20 Jan 2015

If you're like most people, you'd like to think that VoIP is a great technology that solves all of our communication problems. You'd like to think that VoIP is a panacea for every communication need that we might have. Right?

Not so, dear reader, not so.

Although there are indeed many good things to say about VoIP — I would be the last to deny that there were — there are still many things amiss with it.

I'm hardly a Luddite. I'm not advocating a return en masse to the days of candlestick handsets and human-operated switchboards. Yet there are things to think about before shifting over to IP communications mode. By the same token, there are still some good things to say about PSTN phone systems — before they're all absorbed into the great IP pie-in-the-sky, that is.

IP Communications

No Dial Tone

First of all, if you grew up with a dial tone like I did, there's the simple familiarity and ease of the PSTN network. (The house that I grew up in had a rotary phone, if you can believe that.) You pick up the phone, you get your dial tone, you place your call, and that's that. If you didn't get the dial tone, then another extension in the house was off the hook, or another house on the party line was using the phone, and you had to wait a bit. Yes, that and the dial phone dates me quite a bit, I know. Don't care, either.

Point is, it was simple. And if the power went out, you could still count on the dial tone being there, because the power came from the PSTN network, not from the wall, as it does with VoIP phones. So you could still call 911 if you had to.

Quality of Service

The next problem I see with VoIP phones — not with the expensive business-class systems, but with the cheap MagicJack type systems, which in the interests of full disclosure I'll tell you I have no direct personal experience with. Yet I've gotten calls from people I suspect were using them. Those problems have to do with Quality of Service.

So many things have to happen in quick concert for good QoS on a VoIP call. Voice data has to be converted to digital, compressed, sent to the other end, decompressed and converted to sound; then the reverse process has to happen for the return trip. It all has to happen in milliseconds in order to sound natural. If it takes any longer, then you get echo, or it sounds like you're talking to a Martian, or you're talking over the other end of the conversation.

Not good. No one wants that.


3And then there's the issue of bandwidth. VoIP chews up bandwidth like a great white shark goes through tuna fish. If you're the only one using the broadband connection, you're golden.

But if your cousin Harville is watching reruns of Laverne and Shirley on Netflix in the other room while you're trying to call Dad, then he's going to see artifacts on his screen. At the same time, you're going to be saying "What? What was that, Dad?" a whole lot, because you won't be able to understand him very well, and it's pretty unlikely he'll be able to understand you, either.

Why? Because you got the cheap broadband, that's why. You thought the 15 Mbps download with 1.5 Mbps upload would do you just fine. Should have thought ahead, son, because that's good for one device at a time, not two or three. Might want to go with a beefier package, like the 50/5 or 110/11. These packages are what my local ISP offers, by the way; yours might be different.

Michelle Patterson

About the Author:

Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.
Author Faizan Ahmad

17 Jan 2015

Searching for the tools which can boost your online business? Well for that, first you have to understand the most popular search engine Google. Google is a well known multinational organization which was built on search engine platform and now deals with various enterprises which includes cloud computing, web applications, operating systems, Internet analytics, browser and advertising.

Below, we are explaining what all you can do by using the Google tools- Analytics, Adwords and how they can help you to grow your business.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best services to analyse your website for marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purpose. This service is easy to use and available for free to anyone with a Google account. You can get most out of your website through analytics by improving your content and user experience.

Google Tools

Setting up Account

If you don't have Google account then first sign up for it and access analytics. Provide necessary details and select tracking method website or mobile application and get your tracking ID. After completing the process, place the tracking ID code in the head section of website or application.

Measuring Performance

As soon you connect your website with the Google analytics, hit “view report” and you will see various type of data like:

Visitors: This shows you the insight of visitors by analyzing from which geographical location they are accessing your website, what language they speak, browser, computer (OS) etc. After getting a detail on visitors you can now get more traffic after targeting certain areas.

Traffic Source: This section provides you with the information like how frequently user exit from the pages and average time period of visitors accessing your website. It also shows the real time traffic on your website. Now you can just improve the information on the pages from which users are exiting.

