21 Nov 2014

An SEO conference is an excellent way to get a great amount of information all in a few days. It has a collection of the highest experts in the field of SEO techniques. You can learn as much in one conference of a few days as you can learn from weeks and weeks of personal research. Rapid changes in SEO make it imperative to keep up and the conference is the ideal venue to do that.

It is important to make the best use of the few days you will be at the conference. Not everyone needs the same thing. And, it won’t just happen without effort on your part. The following tips will help you get the most benefits possible from your SEO conference.

Clarify What You Really Want

To get the most out of your conference experience, you should clarify your goals in reference to what you want out of SEO instruction. Look over the brochure and conference information to find the sessions that will best meet the goals you have set.

Don’t Just Gather Information, Use it

Once you get the information for the experts and the many sessions that meets your needs, make plans to set them in motion. So many times, at a conference, a person has great ideas and plans to implement the information they gather.

SEO Conferences

But, often, once they are home, they just forget about it. The information is held in notebooks, books bought at the conference, and even tapes. But, storing information won’t give you the benefit you want. You have to use it.

Take Advantage of the Experts Available to You

The speakers chosen to present at conferences are the cream of the crop. Take advantage of their knowledge and expertise and learn all you can.

Select Sessions Based on Your Greatest Need

You did an assessment of your goals and what you most want for your conference experience. Take that information and use it to look over the conference sessions. Choose those that will most address you needs and deficits.

Take Advantage of Early Registration and Group Discounts

The tuition for a conference can get pricey for the best ones. However, most offer discounts for early registration and for groups of three or more. Take advantage of these. Ask around among co-workers or colleagues and find companions to go with you and get this discount. You may also be able to share motel expenses by sharing a room.

 Jones Cooper

About the Author:

Jones Cooper is a successful business person who has taken advantage over the years of a variety of conferences dealing with SEO techniques. He is somewhat of an expert, having experienced conferences presented by many different companies and dealing with all the many changes that have occurred over the years.
Author Faizan Ahmad

18 Nov 2014

In this Internet world, emails are one of the most common means of professional communication and email clients are the best examples of it. Many users use Outlook Express as their email provider and very often, they find damage and corruption, which cause a loss of valuable data. There can be certain reasons of corrupt DBX file. At times, people may wonder to see the corrupt emails, folders, etc.

Outlook Express includes the following folders in it and you must check all of them before and after repair:
• inbox.dbx
• outbox.dbx
• sent*items.dbx
• deleted*items.dbx
• drafts.dbx

Causes of Outlook Express file (DBX) Corruption

There can be numerous reasons of Outlook express corruption due to which you may lose your emails and other attributes of DBX files. Let us discuss some common and risky causes of Outlook Express data corruption.

The File size of DBX: Like other email client files, DBX also has a size limitation of 2GB. Usually, when you receive and send the emails, you never check the increased size of the emails and when the memory extends beyond the limited allocation, the file becomes corrupt and cannot be accessed due to structural damage.

Compaction Process: Whenever the size of the Outlook Express file will increase you have to compact the folder, it will decrease the folder size. It is always suggested that you must compact your folders regularly; however, and kind of interrupted folder compaction process can also lead to DBX file corruption.

MSIMN Error: It occurs at the time of importing email messages from any different version of Microsoft Outlook Express into your current running version. While simply attempting to send an email, this type of error may occur and your data become inaccessible.

Improper Installation: If your Outlook Express is not installed properly, it will surely give you many errors at the time of run.

Sudden System Shutdown: An inappropriate system shutdown or sudden power crash can also be a big reason of Outlook Express DBX file(s) corruption and may lead to data loss.

Virus Attack: It is one of the most often reason of DBX file corruption, and leads to inaccessible files of MS Outlook Express.

Anti-virus Programs: it is quite surprising that an anti-virus can be a big reason of Outlook Express data corruption. These programs are configured to scan incoming and outgoing mails and this feature create issues with mailbox and leads to corruption and data loss.

