the job.

Moreover, this can afford you with a decision in case you’re tied up on choosing between companies.

About Author:

Lester Corey teaches Literature in Yale University. Most people think that teaching is the only thing he does for a living, but little do they know that he also write essays for writingpaper.org every night.
Author Faizan Ahmad

25 Oct 2017

So your operating system is installed on your new machine and you are ready to load your laptop software on it.

With tons of both free and paid software apps out there, you might be tempted to load your laptop with lots of them. Don't!

Why slow down your machine with lots of applications you are unlikely to use.

Neither should you just copy all the applications from your old computer onto your new laptop. No - this is an opportunity to start anew.

Essential Laptop Software

To that end here is a list of essential laptop software that you should strongly consider:

1. First, safeguard your laptop. For this, you'll need a good antivirus software to protect you against the ever-present threat of viruses. Read our guide on laptop security suites to get an idea of what to look for in a good anti-virus software.

That said, if money is tight, you can go to a website like CNET Download and get free antivirus software. Though paid versions offer greater protection, AVG Free Antivirus edition has gotten rave reviews.

If you go the free AVG route, just remember to remove the preloaded free trial antivirus software on your notebook computer. Yeah, it is probably that same software that is always nagging you to upgrade to a paying customer.

2. Get even more protection by getting a good spyware removal software. Adware, Trojans, worms and other spyware surreptitiously track your online behavior, invade your privacy and slow down your system.

Safeguard yourself and your system by installing one of the following antispyware software: Lavasoft Ad-Aware, Hikack This, Spybot Search or Webroot.

Now that your system is protected, you can feel a little more at peace browsing the net. There are many web browsers out there to choose from, Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, Firefox (Mozilla), Opera, Safari etc.

Internet Explorer would be the default on Windows laptops. If this is what you choose to go with, make sure you install the latest version as this browser is often plagued by security problems.

Google Chrome is very fast and Firefox has many advantages such as its speed, its customization options and a huge user developed plug-in database.

But you know what, we are not gonna go with either of those browsers but rather recommend Sea Monkey. This browser contains the Mozilla Firefox browser, an IRC client, web page editor and also bundles email.

3. If you have ever read e-books or bought digital products online, you might have noticed that often times those products are packaged in ZIP format. To access such files, get 7-Zip. This free laptop software can create and open GZ, TAR, ZIP and other compressed data formats.

4. Tell your family and friends about your shiny new laptop with Skype - an application that offers free voice, video calls and chat over the internet. Just about everyone that has a computer has Skype installed.

Want to have a video chat with an overseas client or talk with a friend in another country for free? Then Skype is a must-have application.

5. As popular as Skype is, many within your close family and social circles may still use instant messenger software (IM). Your spouse may be accustomed to using Google Chat while your kids are big users of AOL Instant Messenger.

Rather than having both these clients (and possibly others) on your computer, simplify your life by using an application that allows multiple access to IM networks from one window.

Two such applications are Pidgin (formerly known as GAIM) for Windows and Adium for Mac. They are both open source (free) and work great.

6. For doing presentations, spreadsheet, writing letters and so forth, Microsoft Office (MS) is immensely popular. But if you want to save about $140 on Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 edition, then you should go for Open Office free suite of productivity applications.

Open Office writes and reads all major Microsoft Office files formats and has a one-click function to convert document files to PDF. Open Office is lighter too whereas MS Office can be somewhat bloated.

If you are a netbook user with limited space on your system, you would appreciate having the lighter Open Office on your system.

7. Many e-books and other reading materials come in PDF format. You could downloaded the latest free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open such files but unfortunately Adobe has become increasingly bloated and slow.

There is a much faster, lightweight alternative to opening and displaying PDF files. It is called Foxit Reader - and it is also free to download.

8. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You need a media player to listen to your favorite songs and watch movies. There are various players out there such as Real Player and Winamp but the most popular one is VLC.

This player can support all media formats. Got a video or DVD that won't play in another media player - VLC will handle it. This is one piece of laptop software you shouldn't be without.