Setting Goals: You can also set up goals every month and it also helps to track down users, registration, purchases and what all improvement you can do to achieve the goal.

Adjust Time: This feature helps you to customize the dates and select the range on which you want to track the visitors, page views etc.

Report: The best thing about Google analytics is that you can also download the report of your website in PDF, XML, CSV formats.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the most renowned advertising platform in which advertiser can bid the appropriate keywords in order to appear in the Google search results. Adwords is very effective for many kind of businesses as you don't have to waste money on other ad platform with low click through ration (CTR) and weak keywords.

Keyword Planner: You can take help of it and research on the keywords for your business. After selecting best keywords you can bid them. The position for your ad can only be determined by the rank. Cost per click is the amount which advertiser pays for each click on the advertisement.

It also helps in improving the visibility of the site and get you more traffic through the ads based on the business. Google Adwords and Analytics help your online business by analyzing the interests of the users and plan the best way to reach the audience.

 Aaron Russell

About the Author:

Aaron Russell, an internet marketing master, is highly dedicated in developing strategies for Seo Company Guru. The company deals with various techniques used in Search Engine Optimization like SMO, link building, reputation management and much more.
Author Faizan Ahmad

31 Dec 2014

The BlackBerry Classic wishes to turn successful depending on the bygone days and bringing back the old good things back in fashion. Literally, the BlackBerry Classic relies on what the company offers the best that is a great physical QWERTY keyboard for the text junkies all over the world.

The BlackBerry thus, brings back the old and its patent design and feature back with its new Classic to offer the true taste of a BlackBerry to its devoted fans round the world, and this is what is new about the BlackBerry Classic. The good thing about the phone is albeit its superb keyboard like always along with the facility of getting the all important Android apps.

However, in order to facilitate the BlackBerry patent sturdy and functional physical QWERTY keypad, the Classic has to compromise on the screen size and offers just a 3.5 inch display at a time when smartphones have overtaken the tablets with large screens.

Still there are many BlackBerry fans with whom this old-school design and cramped up screen would work, all for the sake of that brilliant keyboard that offers superb typing experience that a touch keyboard can never offer.

Display, design and other features

BlackBerry keeps to the bold design strategy for the Classic as the company did with the BlackBerry Q10. However, the 3.5 inch screen of the Classic is bigger than that of the Q10's, but shares the same 720x720 pixel square screen resolution. The phone is pretty stylish and sturdy keeping to the patent BlackBerry profile.

The name Classic only suggests the phone’s the original BlackBerry design language, and it is in itself a quality. The phone offers the signature quality construction and premium feel of an original BlackBerry with its stainless steel frame that offers ample amount of style.

The BlackBerry Classic can support only nano-SIM cards. The company has allowed the flexibility of inbuilt memory expansion of up to 128 GB with the help of micro SD cards for which slots are provided on the left side of the phone. The entire textured back panel is neat & clean and houses only the BlackBerry logo, but is good to hold.


This is of course the primary feature of an original BlackBerry phone which is boasted by the Classic. BlackBerry counts on those users who vouches by a physical keyboard and can’t think of replacing it with a touchscreen.

The keyboard on the Classic is almost identical to the Q10’s.
It has three rows of equal size solid keys are there on the keyboard with a smaller, fourth row of keys at the end. Needless to mention, typing feels heavenly on this phones. The keys are shaped wonderfully and offer a very nice click when pressed for that typical brilliant typing experience that BlackBerry is famous for.

There are also four utility keys placed below the display that serve as the helpful Call, Menu, Back and End buttons. There is the optical touchpad in the middle which offers a cursor for browsing the websites or going around your documents. The Classic also provides many useful shortcut keys.

BlackBerry Classic

Operating System and features

The BlackBerry Classic is based on the BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS. This software has its own limitations, and while it supports Android apps, the device is primarily stuck with whatever is available on the Amazon Appstore. The BlackBerry World apps store is also there of course which BlackBerry claims to be satisfying the expectations of the users with secure, professional apps, while the Amazon apps store is there for the entertainment requirements.

