23 Oct 2012

5 Tech Tips To Maximize Your Finance Career

Tech Tips for Finance Career
Since the earliest days of capitalism, finance has been a major part of world economies. More than just bookkeepers, financial experts are trained to do more than just numerical calculations.

The finance career can lead to tremendous jobs and provide a great quality of life, but remaining on top of current technology is important for succeeding. Here are five tech tips to help one's finance career advance.

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1) Use the right financial software

Although it is fundamentally about analysis, tedious calculations are necessary to succeed in finance. Computers can greatly simplify the process; by using the right programs, a finance professional can perform more analysis and complete them more quickly.

As valuable as insight is, it is sometimes sheer effort that makes the difference between a rising career and a stagnant career. Finance professionals need to regularly check out what new programs are available and buy those that can save time.

2) Do not be afraid of programming

For niche areas of finance, there may not be a program available. In many cases, however, writing a simple program or hiring someone else to do it can have a tremendous impact on one's success. While creating full-featured applications takes years of training, writing a program to perform some straightforward calculations is not too challenging, and finance professionals may be surprised to learn how quickly they can learn how to write such programs.

The basic layout of computer programs is actually quite similar to the though processes that finance professionals are trained for.

3) Connect with others online

Connecting with other finance professionals can be somewhat challenging. With the Internet, however, it is possible to connect with others online. Finance experts can use social media, forums and blogs to discuss various aspects of financing.

Often, the skills learned communicating online can help finance professionals learn useful tips for succeeding and advancing their careers. In addition, this online networking can be used to forge personal connections that lead to jobs in the future.

4) Use smart phones for organization

Finance professionals spend much of their time dealing with organizing data, but they sometimes have difficulty organizing their professional and personal lives. Finance work often deals with juggling multiple responsibilities and using one's time as effectively as possible.

One great way to handle this is to use a smart phone as a personal organizer. By using one tool to track one's obligations and determine when to perform certain tasks, finance professionals can ensure that they are using their time wisely.

5) E-Readers

Despite the digitalization of the field, finance still relies in large part on paper. Finance experts must use written documentation, references and archived data for much of their work. However, much of this material might be available online or in digital format. By using a platform that is capable of displaying PDF files or others forms of digital storage, finance experts can reduce the amount of paper they need to carry around.

Whether one chooses a dedicated e-reader, a tablet or even a large smart phone, it may be possible to avoid having to carry around large binders and books. Finance jobs are old, but the computer is revolutionizing how work is accomplished.

Too often, however, finance professionals do their work the same way they have in the past but type relevant data instead of writing it down. By taking advantage of what technology has to offer, finance professionals can save time and perform their work more efficiently.

    Joey Cooper

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Joey Cooper is a financial adviser and guest author at www.bestfinanceschools.net, a site with information about getting a finance degree online.