Repair Corrupt Outlook Express DBX File

Repairing Options for Corrupt DBX File

After any type of corruption, there are ways to repair MS Outlook Express files. In order to fix these corruption problems and to check the DBX file content in a proper way, you just need to follow few steps, which will resolve your complete issue and provide you original data.

There are both options available for Outlook Express repair, via Outlook Utility and via Professional software. Both procedures are good and it completely up to you that which process would suit you the best.

Repair via Outlook Express Utility: Outlook Express tool provides you the facility to dbx repair. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Close Other Programs: You need to close all the programs except outlook express and Internet explorer

Delete the Temporary files on the Internet

1. In Explorer Go to Tools Menu → Internet Options
2. On Temporary Internet files click Delete files
3. Now choose Remove All Off-line Files check box in the pop-up windows and then click OK

Now delete all offline files, it will automatically delete all Outlook Express temporary files.

Compact All Folders: “Folders.dbx.” is the master index of message store folder and message entries that can create many silly errors. When you apply compaction process on the Outlook express folders, the master index will also update with it. You should do it regularly, otherwise you will see many file errors with your Outlook Express.

1. Go to File menu and click 'Work Offline' in Outlook Express, now no new message will arrive
2. Click Outlook Express in the Folder List, now no email and news folder will open
3. Now close the folder list
4. Go to File menu and select Folder and click 'Compact All Folders'. Let the process complete and do not use your system till the process is in running mode. It could take some time, according to the data size.

In case any error occurs, close the process, restart it and follow all the steps again

• From each news account, re-install the list of newsgroups.Download all the messages again and reset your subscribed newsgroups.
• Reset synchronization options on newsgroup folders and IMAP
• Edit any message rule that moves messages to folders except than the Inbox.

From the above steps you can process dbx recovery, however if you are unable to follow the step and still searching for a better and easier solution then there are professional software available for DBX file recovery and repair.

Repairing Via Professional Recovery Software:

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery tool is the best available option for you. This tool is very fast and comparatively easy to use, as well as restores and repairs corrupt DBX files. You just have to install it on your system and you can do all dbx recovery in few steps.

Here are the steps you must follow to repair and recover your corrupt and lost dbx files.

• After installation you will see interface of the software with a small dialog box with ‘Select DBX File’ or 'Find DBX', 'Select Folder' options. Choose according to your requirement

• Click 'Start Recovery'

• After recovery, all recoverable corrupt file will be displayed on the screen, preview all the damaged and lost files

• A dialog box will appear to 'save' files

• Click OK

• Now choose desired location to save the file and also select the 'Save as dbx' or 'Save as eml' check box according to your requirement

• Now click OK twice to save the files

• Now your all dbx file are recovered and you can view the in your desired location and folder

This tool is very fast, efficient and easy to use. Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery is the best tool for those users who need a professionally efficient and fast.

Faizan Ahmad

About the Author:

This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
Author Faizan Ahmad

5 Nov 2014

Corporate world is a merciless playing field for competing companies and one small mistake can lead to immense losses. Communication system is the backbone of every growing company that wants to aggressively sell its products or services.

Business collaborations can succeed or fail depending on the connection quality and available solutions. A lack of proper and efficient communication among the key people can result in a loss of business.

In order to eliminate all the bottlenecks in communications, companies are fast switching to VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. The initial releases of this communication technology did not quite impress as expected.

However, within the next few years several advancements were made and quality of connection as well as the performance was vastly improved. Virtual connectivity is now a reality and the market is responding positively towards adopting it. The current trend in the marketplace is to move to the cloud.

There are several cloud based providers in the market who are offering communications solutions to small, medium and large scale businesses. If you have decided to hire the services of a cloud-based service provider, it is imperative to set your priorities right and this includes both security and analytics.

Analytics will give you a perspective about the robustness of the system. It would also help you to understand whether your connection is vulnerable to hackers who are on the prowl to steal valuable information or VoIP minutes.

