5 Sep 2017

-BookMyShow’s first ever benefits programme to offer a vast range of rewards and privileges-

Mumbai, September 5, 2017: BookMyShow has introduced its first ever benefits programme ‘BookMyShow Superstars’. As part of this, BookMyShow has identified a base of its most loyal customers and will offer them a wide variety of rewards and benefits.

The red carpet treatment will begin right from the preferred BookMyShow platform (app, mobile site, website) of the Superstars. Once the ‘Superstars’ have logged in, their app wouldn’t just have a slightly different look and feel designed especially for them, but with an entirely new dashboard, these users will now be able to do a lot more on BookMyShow.


Here are some of the key benefits; ‘BookMyShow Superstars’ will:
- Receive welcome e-gift vouchers from popular brands including Lenovo, Crocs, StyleCracker, Cleartrip etc.
- Be entitled to 10 free MyCoupons (free and exclusive F&B discount coupons) every month, not locked to any movie ticket booking - Get an exclusive pre-sale window and discounted ticket prices for major events.
- Receive 2x credits for Jukebox, BookMyShow’s audio entertainment offering.
- Be able to cancel their movie tickets right from their app until one hour before the show (T&C apply).
The programme has already been rolled out in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore,
Ahmedabad, Kochi, Lucknow, Vizag and Chandigarh and BookMyShow aims to complete the pan-
India roll-out of this programme over the next few months.

Marzdi Kalianiwala, VP- Marketing and Business Intelligence, BookMyShow said, “Our ‘Superstars’
programme is our way of saying thank you to millions of customers who have chosen us to meet
their entertainment needs. Through our initiative, BookMyShow wants to keep giving them more
value, every time they transact with us.”

“We are constantly working to include more variety of benefits into our programme. Our ‘Superstar’
customers will soon be able to avail free movie seat upgrades and receive access to exclusive
premier invitations for movies”, added Marzdi.

BookMyShow will keep including more customers as part of its ‘Superstars’ user base as and when
they meet the eligibility parameters.

For the Road to Ultra concert featuring Chainsmokers and much more this weekend in Mumbai,
winners will be exclusively chosen from among BookMyShow Superstars to fly to the concert. The
winners will get the once in a life time opportunity to fly to the concert on September 7 in an air-
conditioned BookMyShow branded chopper from Pawan Hans, Juhu to Mahalaxmi Race Course. Not
just this, they will be accompanied by one of the artists performing at the concert. They will also get
to enjoy the aerial view of the venue.

BookMyShow already has numerous features for entertainment seekers on its platforms. Some of
these include reviews, rating a film, pre-booking concessions at discounted prices, watching film trailers and exclusive content around a movie, MyCoupons, Plan-it (in-app messaging service), split
tickets, split cost to name a few. 
Author Faizan Ahmad
As new applications for laboratory-based research and clinical diagnostics develop, new demands for more high-quality equipment comes with those advancements. A good example of a product of this constant evolution of laboratory equipment is the development of microtiter plates. What are microtiter plates and what role do they play in the laboratory? This article will shed light on some of their applications.

The Anatomy and History of Microtiter Plates

Microtiter plates (also known as multiwell plates) are flat plates that have rows of holes or "wells" in them designed to hold small amounts of different substances. Most microtiter plates are made of polymers such as polystyrene and polycarbonate, but glass and quartz microtiter plates are also used in certain laboratory procedures. Thicker microtiter plates have deeper wells, allowing them to
hold more substances.

Microtiter plates have been around for as early as the 1950s. The first versions were made of acrylic and featured six dozen wells neatly arranged in rows. Today, microtiter plates are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different kinds of laboratory procedures. Thanks to their simple but ingenious design, you can find microtiter plates in many laboratories in the world.

Microtiter Plates in the Lab

Microtiter plates are most often used to hold multiple samples of small amounts of substances. While the plates are almost always used for holding liquid substances, they can also be used to hold smaller solid particles (usually in powder form) or wet tissues. For holding larger samples, test tubes can be inserted into the wells, with the microtiter plates acting as test tube racks.

