18 Aug 2015

Gone are the days of mechanically buying tickets and leaving the rest to fate. As times are changing, so are flights. There are a million and one things you now have to know, and a few more that you can do to swing the odds in your favor. As technology takes over every sphere of life, the tech-savvy traveler could get the most out of his flights and travels by following some simple steps.

Going Incognito Is the Best Policy

You must keep in mind that airlines are prone to hiking up their prices even more in case you are looking them up. The sad reality is that most airlines usually function on dynamic pricing. This implies prices tend to fluctuate at random. As the time of the flight draws closer, you could witness price hikes.

While there is no strict scientific proof of the same, several users claim that they have witnessed price rises for flights which they have looked up on search engines just before booking. If this is a concern for you, you could consider going incognito.

It is a matter of one click on your browser, and this is basically an instruction to your browser to ignore any cookies or previous searches before bringing up any webpage. Note that this phenomenon is based on pure superstition. The incognito setting, however, does exactly what it is supposed to.

Choosing a Good Seat Helps

There are loads of booking services which allow you to pick seats and customize tickets quite easily. This is very helpful especially as airlines are trying to squeeze as many seats onto flights as they can. A good website should be able to tell you which are the best seats and give you details about width, storage, bathroom proximity, leg room and similar attributes. This makes it a much easier process and allows you to pick the seat you want so that you do not have to experience any uncomfortable situation.

Decide What You Will Do in Flight

In-flight entertainment is something you should definitely arrange for overhead, as it is an extremely monotonous process, and the longer flights tend to be extremely boring. A lot of airlines have revised and relaxed the regulations in place for use of electronic devices, so you should be allowed to use any device you wish provided you are traveling with a well-known airline.

There are two things you must invest in immediately. The first is a power bank or a portable charger, which ensures that your device can be given a battery boost in case you run out of juice mid-flight. The second is a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. They are a great purchase, sound excellent, last long and will never leak sound, keeping you happy as well as your fellow travelers.

Downloading before Going Helps

The internet has opened up millions of new avenues for entertainment, and in times like these, you must make the most of them. Download music, movies, e-books, audio-books or podcasts before you leave, so that you have tons of stuff to enjoy on the flight, and even after.

When you still have access to Wi-Fi it is also a good idea to gather all information about the destination you are heading for. It is a wise move to use Google Maps. You would then need simply type the destination right into the search bar. Then you need to hit enter. Google would then be offering to download this specific map so that you could have access to it when offline.

Bringing the Local Lingo Helps

A very important travel app is nothing but Google Translate. Video translation is presently available in half a dozen languages including Russian and Italian upgrade. Two-way translation is another effective upgrade aiding bilingual.

 Rhonda Berger

About the Author:

Rhonda Berger is a traveler and blogger. She enjoys writing extensive articles on travel and tourism, and has traveled widely. She enjoys diverse locations, from mountains in the Alps to even a Tadoba resort.
Author Faizan Ahmad

4 Aug 2015

Over the past two decades, the Internet has progressed by leaps and bounds, and pervaded into almost all aspects of daily life. The Internet can make your life better in more ways than you can imagine. Here’s one prime example: Jobs.

Gone are the days of sifting through classifieds pages in newspapers for hours. Gone are the days of running from door to door with a CV in your hand. Social media today can be leveraged to find jobs and attain them right after graduation or an MBA too.

Use Social Media to Find the Best Jobs

LinkedIn is a Professional’s Best Friend

Almost every professional worth his salt knows that he must have a profile on LinkedIn. Defined as a business-oriented social networking platform, it has been built for one purpose and one purpose only: professional networking. You are allowed to put up an online CV, filled with all relevant details, knowledge, academic details, work experience, et cetera.

You now can come into contact with insiders from the industry itself, recruiting officers, HR professionals and other professionals from the firms you like, and can also join groups and expand your network. Academic degrees, qualifications like MBA, PGDM as well as extra knowledge and experience are valued.

While the jobs board itself is very helpful, you could take a small step out of the line and reach out to someone within the company to express your desire to join, as this could go a long way in making your case. The one thing you must remember is not to go berserk with your networking. Reach out only to a select few, and select them carefully.

Referrals are alright, but you should be careful when throwing a contact’s name around to someone you may not know. Do not pester people, as they are all professionals, and the only help you will receive will be due to goodwill. Do not send more than one or two follow-up messages if you receive no reply.