In order to choose the perfect service provider in the market, it is important that you do a little research about the providers and make the choice based on facts. You need to ask questions so as to understand the real goal of the service providers. There are several service providers who enter the market with the sole aim of making profit.

However, you need to find companies that not only want to make profit but are interested to provide real solutions to business problems. Customers are never the priority of companies that want to only make profit and not help businesses through proper solutions.

It is really challenging to understand the real motive of service providers but you can get an idea if you analyse their sales pitch. Vendors who are ready to only offer you their package deal are not at all interested in your business needs or providing solutions.

They intend to only close the sales deal. If you choose one such provider then things might look fine initially but as your expand and look to add more features, you will find that the performance of your communication system starts to go downhill. It is likely that you are not going to find the vendor by your side during such a crucial period.

On the other hand, if you choose a vendor who wants to learn about your business challenges and is eager to provide solutions to the business problem. You should choose the vendor who is ready to recommend the solutions that can suffice your business needs.

There are companies like Toshiba who have come up with innovative cloud-based solution like UCedge. The advantages of using this cloud-based solution are:
• Only one number can be used to make or receive calls from a variety of devices like Tablets, Smartphones etc.
• You can use UCedge to work from anywhere and use any mobile devices to access the centralized communication system

• The privacy of your mobile number can be protected by providing only the office phone number as the caller ID.

• You will be able to make overseas calls from your mobile phone at even landline rates

• Office voicemails can be easily accessed using the UCedge solution
The best thing about UCedge is that it is even compatible with other popular solutions like Strata CIX, VIPedge and IPedge.

 Michelle Patterson

About the Author:

Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

Author Faizan Ahmad
In this era of highly competitive business environment, businesses need to keep their workforce in the loop for almost all activities. Empowering the employees so that they can collaborate efficiently and effective is the new mantra to keep both employees and customers satisfied. Mobile communication solutions are gaining huge popularity among the business owners who want to extend the latest communication tools and features to their employees. There are several advantages of using mobile communication solution and advanced collaboration is just one of them.

Some of the major benefits of mobile communication solutions are:
• As a business owner you will be able to not only boost the productivity of your employees but also provide them with the perfect tools to keep in touch with colleagues, customers and vendors.

• You as well as your employees will be able close the sales much efficiently and would also be able to respond to the urgent needs of the customers.

• You will be able to actually build a virtual office where everyone on the same network will be able to work from anywhere in the world.

• The implementation of mobile communication solutions will help you to improve your service and even satisfy your clients by real time collaboration and data sharing.

• You need not be present at your client’s location to understand their problems and will be able to offer solutions from anywhere around the world.

• You will be better placed to provide secure the apps and data of your company

• The biggest benefit is that you will be able to get a control over your equipment and IT costs.

It is time when companies are hiring diverse workforce which means that not all are bound to work from the office and can be located at client’s site or other branch offices. Now, it is really important that all are on the same page when a group of employees are working on the same project. This is where mobile collaboration through the implementation of mobile communication solutions comes into effect. All your mobile workers and the ones who are working on their desks can communicate on a real time basis through various mobile devices like Smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. You will be able to extend all the communication tools and applications used in the office to your mobile workforce. Real time data sharing and flawless communication will eventually lead to successful completion of the project and satisfied customers.

What about the work-from-home employees? Does mobile communication solution help them in any way?
Yes, mobile communication even helps the workers who are working from their home and it would be just an extension of their desktop communication device. No matter whether an employee is located in Alaska or is holidaying in Phuket, the centralized communication system can be availed from their mobile devices. Thus, when they know that communication with the office, colleagues or even customers can be done at any time of the day, it would definitely take away a lot of pressure off their shoulders. They will be better motivated to perform and provide concrete solutions to your customers.

There is a change in the work culture at all major offices around the world. The contemporary workforce has different working styles - they follow different schedules and are ready to work in a variety of settings. You need to attune your communication system to support such a mobile workforce in the most appropriate manner by opting for mobile communication solutions.