Now understand that this list of essential laptop software is by no means exhaustive. There are so many other applications out there that are useful such as download managers, registry cleaners, FTP clients etc.

If for example you wanted to indulge a bit and are into graphics, you could even download a graphics editor such as Paint.NET for Windows or Seashore for Mac.

The point to bear in mind is that what is viewed as essential laptop software is often subjective and based on the needs of individual users. However, we believe that the 8 applications on the list above is essential to any computer user. I hope this article will help you to skyrocket your productivity. If you like this article, check out my another article “
10 best laptop for web development & programming
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11 Oct 2017

Building an online brand for your business is more than just coming up with a slogan and an eye-catching logo for your printed mugs; it’s not enough to be involved in social media and have a consistent brand image. The experts in online branding are playing by a new and different set of rules, which focus less on presentation and more on interacting with the customer. Here, we’ve gathered eight tips and rules for building a blockbuster brand.

Business Branding
Source: Small Business Trends

Become Involved in the Conversation

You’re only fighting half the battle if you’re merely starting the conversation. Social media, like branding, is about engaging in meaningful conversation and building lasting relationships. The rules for branding haven’t changed much with the advent of social media, but the process has gotten interesting.

Just having a business page on Facebook or a Twitter handle isn’t enough; you need to be an active participant in the conversation by posting regularly and promptly responding to messages from customers. Social media monitoring is important for all companies, no matter how big or small, and because of its immediacy, the acceptable time frame for customer service response has shortened.

Keep Your Personal Brand Separate....

OK, you have thousands of followers on your personal Twitter account. But, how can that relate to building a brand for your business? Growing and managing your personal brand can detract from your ability to grow your business.

....Or Use it to the Best of Your Ability

Appearing in print and visual media as an expert can be instrumental in building your business’ brand. To get attention, determine which media outlets are most in line with your area of expertise, and send them sales pitches. If you want to be on the radio or on TV, show producers will want to see previews of your style and your personality; host a show on a venue such as BlogTalkRadio to sharpen your skills and provide video proof. As you become more proficient in your field, you’ll be more and more in demand.

Find Your Niche and Target It

Even if the market is pretty well saturated, you’ll still have an opportunity to set your brand apart from that of your competition. The marketplace is ever-evolving, meaning that you’ll need to be creative in your approach (it could be as simple as handing out printed carrier bags at the next big trade show!)

Tell Your Customers about Your Business

You might not give too much thought to the “About Us” section on your business website, but your visitors do! It’s the first place they go when they want to learn about you and the services your company offers, so it deserves some consideration. You shouldn’t write a long, drawn-out speech, but you should attempt to make a connection with your visitors. This part of your site is a great place to include contact information (such as email addresses) for you and your employees; it shows your customers that you’re easily accessible and you’re running your business in a transparent manner.

Use Social Media and Content on Your Site

You’ll come across as tech-savvy, and you’ll bring more traffic to your site. You don’t have to come up with the next viral video hit, or hire a marketing staff; all you need is a few simple tips, some patience, and the desire to make your site the type of place your visitors want to come again and again. You can do this with quizzes, infographics, long form articles, timelines, flow charts or whatever takes your fancy.

Monitor Your Business’ Reputation

Twitter and Facebook have become an integral part of most companies’ marketing strategy, but there are plenty of other places for customers to voice their displeasure. An unanswered complaint or inquiry can tarnish your reputation and drive customers away; basic monitoring tools like Google Alerts let users track every mention of a particular set of keywords on the Web. Some other services detect the nature of a post, whether it’s neutral, negative or positive- so you can focus on the important ones.

Show Off Your Hard Work

In today’s always-connected environment, building a reliable online brand is about fostering trust and building relationships. With that in mind, there’s no better way to do both than to tell potential customers who you’ve worked with in the past; doing that will lend a degree of credibility to your business. Mentioning any awards your business has won, any community service your company has done, or other interesting facts will make your business seem more appealing to customers.

Author Faizan Ahmad
We all know that using our smartphones we can make many of our daily tasks easier.