While the limited apps availability is a downside, the real problem is posed by the Classic’s odd square format. However, the phone offers three different screen ratio to choose from that helps a little.

The BlackBerry Classic offers many helpful features though like the BlackBerry Assistant, which works like the Google Now. Simply ask it a question, give a task, type a request and it will handle it. There is also the BlackBerry Blend that is a kind of command center for the users.

Blend allows you to write emails, texts and respond to your messages through an app, and to a lot more while syncing your Classic with a PC or tablet without saving any data on that device. Blend also offers a remarkable file management feature and offers access to almost everything stored on the device from files, to documents, to photos & videos.

Processor and performance

The BlackBerry Classic is powered by a dual core Qualcomm 8960 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz of speed, which is of course dated but an esteemed CPU. The processor is supported with 2 GB of RAM. The phone comes with 16 GB of internal storage space which expandable up to 128 GB of storage via micro SD cards.

The BlackBerry Classic performs well, though there is the occasional but inevitable lag and stutter while running heavyweight apps. Some of the heavy apps and games cannot be experienced at all on this otherwise quality phone.

Several available Android apps on this phone as well as games also suffer from considerable lag which would bug the Android lovers and heavy game lovers. This handset is certainly for the documents and the test aficionados and not certainly for the heavy apps and game geeks.

The BlackBerry Classic offers all the modern standard connectivity options that are expected from a modern smartphone. The phone offers great call quality and audio quality. The phone offers great audio clarity and lets you talk effortlessly even in great background noises. The Classic offers nice and loud speakers as well and allows for crisp clear conversations.

However, the down side is that the audio quality offered on this phone is slightly on the shriller side that is not so suitable for great quality music sessions. Thus, when it comes to music on the Classic, it is strongly recommended by using headphones only.

The Classic offers around 17 hours of talk time, and more than 13 hours of video playback time which is great. If one uses the device moderately primarily browsing and texting, expect it to last it well over a full day.


The BlackBerry Classic offers a standard 8 MP primary rear camera with auto focus for nice shots, but there is no LED flash or even a front camera for selfies.


BlackBerry wishes to move forward by going back to its patent offering. While the BlackBerry lovers will surely love the Android support, this phone does feel totally old fashioned as compared against the latest smartphones.

Guest Author

About the Author:

The Author have great interest in writing article on Technology and Handset reviews, currently he is working with 91mobiles.
Author Faizan Ahmad

18 Dec 2014

Here at Fueled, we are big Star Wars fans, and we were wondering recently what phone each Star Wars character would have. Here is the breakdown.

Han Solo: iPhone 6

Like the Millenium Falcon, this may appear to be behind the times (according to Android users), but it runs smoothly and is likely the best ship (phone) in the fleet. The iPhones are known for being as reliable as a blaster, and when Han is in a pinch, which he often is, he needs the trustiest phone around.

Chewbacca: iPhone 6+

With those hands, he needs a phablet. Looking at his best friend, Han, he’ll probably go with the same OS so they can iChat each other, and handoff all relevant smuggling documents. Siri is not yet available in Wookie.

Luke: iPhone 5S

Because the technology is great, but he still has much to learn. Luke might be powerful, but he’s inexperienced and hot-headed so give him some time with the previous model before moving onto the 6. Does not come with a lightsaber app.


Leia: iPhone 6
Best way to communicate with everyone, and as a leader, she needs the best. As a bonus, Han has one as well, and her’s is better than her brother’s. Princess Leia’s cool and style needs to translate to a phone, and this is the best option.

Darth Vader: Samsung Galaxy S5

Because no galactic dictator is complete without all the bells, whistles, and the power of a Samsung using Android. The Samsung S5 is large and imposing, and looks great in black and red. Bluetooth does not yet have a lightsaber connection.