Because multiwell plates are extremely useful for holding liquid substances, they play a crucial role in researches related to multiple branches of chemistry and clinical diagnostics. For example, multiple blood samples can be stored in the plates so that different diagnostics tests can be performed without having to draw blood from a patient every single time.

Aside from being versatile, microtiter plates are also widely considered as more cost-efficient alternatives to having so many glass test tubes. Furthermore, polymer plates, in particular, are less likely to get damaged during storage. This is especially valuable for health facilities or science centers that want to cut down on costs.

The Future of Microtiter Plates

While the basic design of microtiter plates doesn't differ much from when they were first introduced, how they are actually used in the laboratory has evolved greatly. As new standards in healthcare call for faster, more accurate results, multiwell plates have become part of the trend for automation in laboratory testing and clinical procedures.

Automating certain laboratory procedures is mostly done to improve precision and speed up processes. Microtiter plates can be placed on staging platforms and positioned quickly using a series of high-precision linear stages and actuators. This can already be seen in many machines in which robotic pipettes are used to fill up microtiter plate wells in a matter of seconds.

For even more stability and precision, microtiter plates can be manufactured in specific dimensions to make them compatible with as many staging units as possible. They can even have features such as notches and contoured bottoms to make them less likely to get thrown off while being automatically transported.

With the help of thermal, optical, and other types of sensors, microtiter plates can also be used where samples have to be exposed to certain conditions or for specific durations. for example, once the sensors have detected that a threshold has been reached (such as temperature or amount of time), a motion system can then maneuver the microtiter plates away to prevent overexposure, which can ruin the results of the procedure.

There's no denying that microtiter plates will continue to be an integral part of laboratory research and clinical diagnostics. The real question is how much more ways can the humble plates be used by researchers along with new lab technologies that will be developed in the years to come.
Author Faizan Ahmad

19 Aug 2017

Recruitment or hiring stage is the first and the foremost important stage for any business’s success. It plays a vital yet fundamental role in a business’s performance and production. The importance of smart recruitment is not at all hidden from the modern world’s business community. But still, it appears that modern business world lacks the technique to improve their hiring and recruitment strategies in a way that only potential applicants can be filtered or hired.

The real problem today is not understanding the importance of potential employees hiring or recruitment instead the dilemma of today’s business world is being unable to recruit the top potential applicants. In order to hire such potential and suitable employees you first, need to identify them correctly. Sometimes identifying the potential candidate is not also the problem but the retention becomes a problem.

This article will discuss in detail some techniques and filters that can be implemented right at the time of recruitment so that a business doesn’t have high employee turnover.

4 Filters That Can Make Your Hiring Smart

1. Small interview before the IQ test.

Every business entity today has a strategic recruitment system while the decision is made right at the last stage. Experts have observed that the initial stages of recruitment cost a company quite much while the later stages don’t and therefore a company should decide wisely if what candidate should
be made to go through those initial stages of recruitment and what not.

This is the first filter that needs to be implemented right before the IQ tests are conducted. Arrange a small interview where your agenda or objective remains focused on one point and that would be; “Who desperately needs this job”. Somebody who doesn’t have the need of your job who is ready to work for you or for anyone else for no good reason than such a non-serious
candidate should be barred from the initial stages of recruitment as well.

2. Objective oriented IQ test.

The business model should design IQ test with the help of its creative heads and employees. The focus for every department or hiring position should be different. For departments that require employees who are quick learners or technology freaks the IQ test should be designed in a way that these characteristics of the candidate may emerge out clearly.

In case the departmental needs depict that a candidate must have good reading or writing skills his IQ test should be designed that way. If the recruitment is for accounts or finance department then specific IQ tests should be designed to judge the proficiency of a candidate.

3. Candidate’s relevant interest.

Shortlist candidates who you find to have mutual professional objectives parallel to your business model. Those who seem to have relevant interests and professional qualities that can be beneficial for your business in a long run, give importance to them. Make a list of what you see in the candidate as positive for the position and whatever you find negative in the candidate.