 Michelle Patterson

About the Author:

Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

Author Faizan Ahmad

31 Oct 2014

If you are signing up for a hosting provider, you are going to want to do a good amount of research to ensure that you find the best one. In order to find the best hosting provider, you should look at the different options that are available on the market.

You will likely find that Host Gator is one of the best, if not the best. However, you will likely want to save money on your hosting. The good news is that you can do that with one of the best hosting providers on the market. Below we will discuss different ways you can secure yourself a Host Gator coupon.

Getting Host Gator Coupons:

1. Google search.
One of the easiest ways to secure a Host Gator coupon is by searching on Google. You should be able to find a ton of different valid coupons by utilizing this method. This is a great way to find a coupon that works for Host Gator. One that will help reduce your overall cost of service.

2. Coupon Websites.
Coupon websites are another excellent place to search for valid coupons for hosting providers. The good news is that Hostgator coupons can be found everywhere on these coupon websites. This is because Hostgator utilizes these websites as marketing tools for their business.

As a consumer, this is a great way to save money on your purchase. If you are planning on utilizing HostGator as a hosting provider, you could save hundreds of dollars by getting yourself a Host Gator coupon.

Host Gator Coupon

3. Sales.
Another great way to find a coupon is to sign up for their email list. By signing up for their email list, you will be informed of sales. These sales typically occur during the Holidays. This is one of the easiest and best ways to save a ton of money on your Host Gator hosting.

This is because they have sales throughout the year where you can save up to 80% on your purchase. This includes hosting services and domains. If you are planning on getting hosting, you might want to wait for one of their really big sales that typically occur during the holidays.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which to acquire coupons. Some of them are easier than others. You will want to acquire a coupon in order to save enough money on your purchase. Host gator pretty much assumes that most of their business is going to come from referral and/or affiliates by way of utilizing coupons.

This is priced into their marketing and you should take advantage of it as a consumer. If you are having trouble finding a coupon, you will need to simply search harder. It should be relatively easy to find a valid coupon as long as you search using the methods and resources above. We have discussed plenty to get your started and on your way to saving a ton of money in the process.

Faizan Ahmad

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
Author Faizan Ahmad
Samsung recently launched Galaxy S Duos 3 in the Indian market but it came out quietly. There was no official announcement regarding the phone and it was noticed after it surfaced online. It is the next device in the Samsung Galaxy S Duos series.

It has been listed at Samsung’s India eStore and some other online retailers and has been priced at INR 8150. This device is the successor to Galaxy S Duos 2 but sadly it doesn’t feel like an upgrade because the hardware isn’t very different.

It runs a newer version of android as compared to the previous device. The device comes with a 5 megapixel primary camera like the previous device and also gets a LED flash. We take a closer look at this device and list down its pros and cons.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3


Dual SIM Support
The Galaxy S Duos started off with the dual SIM feature as its unique feature. The dual SIM feature is great help for someone who doesn’t like the hassle of carrying multiple devices. It supports micro SIM slots so even if you are moving from a newer device that has got micro SIM slot.

This way you won’t have to switch back to mini SIM to move to this device. Even if you don’t need a dual SIM device right now, it won’t hurt to have one. You might need the feature in near future and the S Duos 3 would help then.

Supports regional languages
There are a lot of devices that would provide you with support for a lot of languages. Most of the devices sold in India offer Hindi as one of the languages but what about other regional languages? These languages aren’t offered by most of the devices but there is still a fair share of people who would prefer to have their language on their device for ease of use.

The Galaxy S Duos 3 supports 14 different regional languages. This way it can cater to the languages of a large number of people and they can have their native language as the default language on their device.

Latest Android operating system
The device runs android 4.4.2 KitKat which is almost the latest version of android out there (if we ignore android 4.4.4). This way the operating system is more suited to low end hardware and runs easily on the device.