The Emperor: LG G3

Running on the same OS as his evil minion, he just doesn't have the scariness and imposing figure of Darth Vader. Kind of like Samsung and LG...

Obi Wan Kenobi: Flip Phone

Give the man a break, after all the years living among the Tusken Raiders he probably dosn’t really want to take the time to get used to a smartphone. Let the old man have his flip phone.

R2-D2 and C-3PO: Windows Phone

Because these are certainly not the droids you are looking for.

Jar Jar Binks: Blackberry (any)

Because no one really has any use for him or the phone.

 Jason Edelman

About the Author:

Jason Edelman is a writer for Fueled, an award-winning mobile app design and development house based in New York, Chicago and London. At Fueled, we don't just build apps; with teams of designers, developers and strategists, we create visually stunning products that redefine the technical boundaries of today's mobile development standards. 
Author Faizan Ahmad

16 Dec 2014

Over the years, Facebook has grown to be the largest and longest lasting social networking platform to grace our screens. Constantly adapting and providing new and relevant functionality, while remaining true to its core purpose and what we know and love - Facebook has earned its place in our hearts, homes, laptops and phones. 
With over 829M daily active users, Facebook is a rather untapped resource in the area of gathering consumer research and information. That is until news was released recently about various groups of “emotional experiments” conducted unbeknownst to a number of the participating Facebook users.
Image Licensed Under Attribution
The Wall Street Journal reports that in 2012, 700,000 users were a part of a psychological experiment measuring the effects of positive stories vs negative stories in newsfeeds and how it affected the types of things the viewing user posted. While many people have voiced their concern about these types of tests having not been informed prior to, or even post testing, the point of contention seems a lie at the ethics of this type of testing.
On one hand, as a user who’s chosen to use Facebook services as they’re presented, a problem lies in not being informed that you’re a participant in any type of study, as that was not what was initially agreed upon. 
It’s one thing to be observed in your use of a particular product or service, especially one that’s provided for free, but it dives into new territory when that service begins to manipulate the things you interact with and that make your experience unique. 
In gauging the positive and negative psychological effects of different posts in a newsfeed, little to no consideration was taken regarding the mental conditions those users may be dealing with in real life, aside from their time online. 
While it may seem unlikely that someone could have a drastic reaction to news in their feed, you can never be sure what triggers may set someone off consciously or subconsciously. I’d say it’s wholly irresponsible to operate with such little respect to the fragility of someone’s mental state. Even when the chances of adverse reactions are low, the presence of Murphy’s Law is inarguable.
On the other hand however, how fruitful and effective would science be if it didn't take necessary risks in the name of understanding and solving problems? The type of information gathered about newsfeed posts could prove invaluable to a numerous organizations ranging from political involvement, to evaluating the mental health of veterans and providing resources to people who suffer from loneliness and depression. 
Use the same argument but in the inverse, these tests do appear to be low-risk assessments not with fabricated information but just the rearranging of already existing topics and headlines.

There are strong arguments for the ethical implications on either side of the fence, but the fact remains that this is something people would have liked to have been informed of. By giving people the opportunity to opt in or out of a trial would definitely affect the data pool, but there are proven ways to deal in voluntary numbers and still receive quality information. 
It’s also worth noting that some of Facebook’s contemporaries such as Twitter, Yahoo and Google, also test and observe their users. So what are your thoughts on the existence of these trials?
 Mark Stoller

About the Author:

Ohad Mark Stoller is a writer for Fueled, an award-winning mobile app design and development house based in New York, Chicago and London. At Fueled, we don't just build apps; with teams of designers, developers and strategists, we create visually stunning products that redefine the technical boundaries of today's mobile development standards.
Author Faizan Ahmad

9 Dec 2014

Text messaging, also known as Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), is a capability that all reasonably modern mobile phones have. MMS is SMS paired with audio, video, or picture files, A study performed earlier this year by Ericsson tells us that across the world, the number of mobile subscribers reported is in the neighborhood of 4.5 billion users.

