26 Apr 2016

The price of bitcoin, once again, crossed Rs 30,000 on Zebpay bitcoin exchange. It was November 4th, 2015 when it first crossed the mark of Rs 30,000 on Zebpay bitcoin exchange.

The price touched Rs 30,000 at around 09:00 IST today i.e. April 25, 2016. At the time of writing this article, bitcoin was trading at Rs 30,009. The price of bitcoin has been stable around Rs 28,000 since the year started. Bitcoin was trading between a tight range of Rs 27,336 and Rs 28,670 before re-attempting Rs 30,000.

Bitcoin maintained its trading in this range, as traders were watching the bitcoin community's progress in fundamental issues like block-size debate. But breaking the major resistance area signals a bullish trend ahead.

Zebpay price update

In recent years, Bitcoin has started gaining mainstream media attention. The media is studying the speculations for 2016 - a year predicted to be ‘bitcoin year’ among community and investors. There are many factors responsible for the recent stability and investor confidence. Zebpay’s bitcoin prediction report for 2016 highlighted number of factors that fuels the enthusiasm of price rise.

The year has begun with a gloomy global economy landscape. Crashing equities in China, banks seeing more NPAs, turmoil in the euro-zone and shrinking world trade are the reasons behind a disastrous start of 2016. Investors has turned away from the equities and are embracing alternatives like gold and bitcoin.

The halving of bitcoin mining reward, due in July 2016, could be another reason for bitcoin gaining increased attention in past few days. The growing number of bitcoin transactions and wallets worldwide shows the rise of enthusiasm and faith in bitcoin investment. The governments and regulators around the world are now praising bitcoin and its underpinning blockchain technology.

Bitcoin has always been a volatile digital currency since its inception in 2008. But in recent few weeks, it has shown signs of stability in its value. Once stable above Rs 30,000, it will boost market sentiment and larger advances from hereon.

The market is now waiting for the halving in July 2016 which can take bitcoin price to fresh new highs! The price of bitcoin is poised to increase further.

 Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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19 Apr 2016

Zebpay is India’s biggest bitcoin company. In only 10 months, the company has crossed Rs 100 crores turnover in April 2016. Zebpay is a bitcoin app available on Android and iPhones. It is the fastest growing bitcoin company in India.

Bitcoin has attracted a lot of news in recent months. Wall Street banks and venture capitalists have invested over $1 billion in the technology. The year 2015 was the tipping point for bitcoin and its price was up by 35%. Much attention is paid to the long-term potential of Bitcoin as a catalyst for innovation in the global financial ecosystem.

Recently, in its report, RBI has also appreciated the strengths of the underlying blockchain technology. The technology has the potential to bring a major transformation to shape global financial future. It could help bank the unbanked.

India is where US and China were in 2013. When the process to buy, sell or use bitcoins was complicated. Zebpay has made this process much easier when it comes to bitcoin in India. It enables bitcoin transactions using mobile number. There is no need to understand complex bitcoin addresses. There is no need to take backups or have fear of losing bitcoins for non-tech savvy users.

Currently, Zebpay has a total of over 30,000 users, who use the app to buy, sell, store and spend bitcoins. Around 6,000 new users are adding every month. Zebpay has an aggressive growth target for the coming year. The company aims to add 1 lakh users to its mobile app by the end of 2016.

Zebpay released new features on Android version exclusively for pro bitcoiners in March. These features allow users to set their own buying and selling (bid/ask) price. Users can also keep Rs balance in the app to buy bitcoin anytime. The reviews and forums are full of congratulatory messages from our users. They are appreciating Zebpay’s simplicity and customer service.

Our users include HNIs, tech savvy individuals, freelancers and a few corporates. They buy bitcoins as an investment with the belief that the bitcoin price will rise. Some buy as a hedge against currency devaluation. There are users who regularly buy and sell bitcoins as a trading activity. Freelancers have started accepting bitcoins as payment from their overseas customers.

Receiving payments in bitcoin save the high fee of 5-15% charged by companies like PayPal or the Western Union. Users get the money instantly in their bank account instead of the 3-7 days that these companies take. These users sell the bitcoins they receive on Zebpay to convert them into Rs.

The company is focused on building the safest and simplest bitcoin experience for Indians. About 40% of the population across the country does not have bank accounts. Bitcoin wallets could be used in remote areas without the need for brick and mortar banks. India is perfect as a society to be at the forefront of developing a vibrant cryptocurrency economy.