Leverage Facebook for Job Purposes

Although not as professionally-focused as LinkedIn, Facebook is still the most popular social network by a large margin. It is very easy to look for jobs on Facebook, as all you need to do is navigate to the pages of the companies you want to join and “like” them. Companies are also taking a very active social stance nowadays, so they will be continually updating the pages with recruiting details.

Besides getting to read about new avenues to pursue degrees, diplomas and certifications you want to you will also get a look at the companies’ policies and job requirements. You could bring this up in interviews, so that they are impressed by how closely you have followed them. On the other hand, you could indeed discover that a company you liked isn’t that interesting anymore, and could then stop pursuing them.

Twitter is Another Good Place to Look for Jobs

Just like Facebook, the job market has also found a home in twitter, a microblogging platform which has taken the world by storm due to its simple nature and high accessibility. Besides official accounts, you could also find profiles of top officials who can tweet about latest developments. Mentions (@) and direct messages allow spontaneous conversation as well.

Once you have set up a profile, built an image for yourself, and mastered the basics like the search bar and hashtags, you are all set to go out and conquer the twitter job market.

Why Social Media can work wonders in your Job Search

Even after having attained an MBA, social media greatly increases your reach. You can now track and follow news from any company of your choice, and also look for prospective employers. At any point, you could reach out and make your presence felt as an applicant. This way, you have a much shorter gap to bridge, and companies too have an effective network in place to select, review and hire.

Another way to look at this is that your social media profile is your online identity- a digital fingerprint. Once made, it grows over the years with your details, posts, pictures and activities, a record of almost everything you do. This is your unique, indelible identity online, and is something almost all good colleges sift through before admission, and all good recruiters take a look at before hiring.

 Marilyn Steep

About the Author:

Marilyn Steep is a career counselor and has worked with several students and professionals to lead them on the road to a successful career in their fields of choice. Visit MET's guide on PGDM to know more.

Author Faizan Ahmad

30 Jul 2015

I believe that if you are going to do a business with partner you should document it. I have bitter experience in business which ended into of no use because I used to have no documentation with partner. I have seen myself many times believing in words of mouth, not only in business but at many special occasions which should be documented but I did not and believed in words or mouth which ended in problems. Documentation plays an important role in many parts of life which I believe in that I should not ignore.

When I started my career with information technology industry, I have always heard documentation is important for successful implementation. I remember my first project for successful mplementation was Total Productive Maintenance and I was said by my team lead to provide him data flow diagrams for whole process.

It took me about half of month to collect information from technical people (non technical under terms of IT) in industry. Once I finished with collecting information, I sat back to chair and it took me about week or so to prepare data flow diagrams. Now the moment was to present and I got valuable appreciation from director of project.

Despite of appreciation, I followed those dataflow diagrams and I still remember TPM was the only project which was successful with respect to other ERP modules. I did not mean that I was going to suppose that TPM was only successful module, but management always wanted to say this during weekly meetings among whole ERP team.

For me it used to have many flaws which I should have covered. What I mean to say that documentation of any type plays important role and should not be ignored. Software testing is part of software development life cycle and cannot be ignored because of its importance for successful implementation.

What was becoming a big problem for me at the time of implementation were defects we were suffering with. What we was lacking in whole process was software testing depart which was creating problems for whole team.

End users tend to always complaint about defects and I always thought they were right. I highly appreciate whole team who was really cooperative from director to end users, especially many good words about development team which was cooperating with me at every critical stage to remove bugs and defects.

Documentation in Software Testing

In software testing documentation is key to keep the things in black and white. What makes documentation without any importance for team is low budget project. Project managers are handed over with small budget projects (in our case software for test) and they tend to complete it quickly to save time and resources.

To some extent they are right and it also comes up with results, but I still believe that documentation is important even for small budget projects as well. A professional software testing company should follow documentation for small to big projects.

Let us learn by a case study how documentation is important even for a small software testing project. Let me put the characters into it as well. My project manager David Ibrahim wants me (Moses Adam) to test three pages website.

He calls me on Skype and says please manually test www.domain.com and come back to me once you are done within x hours. Please remember my project manager is not going to handover me any requirement doc, because he lacks it. I started testing it manually and found 3 functional and 2 GUI bugs with in stated x hours.