4. Final interview.

This should have a filter of truthfulness. Tell the employee his maximum growth opportunity in the business setup. Just like the machines are measured with a margin of depreciation. Don’t expect everyone to stay with you forever honestly. Just as you don’t over use machines for quality production don’t over expect from a human resource asset.

So this is a truth filter that needs to be implemented right at this stage. All the monetary benefits should be discussed and ask his demotivating factors. What makes him feel bad about a company and what would motivate him other than money and fiscal arrangement.

 Andrew Davies

About the Author:
The writer of this article is Andrew Davies. He has had an ample of experience in the hiring and recruitment department for call center and offshore projects. He has often rendered services for the purpose of consultation and advisory to different companies. He is an expert to consult
students with Dissertation Help as well.
Author Faizan Ahmad

16 Aug 2017

In the industry of manufacturing, the concept of an assembly line production involves numerous steps, tasks, and processes arranged in a specific and strategic order to come up with the finished product in the most efficient manner possible.

Back in time at the beginning of the industrial age, assembly line production involved human workers at each stage of the production. However, with the invention of various machinery and equipment,
production became increasingly faster and involved less human effort.

Product Labeling Automation

Technology and Automation
In today’s modern world, there are perhaps very few, if any, large-scale manufacturing operations that
have not been automated by computer technology in one way or another—from consumer goods and
food packaging, to electronic gadgets and even cars.

Such automated assembly lines are composed of automated components such as conveyor systems
powered by highly efficient brushless DC motors. These parts help ensure continuous and reliable
motion or transport of the product through the different stages of production.

Product labeling
One of the most important steps along the assembly line production is labeling, and with the advent of conveyor system technology and automation, it is a process that has greatly improved.

The task of labeling finished products is vital because it visually signifies the product or company’s brand, which helps establish its market presence and aids in recall among consumers. Of course, it also provides the necessary information for consumers as to the contents or attributes of the product.

However, in a production line, labeling may be involved not only at the final stages but even during
assembly. Vehicles, for instance, may need certain parts to be labeled before they are put together or
installed. These labels serve as identification for parts replacement later on, or for control and tracking during the production process.

Benefits of product labeling automation

Volume. Including labeling tasks in the automated functions of assembly lines enables more products to be labeled in a shorter space of time. It keeps up with the overall fast pace of the entire production

Accuracy. The speed with which assembly lines move requires utmost accuracy in applying the correct label and at the correct positions. With the help of computer technology, laser-guided optics, and other high-tech guides, ensuring accuracy in product labeling has been made easier.

Efficiency. The need to apply labels in different manners or in various configurations can be met with the help of a well-designed and automated labeling system.

Conveyor systems
The successful automation of product labeling tasks requires a good and reliable conveyor system that can withstand the tough demands of production, primarily in terms of speed and fast turnaround of products, round-the-clock operations, and sometimes even harsh environments.

Thus, a conveyor system needs to be designed and built with equally reliable and high-quality
components in order to ensure its smooth operation, and easy serviceability.

Investing in the automation of product labeling—as with the automation of any other aspects of
manufacturing and production—may require substantial capital investment, in the beginning, but
companies and business owners know this investment really pays off in the long run.

Production capacity is expanded, speed-to-market of products is enhanced, and product quality is better ensured. Operational costs are kept down with decreased requirement for human labor, and human error is consequently eliminated as well.

Choosing the right automation solution
It is important for manufacturing businesses and enterprises to find the right automation solutions for
their production needs. A good vendor would be able to design a custom solution rather than merely
rely on existing systems. The specific needs of a client should be assessed, and the relevant system can be built using the right equipment and technologies.
Author Faizan Ahmad

12 Aug 2017

Very often we find ourselves trapped by storage limitations on our cell phones and devices. As a result, we have to succumb to not adding new files, deleting data or uninstalling applications to free up space.

iMyFone Umate Pro software is the best data removal application you can find in the App Store. Compared to other programs that allow you to delete and clean the storage of your iOS devices, iMyFone Umate Pro is the only one that has exceeded our expectations.

iMyFone Umate Pro

Next, let's dig deeper into how this software works and what it does exactly. We will also investigate how it has performed, and if the millions of users who have tried and used iMyFone Umate Pro are satisfied.