The number of bitcoin transactions worldwide is growing at an exponential rate. It increased by 81% in 2015. Zebpay is confident to lead the revolution and place India on global bitcoin map.

 Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
Author Faizan Ahmad

29 Mar 2016

Basically, to uninstall application on Mac can be done by anyone, and not as we encounter in Windows, we will not find a separated Uninstaller on Mac OS X. If you want to remove an app then you only need to do two steps, namely drag the icon to the Trash (this can be done by pressing Cmd + Backspace) and then empty the Trash.

However I do not need to make this review as if the entire application can be uninstalled just by doing these two steps. Some applications are difficult to be uninstalled so that you need a special uninstaller for these applications.

Movavi is a leading software provider for a variety of operating systems and wireless tools, including for Mac. Movavi is very famous for a variety of its products that are able to trim some tricky stages into a single step, including in term of uninstalling Mac’s application. To uninstall programs on Mac you need to use Movavi Mac Cleaner.

Movavi Mac Cleaner

Movavi Mac Cleaner is specifically designed for uninstalling various applications that are difficult to be cleaned in the usual way (by dragging the icon to the Trash). You can download the app in the official Movavi website and you will be given some simple instructions.

Once installed, the application will directly carry out the detection of junk files that may be present in your hard drive. You will be shown a list containing the names of junk files. You can directly click "Start Cleaning" to free your hard drive from various junk files.

For uninstalling selected applications, you can go to Uninstaller menu and you will be shown three Sub-menus; User Apps, OS X Apps, and Leftovers. To uninstall you just select User Apps and select the application you want to remove and then click the "Remove". Movavi is the most widely recommended application for uninstalling unwanted apps while protecting your Mac from various harmful viruses.

 Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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25 Mar 2016

Hard Disk can fail anytime. It doesn't matter if you are using a highly graded hard disk; failure can happen at any time.

Disk clone can be used to copy all the data from one disk to a separate drive. Its uses may arise in the following scenarios:

• Hard drive upgrade: Cloning of the hard disk is necessary for the process of disk upgradation without reinstalling any application or operating system.
• Data migration: This helps in the fast moving of entire data from one disk to another disk, such as Migrate HDD to SSD, etc. Clone Hard drive to SSD
• Data recovery: During data recovery, cloning of the disk is necessary and then restore what you want from the cloned disk to avoid damage to the disk.

How to use clone software in Windows 10?

1. Download and Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Clone.
2. Then you have to select the target disk you want to be cloned.
3. Choose the destination drive and give a tick on the check box of Sector by clone sector option which enables us to clone the entire sectors from source disk to destination disk.
4. Let the disk layout be previewed before cloning.
5. Click Proceed to execute cloning.

Platforms on which EaseUS Todo Backup software runs:
1. Any Windows operating system.
2. Version:9.0
3. Licence: Free, for personal use only

More About EaseUS Todo Backup:
Disk Cloning Software Windows 10
• EaseUS Todo Backup can run on any Windows operating system.
• Optionally split a backup into custom sizes to increase convenient storage space.
• Check how much processor power EaseUS Todo Backup can use, so that performance does not get degraded too much while running backup operations.
• You can restrict the transfer speed of a backup to any desired custom rate.
• Smart Backup is a feature that monitors files for changes and with the help of which automatic backups can be made, which helps you to restore the data up to 2 weeks in the past
• Backup compression is supported.
• Backup can be password protected.
• Pre-OS option can be enabled, which allows you to use EaseUS Todo Backup before starting of Windows to to burn the program to a disc.
• When backing up a hard drive or partition, every sector can be chosen to backup, which includes both used and non-used space, to build an replica of the source
• There is a feature by which computer can be shut down after a backup is finished
• Automatically run missed backup jobs.
• No need to create a backup image of the disk before the cloning of disk.
• Restore data to the original location quickly.
• Estimated time remaining for completion of a backup can be seen.
• Description for a backup plan is entered to keep track of its purpose while referring to it later.
• A backup can be searched or filtered to find something to resto

 Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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25 Feb 2016

Technology is everywhere and it is the most powerful reality of human life, as it entwined in almost every part of the life. It is a fact that technology directs and has greatly transformed the dynamics of everyday schedule and routine work.