My project manager David tells client we have found 3 functional and 2 GUI bugs and are ready to fix them. Client says OK go for it, PM David informs software development project manager John and he fixes them within said time frame. Project ended and money is transferred.

After couple of days client talks to test PM David that there is still one more functional bug which has been reported to him by one end user. PM David is not ready to accept his fault and client seems to be with no satisfaction. We all understand project delivery without client satisfaction is company loss.

David calls me client has found a functional bug him/ herself. I tended to say I could find only 3 functional and 2 GUI bugs within given x hours. I am not sure about what was communication between my PM and client.

Thing which ended in such a stress is rewarded time for this job, but I could feel there is also a communication fault between client and PM. PM considered it a small project and did not tend to document requirements because of budget and client was expecting something out of the box.

What was needed to be done was ‘Requirement Doc’ which should have written down so that both the parties should have clear black and white. It is my personal experience that a small budget client wants out of the box results in small budget and PM wants to deliver project in time, which later ends into problems like stated above. I want to share famous Chinese proverb with you at this stage:
“Ink is better than best memory”

It is true is not it? What we have learned with above case study that documentation in software testing is must for small to big projects. You are offering automation testing services, functional testing services, database testing services or any other type of software testing services, documentation is must. It will be good to share the important documents we need to write down for successful implementation of software testing project:

• Test Plan
• Test Design & Test Specifications
• Test Strategy
• Test Summary Report
• Weekly Status Report
• Manuals
• User Acceptance Report
• Risk Assessment
• Bug Report
• Test Data
• Test Analysis

It seems to be a big documentation plan is not it? But we have to follow it being a professional software testing company or an individual. I believe in that maturity comes with time and learning never ends. Keep learning about software testing and will be good to join software testing forums to learn more. I do not feel myself Mr. Perfect and I think I should keep learning and learning. Do not forget to join SQA forums.

 Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
Author Faizan Ahmad
The greatest challenge faced by the healthcare industry today is addressing the complicated issues relating to converting separate islands of healthcare data into integrated and unified data or information for medical professionals, researchers, clinicians, administrators and everyone who is even remotely concerned with the process of healthcare delivery.

The Purpose
Any information that is generated by clinical activities and utilized for medical purposes have a complex and extended life-cycle. This data is relevant to a patient specific system and is effective in providing data and information for healthcare decisions and activities, documenting clinical and treatment history and supporting the billing as well as the reimbursement procedures. This information is productive for QA assessments, clinical research, and support processes relating to administrative decision-making.

The greatest challenge is to convert all this relevant healthcare data and information into an automated and electronic format. This has become vital today as this helps in enhancing quality of life and lowering the overall cost relating to patient care, e-prescribing, coming up with e-health solutions effective in medication management, home care, payment reconciliation, etc.

The Necessity
If you have been dodging the process of healthcare migration and integration, you have been willingly overlooking possibly the most important paradigm shift which is taking place across the entire healthcare industry. The exclusivity of the medical industry is being replaced by a more efficient system, as the IT industry is overlapping with it in several healthcare fields.

This allows the present infrastructure to be improved upon and made much more efficient than it is. As the cloud takes center stage, we see more and more revolutions being made in every field in terms of time and space. To deny this revolution in patient analytics and medical applications would be to miss a spot on the only train which leads to the future. Visit http://mesusolutions.com/ for some expert cloud solutions and smart strategies.


Some Striking Advantages
Healthcare integration proves to be extremely fruitful as you can access all data fields. Though data can be accessed using a multiple vendor system, the ability for designing and producing reports with relevant information from multiple locations seems to be limited while utilizing a multiple vendor system, but it is unlimited while utilizing an integrated system. Another drawback of interfaced or the multiple vendor system seems to be when the system breaks down, data is lost and is irretrievable.

Patient data and all kinds of information relevant to patient care and treatment is usually accumulated from numerous sources and in myriad forms. Healthcare information is usually collected from varied healthcare applications and several diagnostic machines. The healthcare integration and migration is fruitful in integrating varied data forms into the relevant healthcare applications.

Today it has become quite simple to design and produce diagnostic reports because it is now possible to integrate data from innumerable platforms. You may also generate impressive reductions in the overall patient care cost.