Three out of five human beings on the planet send text messages. According to the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan think tank based in Washington D.C., the average American checks their phone up to 150 times a day to see if they have gotten any new text or MMS messages. The same study showed that 29 percent of people couldn't live without their mobile phones.

SMS/MMS Beats Emails in Attention Gathering

Statistics in these reports also show that the chances of anyone opening a given SMS text message are 98 percent, even if the sender is unknown to them. They'll usually open that message within three minutes of its receipt.

And this is compared to an open rate of only 22 percent for marketing messages that are emailed out! "Open rate" is a metric used mostly by marketers to get an idea of how many users actually open the commercial emails that they send out. The measurement has now been expanded to include SMS and MMS messages.

In short, if your company has any kind of marketing campaign, you may enjoy a great deal of success partnering with a text messaging provider. It reaches an extremely engaged audience; it helps drive product awareness; it boosts brand conversation; it helps measure your ad value; and it's simply more effective than traditional tools.

Text Messaging
Image Credits: BGR

Another option for your company is to take your landline numbers and text-enable them. What this would do is take the same number your customers would use to call in to a contact center, and simply send it a text instead.

In essence, they would be texting your call center instead of calling it; you would need to set up that infrastructure, of course, but in many ways a texting gateway is more efficient than traditional call centers:

• One trained agent can work several conversations at the same time, thereby reducing customer irritation levels and wait times.
• Text conversations can be easily transitioned to a live agent, where required.
• Automatic responses can be configured for common questions or situations.
• An agent can gain some context for a call by viewing the history of an SMS conversation.

Some Interesting Facts about SMS

Many people in developed nations take SMS for granted, but in less advantaged areas, SMS is helping more and more people every day. Cell phones in developing areas are at the same time more inexpensive and in more widespread use than even the most basic of services we see and take for granted domestically, like electricity or brick-and-mortar banks.

It's a fact that 1.7 billion people on the planet possess a mobile phone, yet have no bank account; cell subscriptions outstrip bank accounts by about 75 percent in developing areas. Indeed, social activists and entrepreneurs alike have been able to take advantage of this fact in many outstanding ways.

• NATO was able to increase the salaries of Afghan police officers by 36 percent by using mobile phone technology.
• Former president of the Philippines Macapagel-Arroyo created incoming texting channels for 54 government agencies.
• HP refined a system to verify that medicine is genuine for Nigerians and Ghanaians and Nigerians.

It's quite clear that the ground related to text messaging is still very fertile for development, for established companies and entrepreneurs alike.

 Michelle Patterson

About the Author:

Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

Author Faizan Ahmad

25 Nov 2014

There seems to be a certain liking at the moment for new smartphones that have many resembles to the iPhones. One such example is the Spice Mi-549 that hasn't yet been officially launched but shall soon hit the markets by year end.

The Spice Mi-549 has been listed online at many sites and is stated at 7999 INR presently. This is probably the second such ‘imitation’ of the iPhone this month, the first one being Lenovo Sisley S90! These cheap iPhone 6 look alike are amazingly furbished with features that can beat down the pricier phones hands down any day of any month. Ingenious, smart and the sleek design allows this phone to stand apart in addition to its minimal pricing.

Spice mobiles in India present Spice Mi 549 has many similarities with the iPhone 6 plus. To start with, the volume rockers and power button placements, the Unibody design language of Spice Mi-549 is strikingly similar to the slim and curvaceous Apple product. On top of that, the camera bump on the left top-corner and the two dark grey lines situated at the top and below respectively on the rear-side of the body is again uncannily similar.

The iPhone-inspired design of Spice Mi-549 is raising many eyebrows and garnering a lot of attention as iPhone 6 is not affordable for the middle class in India. Official comments from Spice are yet to be received from onto whether the “antenna bands” perform any function or is it just plain plagiarism to achieve that design perfection. The specification of Spice Mi-549 doesn't offer many surprises as the company only offers a single advantage that being its 5.5 inch full HD display over other budget level smart phones.