Remember the time you had to print your paper documents and then fax them to another person? Well, those times are far behind us, because now there are PDFs - portable document format you can easily share with anyone. Right now you probably have at least hundreds of PDF files that store some useful information on your phone.

However, did you need sometimes to make some changes on data stored in a PDF document? If so, you have noticed how difficult and time-consuming that is. But it doesn’t have to be. There is an easy solution to this problem.

PDF to Word converter app converts your PDFs into Word documents so that you don’t need to retype the text that already exists in the document. You will get your Word file converted in just a few taps. The file will be exactly like the original file, with just one difference, you can make some changes now.

App Features:

Convert big and complex PDF documents
Convert as many files as you want
First-rate conversions quality
Advanced OCR engine which enables conversion of scanned PDFs too
Convert files from Dropbox, Box, iCloud, Onedrive, and Google Drive

How to convert PDF to Word

After downloading PDF to Word Converter from the App Store or Play Store, you will meet a user-friendly intuitive interface.

Select the file you want to convert

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, choose the file you want to convert from your phone by tapping thebutton and selecting “Copy to PDF to Word” with this icon. It will automatically open the document within the app.

If you are an Android user, select the file from the phone by tapping + button and then  “Files on this device” button, as shown below. It will list all available PDFs.

A much smarter way to save memory on your phone is to use services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Box, and Onedrive. Keep your files there and you can access them anytime directly within the PDF to Word Converter app on both, iOS and Android.

Wait for the upload to finish

When the file you want to convert is selected, it will be uploaded to the servers where the conversion is performed. In order to save your battery, you can close the app and wait for the conversion to finish. 

Edit the file further

Once the conversion is completed you will get a notification that your file is ready to use. Just open it and check if everything is alright. When you are sure everything is fine, just open the file in your Word editor app and continue editing the text as you please on your mobile phone. 


PDF to Word Converter app is a very convenient solution for your digital documents that you need to edit. It is very easy to use and gives nice results. In addition, it can help you a lot with your document management and bring you one step closer to going fully paperless. Last but not the least, it can boost your productivity while on the go. 

About Author:

This article is posted by Faizan who is the Founder and Chief Editor of TechCarving.   He is a Professional Blogger and Entrepreneur.

Connect him on: Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus
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5 Sep 2017

-BookMyShow’s first ever benefits programme to offer a vast range of rewards and privileges-

Mumbai, September 5, 2017: BookMyShow has introduced its first ever benefits programme ‘BookMyShow Superstars’. As part of this, BookMyShow has identified a base of its most loyal customers and will offer them a wide variety of rewards and benefits.

The red carpet treatment will begin right from the preferred BookMyShow platform (app, mobile site, website) of the Superstars. Once the ‘Superstars’ have logged in, their app wouldn’t just have a slightly different look and feel designed especially for them, but with an entirely new dashboard, these users will now be able to do a lot more on BookMyShow.


Here are some of the key benefits; ‘BookMyShow Superstars’ will:
- Receive welcome e-gift vouchers from popular brands including Lenovo, Crocs, StyleCracker, Cleartrip etc.
- Be entitled to 10 free MyCoupons (free and exclusive F&B discount coupons) every month, not locked to any movie ticket booking - Get an exclusive pre-sale window and discounted ticket prices for major events.
- Receive 2x credits for Jukebox, BookMyShow’s audio entertainment offering.
- Be able to cancel their movie tickets right from their app until one hour before the show (T&C apply).
The programme has already been rolled out in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore,
Ahmedabad, Kochi, Lucknow, Vizag and Chandigarh and BookMyShow aims to complete the pan-
India roll-out of this programme over the next few months.

Marzdi Kalianiwala, VP- Marketing and Business Intelligence, BookMyShow said, “Our ‘Superstars’
programme is our way of saying thank you to millions of customers who have chosen us to meet
their entertainment needs. Through our initiative, BookMyShow wants to keep giving them more
value, every time they transact with us.”

“We are constantly working to include more variety of benefits into our programme. Our ‘Superstar’
customers will soon be able to avail free movie seat upgrades and receive access to exclusive
premier invitations for movies”, added Marzdi.