Besides the increased operational productivity and efficiency, integrated healthcare IT systems allow large-scale information sharing, collaboration and synchronization over a variety of devices operating on the same platform, without any layered software and complicated system administration. Not only does it get the job done faster, it gets it done better too. The scope for human error is reduced to zero, as the entire system is automated and secure.

These systems not only serve as a cohesive database for all your information, but also as an interface for several institutions, agencies and patients too. There are no extra vendor costs and the cost of maintenance is extremely low. The learning curve isn’t too steep once you are given a kick start and most of your data is uploaded already. In today’s world, there is absolutely no reason not to jump on the healthcare IT bandwagon. It makes life healthier and easier for everyone.

The effects of implementation of integrated systems into your institution are manifold, ranging from the financial aspect (reduced expenditure and increased revenue) to the mechanical aspect (reduced time span per operation and increased operational efficiency) and finally to the human aspect- better, quicker, more accurate diagnosis, better treatment, patient satisfaction, welfare and goodwill.

 Mirko Soloff

About the Author:

Mirko Soloff is a professional at an IT solutions firm, dedicated to reviewing hardware, architecture and priorities and implementing new structures and programs to help manage systems better. To Know more Please visit this site http://mesusolutions.com.

Author Faizan Ahmad
We have gone App crazy! They have taken over our lives and we love it! All of a sudden we’ve found that almost anything can be drastically improved with the right combination of tools on our mobile phones. We’re at a point where menial everyday activities can be shaken up and optimised by simply using the right apps. Here are 5 of life’s every day challenges that you had no idea could be revolutionised using your smartphone.

Training your dog

Brushing your teeth
We all do it - we all reckon that we’re pretty good at it – yet we still seem to find ourselves back in the dreaded dentists waiting room. Luckily for us, our phones have got our backs! There are numerous apps on the market designed for making sure we’re getting the best out of brushing our teeth.

Several (such as The toothbrush fitness app and Toothbrush timer) are carefully designed to optimize your oral hygiene by timing how long you brush your teeth for, indicating where to brush and even giving you handy tips and techniques as you go.

However, if this isn’t enough and brushing your teeth still seems like nothing more than a trivial daily task, then maybe Brush DJ is the one for you! The medically approved app times your brushing using music from your phone, turning an everyday routine into something to have a song and dance about! The App also allows you to set reminders for when you need to brush, for dentist and hygienist appointments and even for when you need a new toothbrush.

Training your dog
We all love the idea of getting a puppy; a cute furry friend to share our lives with. However, most of us have heard the nightmare stories of the time and money that goes into training a young dog and they may have been enough to scare us off the idea. Fortunately, an easier and cheaper solution is at hand! Both Android and iOS offer many apps to turn your puppy training fears into a thing of the past.

Apps such as Puppy Coach 101 provide step-by-step lessons to cover all aspects including house training, responding to names and teaching tricks. Similarly, apps such as Dog Whistler simulate the frequencies of a dog whistle and can support you in the training process through the pre-set options or by customising your own whistle. Where once we might have been flipping through the phone book, searching for a trainer to tame our beloved pet, now we simply need to open up our App and we can all be a dog whisperer with ease!

Losing Things
We’ve all been there: late, stressed and tearing our house apart looking for the set of keys or wallet that we really, really need to find before we leave, or wandering around the supermarket car park dazed, confused and mortified that we’ve actually managed to forget where we parked the car. We’ve all wished there was a way we could track our valuables to make our moments of memory loss into a far less stressful experience. Well, now we can! Both Android (Trackr) and iOS (Tile) have developed apps that, by using a tiny piece of extra hardware, can track, locate and even alert you to the whereabouts of your lost item using a handy ringtone.

And if your problem is more of the motor related amnesia kind, many apps such as Carrr Matey use GPS to easily direct you back to your car no matter how big the crowd or car park. It is worth pointing out however that, due to the use of GPS, these apps will only work outside.

Internet Security
In a world where our phones are so important to us, this may be one of the most useful unknown Apps out there. By using a good VPN App you can protect yourself from hackers, malware and all of the other risks to our online security. This is extremely useful when out and about and using potentially unsafe public Wi-Fi networks. However, this is not the only use for a VPN! As the App works by replacing your IP address, it means your device’s location can become anywhere in the world. This is handy for accessing sites such as Netflix or Facebook abroad in countries that have certain online restrictions in place.