Spice Mi 549

Spice Mi-549 specifications

  • It’s got a bright and brilliant display with screen size of 5.5-inch and pixel quality of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It’s completely Full HD display is a class apart in these budget smartphone.
  • The all-powerful processor of 1.3 GHz quad-core with unmatched capabilities for all multimedia performance tussles.
  • The all essential expandable memory of up to 32GB in the Indian mobile market is present. 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory are more memory features in this action packed device.
  • The Operating System is of Android 4.4 (Kitkat).
  • SIM: Dual SIM with Dual Standby
  • A Primary Camera of 8MP with autofocus and LED Flash is present. Also, its 1080p Full HD video recording could be another game changer in this category.
  • The Secondary Camera is of only about 2MP front-facing but its quality is not that bad and is infact quite good in exceptionally dark areas.
  • A 3.5mm audio jack along with the all-important FM Radio for the Indian consumers and similar music related performances.
  • The phone is truly very light and is only 9.3mm thick. It only weighs about 175 grams.
  • Supports Micro USB charging, Proximity, accelerometer and ambient light sensors.
  • It supports various Connectivity platforms and is also enabled with: 3G HSPA+, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS.
  • The Battery life is also good and the phone is supplemented with the 2200mAh battery.

The Spice Mi-549 is available online at multiple sites. We’ll just have wait till the release to check it out which should be before this calendar year ends. It’s extremely uncertain as to why has “HomeShop18” listed Mi-549 in such a hurry as not even Spice has officially launched the device yet.

According to the listing this price is 11% off on MRP which is Rs. 8,999. One year manufacturer warranty is offered on the device. Also, the Spice Mi-549 is marked as “out of stock”, which increases the suspicion around the device and is a strange beginning to this phones market performance, if there would be any!

One thing is for sure, that the Spice Mi 549 has to be classified as a poor attempt to clone the Apple smartphones. And the outcome is somewhat of a weird-looking device, especially the rear panels it won't be surprising if doesn't performs as per the company’s expectations in the markets. Let’s wait and see the results for that. Fingers Crossed!


About the Author:

Nandan, a creative content writer working at Zopper, active on social media, a tech savvy person and loves to find something new on the coming technology and writes on smartphone related quirk. He likes connecting with people and is an active volunteer in various social initiatives. Drop a line on his twitter handle @nelsvictor
Author Faizan Ahmad

21 Nov 2014

An SEO conference is an excellent way to get a great amount of information all in a few days. It has a collection of the highest experts in the field of SEO techniques. You can learn as much in one conference of a few days as you can learn from weeks and weeks of personal research. Rapid changes in SEO make it imperative to keep up and the conference is the ideal venue to do that.

It is important to make the best use of the few days you will be at the conference. Not everyone needs the same thing. And, it won’t just happen without effort on your part. The following tips will help you get the most benefits possible from your SEO conference.

Clarify What You Really Want

To get the most out of your conference experience, you should clarify your goals in reference to what you want out of SEO instruction. Look over the brochure and conference information to find the sessions that will best meet the goals you have set.

Don’t Just Gather Information, Use it

Once you get the information for the experts and the many sessions that meets your needs, make plans to set them in motion. So many times, at a conference, a person has great ideas and plans to implement the information they gather.

SEO Conferences

But, often, once they are home, they just forget about it. The information is held in notebooks, books bought at the conference, and even tapes. But, storing information won’t give you the benefit you want. You have to use it.

Take Advantage of the Experts Available to You

The speakers chosen to present at conferences are the cream of the crop. Take advantage of their knowledge and expertise and learn all you can.

Select Sessions Based on Your Greatest Need

You did an assessment of your goals and what you most want for your conference experience. Take that information and use it to look over the conference sessions. Choose those that will most address you needs and deficits.

Take Advantage of Early Registration and Group Discounts

The tuition for a conference can get pricey for the best ones. However, most offer discounts for early registration and for groups of three or more. Take advantage of these. Ask around among co-workers or colleagues and find companions to go with you and get this discount. You may also be able to share motel expenses by sharing a room.