BookMyShow will keep including more customers as part of its ‘Superstars’ user base as and when
they meet the eligibility parameters.

For the Road to Ultra concert featuring Chainsmokers and much more this weekend in Mumbai,
winners will be exclusively chosen from among BookMyShow Superstars to fly to the concert. The
winners will get the once in a life time opportunity to fly to the concert on September 7 in an air-
conditioned BookMyShow branded chopper from Pawan Hans, Juhu to Mahalaxmi Race Course. Not
just this, they will be accompanied by one of the artists performing at the concert. They will also get
to enjoy the aerial view of the venue.

BookMyShow already has numerous features for entertainment seekers on its platforms. Some of
these include reviews, rating a film, pre-booking concessions at discounted prices, watching film trailers and exclusive content around a movie, MyCoupons, Plan-it (in-app messaging service), split
tickets, split cost to name a few. 
Author Faizan Ahmad
As new applications for laboratory-based research and clinical diagnostics develop, new demands for more high-quality equipment comes with those advancements. A good example of a product of this constant evolution of laboratory equipment is the development of microtiter plates. What are microtiter plates and what role do they play in the laboratory? This article will shed light on some of their applications.

The Anatomy and History of Microtiter Plates

Microtiter plates (also known as multiwell plates) are flat plates that have rows of holes or "wells" in them designed to hold small amounts of different substances. Most microtiter plates are made of polymers such as polystyrene and polycarbonate, but glass and quartz microtiter plates are also used in certain laboratory procedures. Thicker microtiter plates have deeper wells, allowing them to
hold more substances.

Microtiter plates have been around for as early as the 1950s. The first versions were made of acrylic and featured six dozen wells neatly arranged in rows. Today, microtiter plates are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different kinds of laboratory procedures. Thanks to their simple but ingenious design, you can find microtiter plates in many laboratories in the world.

Microtiter Plates in the Lab

Microtiter plates are most often used to hold multiple samples of small amounts of substances. While the plates are almost always used for holding liquid substances, they can also be used to hold smaller solid particles (usually in powder form) or wet tissues. For holding larger samples, test tubes can be inserted into the wells, with the microtiter plates acting as test tube racks.

Because multiwell plates are extremely useful for holding liquid substances, they play a crucial role in researches related to multiple branches of chemistry and clinical diagnostics. For example, multiple blood samples can be stored in the plates so that different diagnostics tests can be performed without having to draw blood from a patient every single time.

Aside from being versatile, microtiter plates are also widely considered as more cost-efficient alternatives to having so many glass test tubes. Furthermore, polymer plates, in particular, are less likely to get damaged during storage. This is especially valuable for health facilities or science centers that want to cut down on costs.

The Future of Microtiter Plates

While the basic design of microtiter plates doesn't differ much from when they were first introduced, how they are actually used in the laboratory has evolved greatly. As new standards in healthcare call for faster, more accurate results, multiwell plates have become part of the trend for automation in laboratory testing and clinical procedures.

Automating certain laboratory procedures is mostly done to improve precision and speed up processes. Microtiter plates can be placed on staging platforms and positioned quickly using a series of high-precision linear stages and actuators. This can already be seen in many machines in which robotic pipettes are used to fill up microtiter plate wells in a matter of seconds.

For even more stability and precision, microtiter plates can be manufactured in specific dimensions to make them compatible with as many staging units as possible. They can even have features such as notches and contoured bottoms to make them less likely to get thrown off while being automatically transported.

With the help of thermal, optical, and other types of sensors, microtiter plates can also be used where samples have to be exposed to certain conditions or for specific durations. for example, once the sensors have detected that a threshold has been reached (such as temperature or amount of time), a motion system can then maneuver the microtiter plates away to prevent overexposure, which can ruin the results of the procedure.

There's no denying that microtiter plates will continue to be an integral part of laboratory research and clinical diagnostics. The real question is how much more ways can the humble plates be used by researchers along with new lab technologies that will be developed in the years to come.
Author Faizan Ahmad