Besides this, it has also created a pool of greatest opportunities for the humans to grow and evolve themselves in a manner that it has the best solution to virtually every challenge. With the increasing presence of technology in human life it only makes sense to have mobile technology in the academia.

More and more schools, across the world, are turning toward adopting mobile technologies to educate children in the classroom as an approach to benefit from of a new and innovative electronic technology.

At present, there are many electronic devices, such as iPads, iPods, Tablets, Netbooks, e-readers and even PDAs, and all these are increasingly becoming the very preferred tools for the modern-day educators. However, some schools are delaying in adopting this technology and they really don’t comprehend well about the benefits of using this technology as the valuable learning tool in the classroom.

Check out the following list of some key reasons why the modern schools should adopt and implement mobile technology within their classrooms:

• The use of state-of-the-art technologies as learning tool will assists in equipping students for their future academic lives, and this approach will unavoidably integrate the use of wireless technology.

• Integration of advanced technology into the classroom is indeed an effective approach to develop diversity in the styles of learning.

• If used correctly and effectively, use of technology gives children the opportunity of interaction with their peers and this approach will ultimately develop collaboration among them.

• Research establishes that the use of technology assists the teachers in preparing their students for the practical session of life. As the entire world is increasingly depending on advanced technology now, it I thus very necessary to integrate technology into the classroom to make students successful citizens.

• Research also proves that integrating technology in the academic world assists students stay engaged. The modern-day students love mobile technology so they are certain to be interested and attentive in learning if they can use the devices they like.

• With the integration of technology, the classroom will be a happier place for students and this approach will ultimately reduce the rate of absenteeism. Students are more motivated about being capable of using technology and thus are more proneto learn.

• When wireless technology is available readily to the students, they are fully capable of accessing information they want in a more easy and simple way.

• In past, students were taught on white and blackboards and this was the passive learning styles which has been broken now. With the arrival of technology in the classroom, the teachers now play a role of coach, encourager and advice-giver.

• With the integration of technology into the classroom, students become more responsible towards their education. Technology really assists them take more control over their education and thus they are now able to make their own learning decisions and think for themselves. In can be said that technology has developed their self-confidence ability.

Schools should realize and understand benefits that the technology can give to them and their students. In fact, technology is the inevitable future of education. For schools, it is very crucial to integrate wireless technology into their classrooms and make efforts to keep up with the ever changing pace of technology to prepare students for the future world.

 John Kelly

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John Kelly is an experienced and skilled blog writer as well as academic writer. He also provide counselling to the fresh and new graduates about their career and education and for this purpose he joined an online essay writing company | BestEssayPoint.co.uk to spread knowledge against nominal charges.
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11 Feb 2016

The long awaited update of Android M has finally arrived on the door steps of Moto G 2nd Gen users after its official roll out on Moto X 2nd Gen and Moto G 3rd Gen. Motorola has earned a reputation for launching classy devices in both the economic and premium price range.

Just after Nexus devices, Motorola is the next one to get the update on its premium smartphone, which came up with Moto X line up this time in case of Android Marshmallow update. Though the update is about to come on Moto X Puree Edition, Moto X Style, Moto Maxx, Nexus 6, Moto Turbo, Droid Turbo and few other Motorola devices, but the company has not passed any indication to make this update available on Moto E, Moto X 2013 and few Moto X 2014 devices from selected vendors.

After the biggest hit of Moto G 2nd Gen in the market, Motorola released Moto G 3rd Gen within a short while. Just after changing the page of the calendar, it appeared like a surprise followed by two more premium devices from the house – Moto X Play and Moto X Style.

Android Marshmallow Update on Moto G 2nd Gen

The elegant look and robust features of this economic gen next device made it one of the greatest competent in the market, which has all the potential to corner the other same range smartphones. Comes with Android 4.4 and upgradable to Lollipop, this device features HD touchscreen of 5 inch, getting the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass. It also has a quad core Qualcomm processor with ADRENO GPU support.

Comes with 1GB RAM it comes with 8GB and 16GB inbuilt memory variants. With 8MP primary camera and 2MP front camera, it flaunts amazing imagery features. It also has some great sensors and 2070mAh battery, which provides a complete day battery backup.

Moto G 2nd Gen users liked the Lollipop update on this device and is about to download Marshmallow. Google has already released the update for this device and now the users of Moto G 2nd can easily enjoy the features like Apple Permission,

Doze and much more. With this update, the users can enjoy the Google search bar at the top of the screen and can charge the device faster with C type USB. It will be a great experience for the users of Moto G 2nd gen altogether.

 Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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Huawei has launched a new smartphone, the Y6 Pro. The company has listed the handset on the official site, but there is no detail regarding the price availability of the device. 

Speaking of the technical specifications of Huawei Y6 Pro as listed on the company website, there is a large 4000mAh battery, which is also the highlight of the smartphone. The battery is rated to deliver up to 39 hours of talk time, and can last up to 24 hours with just 10 percent battery with the Smart Power Saving mode turned on.

The Huawei Y6 Pro is a dual-SIM device which features a 5-inch (720x1280 pixels) HD IPS display and is powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek (MT6735P) processor. It runs Android 5.1 Lollipop with company's Emotion UI 3.1 Lite skin on top and includes 2GB of RAM. 

There is 16GB of inbuilt storage, 13-megapixel rear autofocus camera with LED flash and a secondary 5-megapixel front camera also on board. On terms of connectivity options, the Huawei Y6 Pro comes with 4G, 3G, GPRS/ EDGE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Micro-USB, and Bluetooth.

It will be available in Gold, White, and Grey color variants. Last month, Huawei launched its two smartphones in India under the Honor brand, the Honor 5X and Honor Holly 2 Plus, priced at Rs. 12,999 and Rs. 8,499 respectively.

 Faizan Ahmad

About the Author:

This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
Author Faizan Ahmad

19 Jan 2016

In today’s business world, it’s enormously significant to gain strong digital exposure, hence when a business is delineating out effectual marketing plan, the integration of strong digital strategy is utterly essential. The absence of digital marketing plans may damage the potentiality and growth of brand visibility, client acquisition, and effective revenue generating scopes to a large extent. Here few of the simple yet efficient steps of digital marketing are illumined that don’t worth to be missed.

• Consider Small Screen
In recent days, maximum customer transactions are commenced through one device and ends on another. Moreover, sales through the tablet and Smartphone have surpassed the sales through PC. Hence, while curving out strategies for promoting your business in the digital platform you must target both mobile phone and PC users, the easiest way to target both of the users is developing a responsive website for your business.

Being a greenhorn in the provision of digital marketing you would be left astounded by the depth and complex environment of this niche. An eminent Digital marketing agency based on Leeds with their professional service can perform for the interest of your business.

• Emphasize Upon Organic Search
The success of your business and digital marketing campaign blindly depends upon your ranking in search engine listing. The consumers want to grab the required information promptly, thus things that come first gain maximum exposure.

Moreover, the deep-rooted notion of what comes first in Google tends to be superior in quality, also works behind the success of a top-positioned website and the relative business. The notion says that, by embedding proper organic search strategy, you would encourage the improvement of brand’s visibility within the search engine result and would drive comparatively more traffic towards the website enhancing your potentiality for various positive opportunities.

• Content Marketing
Content is one of the crucial influencing factors in the niche of digital marketing. Employing blog into the website is a powerful way to provide the visitors relevant and fresh content, moreover by promoting the link of interesting and innovative blogs through your social media page, you can also increase the traffic of your website that directly helps the ranking of the website.

Creating impactful, fresh content is the gateway of creating successful path for the business. Through right content marketing tactics, you can surely establish recognition as the leading name within the relevant business circle.

• Social Media Marketing
From the growing utilization of social media marketing, it seems marketers don’t want to leave any stones unturned for promoting business, and what can be more influential advertiser than social media where a huge number of crowdsspend significant part of the day.

An overview over the steps is not less than intriguing, without the specialized guidance of digital marketing agency it would be certainly hard to flourish and obtain a strong footprint over the digital market.

 Faizan Ahmad

About the Author:

This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
Author Faizan Ahmad

15 Jan 2016

When we talk about technological developments, we cannot expect anything less than a blank surprise. The idea of technology has crossed all human possibilities and every year we can expect something that will change our vision for the future and also soon our lives.

The way we have been working on different technological innovations, major events are always highly anticipated as they are platform where the ground for more innovative solutions can be placed with complete ease.

Major events that cater to technological breakthroughs are one of the most amazing grounds where people, who have worked hard all their lives to follow their passion of developing something out of the box, get their chance to showcase the fact that they can take technological developments to another level altogether.