The interface gets the Samsung Touch Wiz UI on top of it. So it gets a new launcher as well as many features that are exclusive to Samsung devices. The Touch Wiz UI is nice to use and offers a large number of customisation options over the stock android interface. There is no word about an android version upgrade on this device in future.

Autofocus camera
The device has got a 5 megapixel primary camera and a VGA front camera. The primary camera on this device offers autofocus and comes with a LED flash. A large number of budget devices skip on the autofocus feature on the camera in favour of costs.

We have seen devices like Moto E and Nokia Lumia 530 come with fixed focus cameras to keep the costs down. The auto focus feature helps you obtain a sharp picture by focusing on the subject as compared to pictures captured by a fixed focus camera. The camera can also record videos in semi HD at 30 fps.

Battery life
The device is powered by a 1500 mAh battery. This would appear to be a low capacity battery compared to the capacities we are used to see on more powerful devices of today but it can handle its job well. Despite being a low capacity battery, it manages to power the device efficiently. The hardware is pretty basic and thus you get long standby times from this battery. People who need a basic power efficient device might want to consider this one for the battery life.


Dated hardware
The device runs a dual core processor with Cortex A7 cores. This hardware has been around for ages and lacks the power required for handling resource hungry apps. Even the basic messengers and social networking apps might cause trouble due to lack of processing power.

The previous Galaxy S Duos device, the Duos 2 offered 768 MB of RAM. While that wasn’t a lot, it was acceptable for a low end device. Now after the war in budget segment has gone fierce, Samsung has launched a device with just 512 MB of RAM.

This would cause a lot of trouble in device operating. While KitKat is optimised to run on this much RAM, most apps would take up a large fraction of it. Multitasking is a strict no-no. The amount of RAM really chokes down the already crippled capabilities of this device.

The device offers just 4 GB of on-board storage. The android operating system and the system apps take up a lot of space and you don’t end up getting a lot of storage. With such a small amount of storage, you always run at a risk of using it all up in installing applications and games.

You would have to keep a large number of apps on memory card and still the phone memory would be taken up by the app data. Moreover the previous device supported micro SD cards up to 64 GB however this one supports half of that.

The device has got a 4 inch WVGA display. The display is small and the resolution is low by today’s standards. You get a pixel density of just 233 ppi. The display isn’t an IPS panel so the contrast, colour and viewing angles aren’t any good either.

All this hardware could have been accepted if the price was justified. The device comes with a price tag north of 8K which makes it a poor value for money. You can pick Asus Zenfone 4 or Moto E for less than this and they are much better devices.

Guest Author

About the Author:

The author is an expert in mobile technology and loves to write about different handsets launched. He has listed the specifications Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 for the readers to make an informed buying decision.

Author Faizan Ahmad

30 Oct 2014

Looking to say it all without using a single word? Then, Instagram is the best place for you.
Building visibility on Instagram with the help of images is probably the smartest thing you can do to market your brand, or anything else for that matter. Recent studies show a substantial percentage of engagement per post on Instagram, after all pictures draw you in more than anything else.

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, although some features may be similar, Instagram can be a powerful marketing as well as a networking tool. Given the right amount of followers, you can really make your own (or your product’s) presence felt. Like any other social network, the more attention you give to this platform, the more it would benefit you.

Having Problems Increasing Followers?

There are a number of things you can do to boost your audience on Instagram, but first and foremost is consistency; nothing does more damage to the online branding of the product (or yourself) than lack of online presence. People tend to forget, so you have to stay alive in their memory, which can only be done by being socially visible on these platforms on a regular basis.

Following profiles, likes and comments, socializing, being active, captioning and hashtags are all little ways that contribute to your (or your product’s) online identity. Instagram could easily be one of the cheapest and most widely spread marketing and networking platform, moreover your profile there can also be linked to so many other networks that have an audience of their own.

This infographic, found below, will share tips and tricks with you that will help increase your following on Instagram.