Last, but most definitely not least, our phones can now support us in something we may never have expected: our bowel habits. Apps such as Poop Log provide a platform to track the frequency, shape, look, size, texture and many other helpful indicators that can aid us in determining the healthiness of our stool. It can even be presented to a doctor for a more accurate diagnosis of any problems.

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be health orientated. For those of us who just want to reminisce over some of their greatest toileting experiences, the Places I’ve pooped App Let’s you track the places you’ve been, view them on a map, rate them and even share your experiences with others because…why not?!

So there you have it: the world is full of apps! Apps that we had no idea existed, apps that could drastically improve your life or apps that simply give you a good laugh every now and then. Whatever purpose you’re looking for, they really weren’t joking when they said ‘there’s an app for that’.

 Jenny Gunn

About the Author:

This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
Author Faizan Ahmad

24 Jul 2015

WordPress is one of impressive content management systems to setup personal business websites and blogs. Millions of people around the globe are using WordPress to launch websites. WordPress comes with many advantages.

With use of WordPress one who used to have little knowledge of internet can easily setup his/ her personal blog within half an hour. By using WordPress business owners can hire professional web developers and software engineers to sell their products online.

On the other hand WordPress comes with ease and professionalism for web developers and software engineers to work on CMS with any type of customization they want. One of big advantages of WordPress is its Plugins functionality.

There are thousands of WordPress Plugins which can be downloaded from WordPress inventory and can be used for specific needs. So what are WordPress Plugins actually? Plugins are pieces of codes with specific functionality which can be hooked with your website for particular need.

Wordpress Plugins for SEO
Image Credits: www.taskfirm.com

In current post I am going to share two free WordPress Plugins which you can use for search engine optimization purpose. It will be good to have little knowledge about search engine optimization before we should head into more details.

Search engine optimization is a method to increase organic traffic for your website after ranking your website high in search engines like Google with respect to targeted keywords. Suppose keyword “Software Testing Forums” is one of popular keyword and if your website is ranking at first place for stated keyword, its mean you will get plenty of organic traffic which will result into more online presence for you.

WP Auto Tagging Plugin
Even people think that tags are of no use, but my personal experience is different. Tags are your targeted keywords which you should certainly use for your website. WP Auto Tagging Plugin is a good plugin for WordPress to automatically add tags to your WordPress blog posts.

If you have hundreds of WordPress posts and you do not have tags for them, WP Auto Tagging will add tags to all of them. On the other hand if you are going to publish a new post, it will add tags to it as well.

Logic behind WP Auto Tagging plugin is that it takes your post title and splits it into tags. It also forces Blog owner to right a title which should have focused keywords. On the other hand it will add about 5-6 tags to your post and will not consider a word as tag which used to have less than 4 characters in it.

You can download WP Auto Tagging Plugin from WordPress inventory now.

Chuno SEO Analysis Plugin
Chuno SEO analysis is another WordPress plugin which can give you important SEO information for your website. Once you install Chuno SEO Analysis Plugin, it will let you give following SEO information:

• Duplicate Title Tags
• Duplicate Meta Descriptions
• Short Meta Descriptions
• Long Meta Descriptions
• Server Information

Plugin is still under modification and it will have lots more features in upcoming versions. You can download Chuno SEO Analysis Plugin from WordPress plugin inventory.

Faizan Ahmad

About the Author:

This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
Author Faizan Ahmad

6 Jul 2015

These days simply having a professionally developed website is not enough to promote your business online as you also need to create and maintain social media pages especially Facebook business page. Through social media, you can easily connect your business with potential clients and customers by sharing informative and engaging content. 

Moreover, proper FB page customization can help you promote your brands and products in more effective way; however, you need to do this all within the design and restrictions set by Facebook which does not allow you to do things freely like you can do on your own website. Here are some very effective ways to customize FB pages:

Customize your Facebook page

1: Get Vanity URL for Your Page

The first thing that you need to do as customization is to get vanity URL for your page. For example, if your business name is ABC, the URL on Facebook should be like http://www.facebook.com/ABC. In this way you can make your page more accessible for the clients and users.