 Jones Cooper

About the Author:

Jones Cooper is a successful business person who has taken advantage over the years of a variety of conferences dealing with SEO techniques. He is somewhat of an expert, having experienced conferences presented by many different companies and dealing with all the many changes that have occurred over the years.
Author Faizan Ahmad

18 Nov 2014

In this Internet world, emails are one of the most common means of professional communication and email clients are the best examples of it. Many users use Outlook Express as their email provider and very often, they find damage and corruption, which cause a loss of valuable data. There can be certain reasons of corrupt DBX file. At times, people may wonder to see the corrupt emails, folders, etc.

Outlook Express includes the following folders in it and you must check all of them before and after repair:
• inbox.dbx
• outbox.dbx
• sent*items.dbx
• deleted*items.dbx
• drafts.dbx

Causes of Outlook Express file (DBX) Corruption

There can be numerous reasons of Outlook express corruption due to which you may lose your emails and other attributes of DBX files. Let us discuss some common and risky causes of Outlook Express data corruption.

The File size of DBX: Like other email client files, DBX also has a size limitation of 2GB. Usually, when you receive and send the emails, you never check the increased size of the emails and when the memory extends beyond the limited allocation, the file becomes corrupt and cannot be accessed due to structural damage.

Compaction Process: Whenever the size of the Outlook Express file will increase you have to compact the folder, it will decrease the folder size. It is always suggested that you must compact your folders regularly; however, and kind of interrupted folder compaction process can also lead to DBX file corruption.

MSIMN Error: It occurs at the time of importing email messages from any different version of Microsoft Outlook Express into your current running version. While simply attempting to send an email, this type of error may occur and your data become inaccessible.

Improper Installation: If your Outlook Express is not installed properly, it will surely give you many errors at the time of run.

Sudden System Shutdown: An inappropriate system shutdown or sudden power crash can also be a big reason of Outlook Express DBX file(s) corruption and may lead to data loss.

Virus Attack: It is one of the most often reason of DBX file corruption, and leads to inaccessible files of MS Outlook Express.

Anti-virus Programs: it is quite surprising that an anti-virus can be a big reason of Outlook Express data corruption. These programs are configured to scan incoming and outgoing mails and this feature create issues with mailbox and leads to corruption and data loss.

Repair Corrupt Outlook Express DBX File

Repairing Options for Corrupt DBX File

After any type of corruption, there are ways to repair MS Outlook Express files. In order to fix these corruption problems and to check the DBX file content in a proper way, you just need to follow few steps, which will resolve your complete issue and provide you original data.

There are both options available for Outlook Express repair, via Outlook Utility and via Professional software. Both procedures are good and it completely up to you that which process would suit you the best.

Repair via Outlook Express Utility: Outlook Express tool provides you the facility to dbx repair. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Close Other Programs: You need to close all the programs except outlook express and Internet explorer

Delete the Temporary files on the Internet

1. In Explorer Go to Tools Menu → Internet Options
2. On Temporary Internet files click Delete files
3. Now choose Remove All Off-line Files check box in the pop-up windows and then click OK

Now delete all offline files, it will automatically delete all Outlook Express temporary files.

Compact All Folders: “Folders.dbx.” is the master index of message store folder and message entries that can create many silly errors. When you apply compaction process on the Outlook express folders, the master index will also update with it. You should do it regularly, otherwise you will see many file errors with your Outlook Express.

1. Go to File menu and click 'Work Offline' in Outlook Express, now no new message will arrive
2. Click Outlook Express in the Folder List, now no email and news folder will open
3. Now close the folder list
4. Go to File menu and select Folder and click 'Compact All Folders'. Let the process complete and do not use your system till the process is in running mode. It could take some time, according to the data size.