How to Increase Your Followers on Instagram

Faizan Ahmad

About the Author:

This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
Author Faizan Ahmad

26 Oct 2014

As we all know that Online Marketing includes changing your promoting techniques to better fit your target clients and items. Web marketing methods viability does not generally work the same in all Speciality markets.

The same has run with your item since advertising dialect changes also. Selecting the right systems to fit your web promoting battle is vital in producing more activity. I understand you will coincide with me that the web has changed the method for working together and most particularly on promoting or marketing methods. The following are few main techniques for online marketing that can work best for your industry:

1. Brilliant and Unique Product or Services: are more influential than unprecedented promoting fights. This specific online guideline for marketing has returned more benefits contrasted with some other strategies. With prevalent items you will have a focused advantage among your rivals and your promotions will be more convincing picking up your greater achievement in marketing.

2. Search Engine Optimization Technique: Currently, Majority of web users hunts down services and items from the internetthrough utilization of search engine and directories. Suit your site contents with respect toKeywords for SEO purposes. It has been demonstrated that sites that possess the main 3 positions on SERP gets more than 90% of guest's click for any given keyword.

This will help in expanding backlinks empowering your website to be positioned higher in the search results and helps you to produce more organic traffic. Top positioned search enginesare Google, Yahoo and Bing. They are the ones respected to be more dependable. Besides, top positioned sites have no PPC expenses included. You ought to guarantee your site is positioned high for this SEO methodology to work great for you.

3. Social Media Marketing: Social Media marketing (SMM) is also the best strategy to pop-up your online business which includes making great utilization of person to person communication services to build your online vicinity to extreme. This reaches from publicizing specifically on:

• Email campaigns
• Viral promoting (this spreads the data all through the web)
• Social Mediasites which are very demanding and have millions of people where you can do your promoting incorporate; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, RedditMy Space, and YouTube. You must think and plan your strategy as per your target audience and their preferences.

4. Blogging: Blog site is a shortened form of web online journal. The term blogging portrays a site that keeps up a consistent history of data. The website is oftentimes overhauled individual site that peculiarities dairy-sort editorial and connections to different articles from different sites. It concentrates on a tight subject or an entire scope of subjects.

This methodology can be extremely viable on your internet advertising. Blogging can help you: • Expand on your brand • Expand on your validity • Build reliable clients • Build your item's presentation• Generates more traffic

5. Item/ServiceReviews: This is a flawless and best internet marketing technique. The principle goal is to audit any item or service that you may decide to push. This methodology gives guests'knowledge into the utilization and the adequacy of that item or service.

The survey is focused around somebody's experience after taking that service or product this methodology more compelling since numerous individual needs to hear other persons' reviews and conclusions in regards to the item or service. This methodology has a tendency to attract more people to your business therefore you could expand your business more effectively and steadily.

Last but not the least, Take after these methods and see your business taking another turn towards better results in 2015. I wish you good luck. Please share your views and suggestion for the rest of the people related to the online marketing industry in the comments box.

 Ashley Hamilton

About the Author:

Ashley Hamilton is a Digital Marketer for the last 5 years. She has worked for many local and international clients. She has also has a great contribution in blogging related to SEO, SEM, SMM, Entrepreneur, Technology and more. Peoples who want assignment help to get good results. Find more about Ashley Hamilton follow her at Twitter|LinkedIn.

Author Faizan Ahmad

9 Oct 2014

Do you need help rank your blog and you're not an SEO expert? Do not worry, I'm not too and I've managed to slowly win a corner on the internet. Through this post I will share what I've done to get that 50% of my traffic comes from search engines.

Obviously the recommendations I make, are from the point of view of a blogger with an SEO marketing soul that knows very little. The following are the tricks that have helped me to earn a place on the web, so they come from my own experience.

Recommendations in general

Create a list of keywords related to your blog and try to include them in your posts they fit
In your posts always link to other posts that you have on your blog (when fit obviously)
Use a good SEO plugin as "Seo by Yoast" and although it costs more time to create a post for this optimization part thinks it's a long term investment).