We will have to remove useless files in order to make space for the limited storage of our devices. In most cases, a device that has reached its maximum storage capacity often freezes, goes blank and stops responding to commands. And the latest software and applications may not be updated unless we have storage on the phone.

That makes?
IMyFone Umate Pro has a multitude of functions that protect your phone information. It allows users a great flexibility in removing data from their device without any hassle. From a broad point of view, it makes the task of cleaning the storage easy for users and they do not have to worry about the integrity of the deleted data.

1. "Click CleanUp" is a feature that saves time and energy. Instead of having to scan each file. It gets rid of all junk files and folders in a matter of seconds. Users can run this option to manage music files, photos, messages, contacts, and applications that take up space on your device.

CleanUp iMyFone Umate Pro

2. The "Erase all Data" option is designed to give users the possibility to choose all data at once and delete them in an instant. This function may sound similar to the factory reset. But its different with this option is that iMyFone Umate Pro leaves no trace of deleted files. This way if you want to sell your old iPhone you do not have to worry about your private information falling into the wrong hands.

Erase All Data iMyFone Umate Pro

3. Some users are unaware that when we delete files like photos that we do not like, music that we no longer listen to, or any other data that we have on our device. These are not completely eliminated.Some hidden copies and temporary files remain as waste taking up space in our limited storage.This is where iMyFone Umate Pro takes care of the whole thing. With the "Erase Deleted Files" option, all these hidden files are completely deleted.

4. Some private information requires our attention before selling our device. IMyFone Umate Pro has managed to develop a method to treat these data discreetly. Thanks to the "Erase Private Data" option that locates all your Whatsapp messages, videos, photos, history and files on your device and is responsible for their destruction. With iMyFone Umate Pro, you can permanently delete all files you do not want to see, no data can be restored by any data recovery software.

5. iMyFone Umate Pro fully understands how fragmented data from the applications and software installed on the device works. The "Erase Private Fragments" option allows users to crawl and delete fragments of useless files on their cell phones.

iMyFone Umate Pro has been designed to eliminate any information distributed in different applications on your device. It facilitates and supports data, files, contacts, messages, photos, and videos present in WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Viber, Skype, Chrome, and Line. Cache cookies or corrupted files can be easily removed with the iMyFone Umate Pro Software.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that iMyFone Umate Pro has revolutionized the industry. Their particular approach to the security of data being deleted helps to extend the life of our devices. IMyFone Umate Pro allows deleted data from your phone to be impossible to recover, without compromising the integrity of your files, messages, contacts, photos, and videos.

Earn an iMyFone Umate Pro license

The creators of iMyFone are offering 10 licenses (for one year) of the software. If you want to win one of these promotional codes, leave us a comment where you tell us why you want to use the Software?. You have until July 11 to leave the comment. Winners will be announced shortly after the contest ends.

If you want to have a lifetime license, the company is also offering the iMyFone Umate Pro Personal Lifetime License ( Windows, Mac OS ) for only $ 19.95 (Its normal price is $ 49.95).
I hope this software helps you free up space on your device. Do not forget to participate in the contest and share this post with those who might be interested. 
Author Faizan Ahmad

11 Aug 2017

Sometimes lyf gets tough, for everyone. Relationships go sour, work gets too stressful, we feel overwhelmed by little things, loneliness creeps in or anxiety takes over. Those who are familiar with counseling, hesitate. Those who are not, struggle.

BetterLYF, formerly Dial My Angel, is the world’s first and only Instant Helpline for Stress and Anxiety and is here to help you cope. Now you can seek help over call or chat, and connect with a trained psychologist instantly. You can explore difficult feelings and learn how to manage negative thoughts or emotions, without having to reveal your identity. It is a safe space for you to talk it all out.