2: Inspiring Welcome Page

Secondly, you need to create a welcome page for your visitors and you can do this by creating a custom tab which will allow you to make changes on overall look and feel of the page. There are some useful programs easily available online which can help you create variety of custom tabs on FB. Once it is done, you can showcase client testimonial, display case studies, deliver product information etc.

3: Other Channels Content

Creating custom tabs can be really helpful for your business and you can increase the advantages by showcasing other channel content on your page. Wondering it is possible or not? Yes, it is possible because channels on other social media networks offer applications which will allow you to add a custom tab on your FB page for showcasing their published content. Flickr, SlideShare, Twitter, YouTube and various other networks can be added to your business FB page.

4: Get a Creative Profile Picture

Most of the business owners think that they should be limited to their business logo when it comes to profile picture, however, this impression is absolutely wrong as you can use creative profile picture too. Create eye catching and inspiring images to get the attention of visitors and if you can’t create or design images, don’t worry, there are tools available online which can be really helpful for you to improve the overall image of your business.

5: Utilize Photo Strip 

You might have already seen that the Facebook has included photo strip option on business pages, most of the businesses have started using this unique feature to customize overall look of the page. You can also learn how you can customize photo strip as this can be really useful for promotion of your business page.

6: Customize Post Targeting

Facebook recently duplicated a feature from Google Plus and in the response of G+ circles, introduced customizable audiences. Like on G+, you are allowed to share a certain post with a particular circle, you can now share specific post with the people speaking a certain language or living in a certain region. In this way, you can get more engagement for your page.

About the Author

 Brooke James

About the Author:

Brooke James is an online marketing expert who believes in greater involvement of technology in marketing campaign. She is also a passionate writer and loves to write about technology, small business, entrepreneurship, social media and academic writing. Nowadays she is writing blog on fastdissertationhelp.co.uk and other writing services companies.

Author Faizan Ahmad

1 Jul 2015

In today’s highly competitive world, business operators have to come up with strategies that will enable them to retain their customers. You will be amazed to know that more than 90% of businesses fail to retain their customer due to multiple reasons. Therefore in this article we would discuss some effective approaches that any business operator could implement to drive 3x customers as well as revenue for their business.

Business operations

Here are 4 smart approaches that you should make sure to grow your business proactively.

Friendly Customer Support System
According to a recent survey based report it’s unveiled that customer support is the heart of every business. This is why every leading business ensures to set up an effective customer support system to facilitate their customers in a rocket rapid manner.

No doubt this is a great method to satisfy customers by answering their queries and reporting every inconvenience that they have faced while making their transactions. If you want to retain more customers then you must organize an effective communication system to build a stronger relationship with them. Friendly customer support system is the only way to grow one business 3X faster.

Entertain Your Customer
It is true to say that customers love to purchase goods and services from businesses that offer discount along with freebies and add-ons to them. If you want to drive 3X revenue, then you must enhance the retention rate of your customers by entertaining them with great discounts and amazing offers.

It is seen that businesses that entertain their customers with big discounts and guarantees always provide a solid impression to them that they really care about them. Thus you can also entertain your customer with amazing discount and guarantees to tell them that they’ve made a wise decision to choose you from the extensive list of rivals.

Offer after Sales Service
Believe it or not the most effective approach to retain customers is to facilitate them with after sales services. Keep in mind to entertain your customers with after sales services so that they will love to order goods and services to your firm.

For instance, you can offer them free delivery or free of cost repairing services to please them in the best manner. Think out of the box to please your customers with extra-ordinary services that are not offered by your competitors to add them into your clients list. After sales services would not only allow you to drive more repeat customers but also allow you to gain competitive advantage over your rivals.

Act on Customer Feedback
A new statistics proved that more than 75% of businesses fail to drive repeat customers because they fail to act on customer’s feedback. If you want to increase the satisfaction as well as retention rate of your customers then you must organize a system that will allow you to fulfill their request.

By doing this, you will provide a better impression to them that you really value them. Otherwise you will miss a great opportunity to delight your customer but also drive your customers to your competitors.

 Jessica Barden

About the Author:

Jessica Barden is a proficient content writer who loves to help out students in their academic matters. In these days, she is writing blogs on Writingbunch.co.uk and other technology forums to facilitate young professionals.

Author Faizan Ahmad

20 Jun 2015

In today’s tech savvy world, having a business website is must for every business. Unfortunately a large number of businesses are unaware about the benefits that they can get by upgrading their website to a mobile friendly version.