In case any error occurs, close the process, restart it and follow all the steps again

• From each news account, re-install the list of newsgroups.Download all the messages again and reset your subscribed newsgroups.
• Reset synchronization options on newsgroup folders and IMAP
• Edit any message rule that moves messages to folders except than the Inbox.

From the above steps you can process dbx recovery, however if you are unable to follow the step and still searching for a better and easier solution then there are professional software available for DBX file recovery and repair.

Repairing Via Professional Recovery Software:

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery tool is the best available option for you. This tool is very fast and comparatively easy to use, as well as restores and repairs corrupt DBX files. You just have to install it on your system and you can do all dbx recovery in few steps.

Here are the steps you must follow to repair and recover your corrupt and lost dbx files.

• After installation you will see interface of the software with a small dialog box with ‘Select DBX File’ or 'Find DBX', 'Select Folder' options. Choose according to your requirement

• Click 'Start Recovery'

• After recovery, all recoverable corrupt file will be displayed on the screen, preview all the damaged and lost files

• A dialog box will appear to 'save' files

• Click OK

• Now choose desired location to save the file and also select the 'Save as dbx' or 'Save as eml' check box according to your requirement

• Now click OK twice to save the files

• Now your all dbx file are recovered and you can view the in your desired location and folder

This tool is very fast, efficient and easy to use. Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery is the best tool for those users who need a professionally efficient and fast.

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Author Faizan Ahmad

5 Nov 2014

Corporate world is a merciless playing field for competing companies and one small mistake can lead to immense losses. Communication system is the backbone of every growing company that wants to aggressively sell its products or services.

Business collaborations can succeed or fail depending on the connection quality and available solutions. A lack of proper and efficient communication among the key people can result in a loss of business.

In order to eliminate all the bottlenecks in communications, companies are fast switching to VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. The initial releases of this communication technology did not quite impress as expected.

However, within the next few years several advancements were made and quality of connection as well as the performance was vastly improved. Virtual connectivity is now a reality and the market is responding positively towards adopting it. The current trend in the marketplace is to move to the cloud.

There are several cloud based providers in the market who are offering communications solutions to small, medium and large scale businesses. If you have decided to hire the services of a cloud-based service provider, it is imperative to set your priorities right and this includes both security and analytics.

Analytics will give you a perspective about the robustness of the system. It would also help you to understand whether your connection is vulnerable to hackers who are on the prowl to steal valuable information or VoIP minutes.

In order to choose the perfect service provider in the market, it is important that you do a little research about the providers and make the choice based on facts. You need to ask questions so as to understand the real goal of the service providers. There are several service providers who enter the market with the sole aim of making profit.

However, you need to find companies that not only want to make profit but are interested to provide real solutions to business problems. Customers are never the priority of companies that want to only make profit and not help businesses through proper solutions.

It is really challenging to understand the real motive of service providers but you can get an idea if you analyse their sales pitch. Vendors who are ready to only offer you their package deal are not at all interested in your business needs or providing solutions.

They intend to only close the sales deal. If you choose one such provider then things might look fine initially but as your expand and look to add more features, you will find that the performance of your communication system starts to go downhill. It is likely that you are not going to find the vendor by your side during such a crucial period.

On the other hand, if you choose a vendor who wants to learn about your business challenges and is eager to provide solutions to the business problem. You should choose the vendor who is ready to recommend the solutions that can suffice your business needs.

There are companies like Toshiba who have come up with innovative cloud-based solution like UCedge. The advantages of using this cloud-based solution are:
• Only one number can be used to make or receive calls from a variety of devices like Tablets, Smartphones etc.
• You can use UCedge to work from anywhere and use any mobile devices to access the centralized communication system

• The privacy of your mobile number can be protected by providing only the office phone number as the caller ID.

• You will be able to make overseas calls from your mobile phone at even landline rates

• Office voicemails can be easily accessed using the UCedge solution
The best thing about UCedge is that it is even compatible with other popular solutions like Strata CIX, VIPedge and IPedge.

 Michelle Patterson

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Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

Author Faizan Ahmad