Their new feature, BetterLYF Wellness Exercises combine the power of interactive multimedia with scientifically tested therapy methods for fighting Stress & Anxiety. This innovative self-help program gives you practical tools for building self-confidence, healthy relationships, overcoming anxiety, and coping with stress.
So far, betterLYF counselors have had over 31,000 conversations worldwide. People seek their assistance with work stress, relationship conflicts, self-esteem, confidence, social anxiety, breakups, parenting, general stress and more. 96% of their clients have reported feeling much better and healthier after talking to them.

“I was struggling after my 3-year relationship ended. My counselor really helped me get over the past and move on. I’m so thankful to betterLYF for that!” says Shivani, a client who used the online chat feature on the website after her friend suggested it. Anurag, another client who was going through work stress says, “I didn't want to share it with family and friends and coincidently came to know about betterLYF. My counselor brought in a positive perspective!”

Founded by Delhi based entrepreneur Vikram Beri, betterLYF is the result of his belief that happiness is a fundamental need. He has made it his aim is to reach out to as many people as possible because seemingly small matters can turn into complicated negative thought patterns if left unattended. “I don’t know anyone who hasn’t struggled with day to day concerns, be it work, career or relationships. We are often reluctant in confiding with family and friends. While counseling can help, the hassle of finding a competent counselor, making appointments and traveling makes it all the more difficult. Well now, a better lyf is just a phone call away.”

The insight happened for Vikram when he went to drop his wife, a psychologist, to the clinic where she was interning. It was located in an obscure corner of an otherwise posh Delhi neighborhood as people don’t want to be seen or recognized when seeking counseling. He instantly knew that a platform that could provide assistance without having to deal with stigma and inconvenience was the need of the hour.

An engineer and MBA who has worked as a consultant with Deloitte in Chicago and subsequently run a manufacturing business, Vikram admits that he has had to go way beyond his training, knowledge and comfort zone to make this venture happen. But, he says he's never been this passionate about anything else.

Launched eight months ago with the conviction that emotional well-being is just as important as physical wellness, betterLYF has helped people discover happiness in over 500 cities across 34 countries. So the next time you or someone you know is feeling low, you know exactly where to better your lyf.

Author Faizan Ahmad

8 Aug 2017

When you go out with your friends and families, you click a lot of photos. Also, you tend to save a lot of precious documents and files of your PC, MAC and removable storage devices. But, what if you have accidentally deleted the files from your devices?

Is there any option to recover the files back? Yes, there is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover the files back into your storage devices.

You just have to Launch, Scan and Recover the files using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover all the lost data.

Various Data Recovery Wizards
PC Data Recovery Wizard: Now, you can recover the deleted files from external drives, hard drives, and SSDs on your PCs, laptops, and servers.
Memory card Recovery Wizard: You can restore the lost data from the corrupted or damaged memory card including SD card, memory stick and CF card.
USB Drive Recovery Wizard: Restore lost data on a USB drive, pen drive and flash drive due to accidental deletion or virus attack.
Digital Device Recovery Wizard: Retrieve the lost data from mobile phones, music player and iPod due to formatting, hardware crash, and deletion of data.

How to retrieve the files back?
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best recovery software which allows you to do an easy scan and retrieve the files back easily.
Launch the EaseUS Wizard and then select the location where you wish to scan for the lost files.
Now, you have to launch the Scan. Once the first scan is over you can go for deep scanning.
Once, the scanning is completed you can preview the files and then select the files which you wish to recover.
Select the location of the retrieved files to other location, just to avoid overlapping.

How to recover the lost files from Mac?

EaseUS is the best mac recovery software which allows you to recover the formatted, deleted, and inaccessible files from Mac.

EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac

Various data loss cases to recover
Deleted Mac File Recovery: Retrieve the files which were accidentally moved to trash, "Control+Del” command or moved to trash without any backup.
RAW Mac or Formatted Recovery: Restore the files which were deleted due to formatted partition or the hard drive on Mac, memory card, SD card and USB drive. Also, the error prompts where your “Media/Drive is not formatted” and unexpected storage formatting due to Mac device initialization.
Mac Partition Recovery: Retrieve the files where the entire partition is lost or the partition is hidden or inaccessible. If the partition is deleted, the files can be recovered from Mac disk management tool.