Gone are days when customer browsed website via laptop or desktop computers. Now customers are connecting to online businesses via their smartphones and tablets to shop in a smarter manner. If you’re also interested to upgrade your website to mobile friendly then here are some tactics for your benefit.

Responsive Website

Develop Responsive Design

In order to create a responsive website the very first thing that you will need to do is to develop a responsive design that could easily browse on different devices. By doing this you could easily facilitate every gadget user including desktop, laptop or mobile is the best way.

Additionally, make sure to upload optimized sizes images so that users don’t need to wait too much for loading time. Otherwise heavy scripts would not only drive away your customer to other competitors but also enhances the bounce rate of your site.

Add Google Maps

One of the best ways to develop a mobile friendly website is to place your business on Google maps. Due to the rapid advancement in technology people are preferring sites that entertain their customers with Google Maps. When you will use your physical address along with postal code Google map you can increase business credibility in front of customers. Therefore verify your business by Google to build a better relation with your current as well as potential customers.

Write Relevant & Crispy Content

No one wants to read long and boring content that’s why it’s crucial for you to develop relevant and crispy content that will hook the attention of the visitors. A new report unveiled that landing pages that contain information such as contact numbers, email, as well as physical address along with pricing table and order now button easily satisfy their customers. Don’t copy/paste other material as it will not only negatively affect your business credibility but also provide you a tough time.

Use Internal Linking

Last but not the least use internal linking style to entertain every visitor in a better way. This is because internal linking would make your website browsing process easier and interesting for mobile users. Surely by implementing the tactics shared in the above passage you could easily develop a mobile friendly website to facilitate more customers in an innovative manner.


About the Author:

Charlie is a creative content writer; Blogger and designer who love to entertain his audience with interesting blogs. In these days he is writing blogs on tech tools to increase the knowledge of readers and also providing logo design training to fresh graduates.
Author Faizan Ahmad

15 Jun 2015

Technological advances in the printing industry have seen more and more companies take up in-house printing of their publications. Printers that are ideal for home and office use office use have become more affordable. More so, they have more advanced capabilities that enable a company to comfortably carryout some of its in house printing without having to involve a commercial printing company.

In Mumbai, things are not so different and you may be pondering to move all your printing needs in house. However, before you do so, you should know how engaging a commercial printing company would be helpful for your business. The following are four ways through which your business will benefit.

Commercial Printing Services

Cut down on your printing costs
The most important and direct benefit is that using a commercial printer will save you from associated printing costs. Printing ink does not always come cheap, and if you are looking to make bulk printing, you will require quality ink that does not interfere with the final printed product.

You will also require good quality paper. A commercial printing company already gets the ink and paper in super large quantities, which enables it to get the paper and ink on wholesale prices. This is an option that you may not have. Printing from a commercial printer is cheaper as the cost spreads over large orders.

Get professional looking publications
Your company may not give the printing process the same care as a professional printer would. At this point, you will end up with misaligned printing that gives your company an unprofessional look. The colors will also run into each other and images and words will look blurred.

If your brochures start looking as if they hastily went through the printer, it is time to go back to using a commercial printing company. The company will always give due care to have aligned printing and clear colors as well as sharp images and wording. You can even use the digital copies of the publications in your digital branding campaign.

Get specialized services
If you are looking for something extra for your company publications, your back room printing will not cut it at all. An established printing company such as http://www.jakprinters.com/ has the capabilities to use various techniques that will add more value to your publications.

Techniques such as UV printing will add something different and will help capture more attention than what you can do with your office printer. You can also incorporate different designs by using the techniques available at a commercial printer such as embossing and laminating using different materials.

Using commercial printers leaves you to concentrate on your business
Running a business has additional tasks without having to take on more that you can outsource. Putting together a publication until the end requires total focus. You can avoid indirect cost of lost man-hours by having the professionals take on the printing for you.

The printer will worry about the layout, printing and post printing activities that will only be a headache for you. Imagine binding all the copies of your company newsletter in time for its release. Commercial printers already have the infrastructure, skills and equipment needed to handle all printing requirements effortlessly.

The writer has run a commercial printing firm for more than 10 years. He says that as much as you would want to take on all your printing, consider what a commercial printing company can do for you. To know more visit his website.

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