CES or the Consumer Electronics Show is also one of those major events that happen during the start of every year and is always welcomed by consumers as well as the developers. Today’s blog is going to talk about top four gadgets which become the limelight of the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show of 2016.

These devices or the gadgets are ground breaking discoveries as well as show the limitless possibilities that one can achieve through technological development.

Jupiter IO3- The first smokable phone

Smoking and phones are two things that are the favorite touch points of every next consumer. Even though both have their destructing drawbacks, but still they are famous amongst the generation of today. The rise of electronic smoking is on high because it is considered to be less dangerous than normal smoking and this is why it has also become a common element.

However, what if both Smartphone and electronic cigarette could be one? Yes, a company based in the US called Vaporcade has built a new featuring Smartphone that has an electronic cigarette attached to its charger.

Panasonic- Transparent Television

Television sets are changing every 6 months, we started off from the basic and now we are in the smart television age. However, Panasonic has already started working on something more and that is a transparent television.

This means you will have a screen which doesn’t bother your interiors and lets you watch everything on a transparent space with gesture control features. Again, this is the kind of development, which is very likely possible in the near future and would change the whole concept of a television set.

Sensor-based alarm clock

Conventional alarms are not the future, where snoozing was the only option you get. The new Sensorwake alarm gives you an aroma of coffee or any of your favorite fragrance that you want as part of your alarm alert. The smell keeps on getting stronger until you wake up and shut the alarm off.

Human carrying drone

Drones have already become part and parcel of our lives. We see the use of drones in many departments of our lives. Now we will very soon be seeing drones that will be able to carry a single human passenger.

 Christine Whitlock
About the Author:

Christine Whitlock is the author of this blog post. Christine works as a research and technological consultant for a company in the UK. She also likes to post blogs on the site Write My Essay For Me Cheap and her blogs are very famous amongst the crowd.
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7 Dec 2015

Recovering deleted SMS for free and files from mobile devices is revealed; often it is a need to be addressed as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can recover a good amount of data and messages from your device even after you have eliminated them completely from its memory. Let's see how.

Recover deleted SMS on Android and iOS

We can say that to recover deleted SMS on Android without having a current backup online or locally is only possible if two conditions apply:
• SuperUser Active
• Quick Recovery

The first is an essential condition while the second needs alertness as the air of memory occupied by the messages could be quickly overwritten.

Accidentally deleting the messages on your Android or iOS device is not something uncommon it happens more often than you think. You can recover a deleted SMS from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, if you seek the right tools. In order to succeed in recovering an SMS deleted by mistake on Android use EaseUS MobiSaver for Android. We can then recover deleted SMS on Android for free as well as photos, contacts, music and video.

SMS Recovery

An essential requirement is having a root access on your device. Once you install the executable and have granted root permissions you just need to start the program to bring in the Messages section on the left menu and select SMS retrieval (One at a time in the FREE version). Then press on Recover and provide a destination for the locally stored SMS. Very simple. The files will be saved with an HTML extension so they can be displayed on any Web browser.

The main advice for those who wish not to lose their SMS is to be alert for software created specifically for backing up messages from which we report one of the best solutions in local / cloud operating today:

• SMS Backup & Restore

Recover deleted Nokia SMS

If you have remained faithful to the old terminals of Symbian Nokia and you want to recover accidentally deleted text messages from the SIM of your phone you can use an exploit that, however, requires a slightly more complex procedure compared to a last generation smartphone.

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Tricks for Android smartphones without root access
The exploit takes advantage of a bug that positions the deleted SMS or MMS in a reserved area of the memory. First you need to install Nokia PC Suite and Cygwin on your PC. Then connect your phone to the PC and follow the complete procedure designed by the discoverer of the Symbian bug. You find it here.

Recover deleted SMS on Windows Phone

Would you like to recover a deleted SMS from Lumia? As for Windows Phone and in particular from version 8 and onwards, Microsoft offers its users the possibility to rescue the text messages on their device.

There are no official applications for the recovery of SMS, unless you use a "homebrew rom", but the cloud allows automatic synchronization of text messages so they can be retrieved at a later time following a repair or purchase of a new Windows smartphone. You can in fact automatically create a backup for SMS and MMS in the cloud. To enable the backup of SMS:

Select Settings> Backup
Select Text message, and activate or deactivate the cloud synchronization.

 Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.

Author Faizan Ahmad