Step by Step Guide to recover the files from Mac

First, you should Launch the EaseUS wizard, and then select the lost or deleted partition or the iTunes Backup.
After selecting the location, you have to launch the Scan. The Quick scan will be faster and then deep scan will be launched which will take some time.
Once the Scan is over, you can preview the files and then select the files to recover it in your Mac back.
You can save the Scan status and later on you can Export/Import the Scan status.

Author Faizan Ahmad

27 Jul 2017

It seems likes that the "Cisco SG200-50FP-NA switch" can bring great advancements to your business growth and overall performance of your business network as the main support of your business applications. Moreover, the following network switch is designed to be in an essential category.

This great product comes with 50 High-speed Ports, Managed, and layer 2 switching. The Cisco small business series switches can help you to build a high-class network security and a reliable solution to share your network tools.

How do These Switches can Increase my Business Productivity?

The Cisco 200 Series gives you the advantage of High-speed desktop connectivity and highly secure wireless connectivity, which assist the switch in meeting high performance and reliable connectivity. Despite the fact, employees can access the business application in the nick of time plus they can work productively from anywhere in the office.

The small business series provides unified communication capability to cut down the traffic in your network and let you merge all of your communications, making your business productive and efficient.

Have a Look at Ridiculous Technical Features!

Some technical facts are listed below, highlighting the performance, security & complexity of Cisco 200 Series Switches

Easy To Configure & Manage: The Cisco 200 series comes with different protocol & technologies including:
• Cisco Discovery Protocol & Link Layer Discovery Protocol aid the device to automatically connect & configure the detected network
• Cisco SmartPorts Technology can help switch to configure ports with individual level of security
• Cisco FindIT Network Discovery Utility making it easy to find the Cisco devices
*With the help of these utilities, the switch will decrease the time it takes to deploy, manage & configure

Incredible Performance & Reliability: It will undoubtedly deliver an outrageous performance & high availability you would foresee from a Cisco switch, the switch speed up the transfer time of your data, improve your network flexibility to keep your business assets available all the time as it can take the full responsibility of addressing all of your business connections as well as for communications use.

Unbreakable Security Parameters: Acquire a high level of security for your applications as the switch provide security features and management so you can conserve the limit the number of users in your network and keep the unwanted personnel out of the zone. Although the switch will reduce the risk of your vulnerable network's data and give proper control to access your network by IEEE 802.1X Port Security.

Low Power Consumption: The Cisco 200 series offers the fanless design which performs noise-less operation alongside with low energy consumption. Likewise, they are an optimal energy efficient solution it can take care of delivering minimal voltage which cut down your energy expenses. The switches come with Power saving features like Energy-Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.2az Standard) and possess limited lifetime warranty.

In Conclusion
All thing considered, The above material enlighten the facts that "The Cisco 200 Series" switches can really take your business to the next level and drastically increase your business productivity, By getting these network switch in order to build a high-end network system for your business you can surely go for it as Cisco ensures the quality service affordable prices.
You can get Cisco product from Procurepod. Find Out More, Here!

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15 Jul 2017

The current economic climate has made it difficult for many families to move to a bigger home, and has left some families struggling to pay their mortgages. Many choose to sell their house quickly in order to finance a move. In some cases, those struggling families have been forced to come up with creative solutions to their space, or money problems. One such option is transforming their garage into a second home or small studio - either for use themselves, or to let out to a lodger.

Turning a garage into a small studio home is not as difficult as it sounds, and can be a great way to re-claim unused space. If your garage currently holds boxes of junk, rather than a car, why not clean it out and make it suitable for use as a home?

Converting your garage into a fully functional home complete with a small kitchen and a bathroom may be an expensive proposition, and will require you to comply with a lot of building regulations.  Lower scale conversions, however, can be simple and inexpensive.