Prepare a good editorial calendar so you always have new content to post, often helps the positioning and helps you become a better blogger, never forget).

How to Improve Search Engine Optimization For Your Blog

• Categories of posts.
• Use keywords to the categories of your posts.
• Always label your posts in categories that fits.
• Watch your links.
• The permanent links to your blog that are beam with text field.
• Manually create the links of your posts, do not let it automatically generate the title
• This post is called "How to improve the SEO for your blog" if I let you automatically generate the link would look like.
• Forget prepositions and articles in your links.
• Avoid numbers and strange characters.
• Benefit from SEO by Yoast.
• Fill the fields in each post.
• Title (Maximum 70 characters).
• Meta - Description (Maximum 156 characters).
• It completes the social part to help define what description or image is posted on Facebook and G+.
• Make the user listen to the SEO recommendations offered by the post.
• Create good titles.
• Make short titles (maximum 70 characters).
• Include keywords in your titles.

Optimized images

• Upload perfectly tagged pictures with keywords in the ALT and TITLE.
• NEVER upload images with names like "image-1" or "capture-the-screen-2014: 10: 10".
• Optimize the weight of your images, if you use Photoshop always export your images for the web and the problem is solved.

Make good content

• Do not do short posts, provided more than 400 words.
• Forget to copy and paste text from other sites.
• Add strategic subtitle (H2, H3).
• Add images or video within content to increase the interest and time to visit your blog.
• Social Share.
• Stresses buttons share on social networks in your posts.
• Repeat sharing buttons in various parts of the blog: When you start the post, floating left and at the end of the post.

 Albert Palacci

About the Author:

Albert Palacci is passionate about digital marketing and blogging, he is writing for several online magazines and websites, also you can check his blog and you can find more about him on his Vimeo or Pinterest profile.

Author Faizan Ahmad

8 Oct 2014

Web design plays an important role in the overall success of a company or individual website, which makes it vital for businesses to ensure that the design helps them reach their goals. In most cases, the design work is done by a professional web designer that can be part of the in-house staff or hired from another company.

Even so, there are a number of qualities that the designer should have if they are to create good websites over and over again. These qualities are many and can touch on their professional skills as well as their interaction with clients that have contracted them to develop a website for them. Some of the “must have” traits that should be seen in web designers include:

It is important for a web designer to be creative so that they are able to translate an idea provided by a client into reality. An experienced designer should be able to think through the idea and creatively bring it out through the website. In some cases, changes to the client’s vision may be made but the overall website should meet their needs in terms of design and function.

2.Knowledge of design techniques
Majority of websites are designed using HTML or CSS design languages, which makes it important for a good designer to have thorough knowledge of them. The designer should be able to use the latest versions of these techniques so that they are able to deliver a website that is modern and unique when compared to others.

Web Design
Although websites are built with existing techniques and trends that are currently being seen in the industry, a good designer should be able to go beyond the norm. He or she should be able to use the ideas provided and come up with a design that is suitable for the business and original as well.

4.Proper communication with clients
Even though majority of the design work is left to the web designer, it is important that they regularly communicate with the client to know if they are on the right track. When the client is involved in the design process from the start, they are able to make changes in good time resulting in a satisfactory website that they can quickly adopt for their company or business.

5.Keep deadlines
Efficiency is a quality that every good web designer posses so that they are able to deliver websites on time. Most good designers are able to give you a time frame on when the project will end and provide an outline of the processes that they will be involved in during that time. Such deadlines help business owners to work on other related activities surrounding the development of the website as they get ready for its launch.

All in all, finding the right web designer requires some bit of research both online and offline, and should not be rushed if you are to get one that will deliver quality work at the end of it all.

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This article is posted by Faizan who is the Author and Founder of TechSenser. He is a Professional Blogger from India and a passionate writer about Technology, Gadgets, How-to-Guides, etc. You can connect him on Google+.
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