Image Credits: Wikimedia

If all you need is some extra space for your own family, then a converted garage can make a good home gym, children's play area, home "cinema" for entertaining, or a large lounge.  Depending on the configuration of your home, you could get a small door installed to link your garage to your home, or remove the garage doors and replace them with large oak doors. For an extra luxurious, country style appearance, you could choose oak doors in a barn or stable style, making your garage look like a country barn from the outside.

Once you've sorted out the doors, you will need to consider insulation, flooring, skirting boards, and wallpaper.  You may need to do some extensive work on the floor and the walls before the garage is ready to be decorated. Insulation can be a particularly troublesome issue - in some cases you can add the insulation without too much work, but in other cases you may need to dig up the floor and insulate the building as if it were a new build.

Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Garage

If you don't own your home, you will need to read your lease carefully before you do any work at all.  Even if you own your home, there may be something in your paperwork that restricts what you can do. If you have any doubts at all, get your agreement checked by a professional.

If you will be knocking down any walls, or changing the size of your garage, then you will need planning permission before you can start work. If all you're doing is painting the interior, then you shouldn't need planning permission, but once again it pays to be cautious. This is especially true if you live in a listed building.

In some areas, the local authority does not want people to convert designated parking spaces into buildings that are designed for another purpose. This is something that varies from local authority to local authority, so it's best to seek advice from an expert in your area.

If you're lucky enough to have a double garage, then you may want to convert one side of it, and leave the other side as a designated parking space.

Author Faizan Ahmad

22 Mar 2017

BankBazaar.com, India’s leading financial marketplace, today announced the expansion of its paperless investment portfolio with the launch of its paperless and presence-less Fixed Deposits (FD) products on its platform.

BankBazaar’s platform leverages the OTP-based eKYC process for facilitating instant, paperless, and presence-less purchase of FDs, which will enable investors to evaluate, select and purchase FDs from Financial Institutions within minutes. The launch of the paperless FD follows the launch of paperless mutual funds earlier this year as well as a slew of paperless credit products including personal loans and credit cards.

FDs are now available completely online and paperless. Details such as the credit rating of the fixed deposit and the interest rates for various tenors are displayed for every product. Investors can select the preferred product and then choose the amount and tenor of investment. The platform then completes the authentication process.

This can be either Aadhaar-based through the OTP eKYC process or by uploading relevant documents such as the PAN card, cancelled cheque, etc. Once the authentication is complete, the payment is processed and the FD is created. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish and is very convenient.


The launch of FDs follows the launch of Mutual Funds on the BankBazaar platform. Elaborating on expanding into fixed deposits, Navin Chandani, Chief Business Development Officer, BankBazaar said, “Fixed deposits are probably the most loved savings product in India. For BankBazaar, as a leading financial marketplace that aims to cater to all the financial needs of the customer,

FDs were the next logical offering in the savings and investment category. In line with our mission of helping people access the right financial products, we have simplified what used to be a manual process involving a fair amount of paperwork, and now it is online for a faster, paperless, friction-less experience.”

Thanks to the minimal documentation and instant processes for one of the most highly-favoured savings instrument, BankBazaar and the partner financial institutions are expecting a fair amount of traction. Speaking about the tie-up, Umesh Revankar, MD Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd, Indias largest asset financing NBFC said: “The future of banking is paperless, and BankBazaar has been a first mover in building technology seamlessly to provide customers with a frictionless online purchase experience.

With a customer base of 23M, BankBazaar is the right online platform to tie up with for taking our Fixed Deposits paperless. We are really happy and keen to see the transformation from physical to paperless Fixed Deposit on BankBazaar, which is extremely seamless, convenient, fast and cost effective.”

With the new fixed deposit product BankBazaar moves another step ahead in being the single destination for all the financial needs of its customers, be it credit or investments. BankBazaar has the widest range of financial products under its umbrella from over 85+ of the biggest public and private sector banks, NBFCs and other financial institutions in India.

It gets an average of 10 million visitors per month. The company raised USD 80M through its funding from investors like Amazon, Fidelity Growth Partners, Mousse Partners, Sequoia India and Walden International.
Author Faizan Ahmad