21 Oct 2012

Smart Tips To Manage Your Money Through iPhone Apps

Manage Your Money with iPhone Apps
Managing and handling the monthly budget effectively is not an easy task. Even after all the hard work people put in tracking their expenses and maintaining records, they usually land up in a mess at the end. Are you facing the same problem? 

Want to maintain a track of your expenses and plan a strategy for the monthly budget?. Then you are at the right place! There are numerous apps present to ease out your task. If you possess an iPhone then all you need to do is download these apps and handle your finances efficiently.

The applications present in smartphones are developed for various purposes; they include apps for finance, business, social networking, entertainment and many more. Following are sone of the iPhone applications used for managing expenses:

iXpense Lite

Among all available apps this is one of the best for analysing saving accounts and tracking all your expenses along with their receipts.

  It helps in storing maximum 100 records in its memory
It alerts your payment dues by an alarm, which helps in avoiding penalties on extending last date
These also possess a very important feature such as entering manual data or capturing a picture in order to record all expenditures
It is supports multi-currency


This is another iPhone app helpful to manage money. It has a user-friendly interface in order to record all your expenses within less time.

• It is easy to use and provides two buttons to add income and expenses
• These two are required to analysis daily expenses and income earned
This summarises daily recordings based on your cash flow and draws a line for all that is earned and how much is spent.


This app is one of the best available for iPhone.

It helps to scan the reports which are useful to sync between bank accounts
On purchasing any article through card it scans the receipt and immediately adds it to your daily expenses checklist
In case the scanner fails to capture the scanned receipt, you can even manually enter the details

Pocket Expense Lite

It’s an easy to use app which allows tracking the financial outflows along with the statistical analysis for daily, monthly and yearly basis.

•  It shows a graph on various outlets of your money such as utilities, loans,  entertainment and others
•  It is provides a security password protection to ensure the data to be secured as well as assigned by an in-built alarms to alert on payments of bills

Fresh Xpense Capture

This is useful in catching hold of all your outflows along with your account details.

This captures a photo of receipts as well as expenses and mails them via Xpenser.com
•  This doesn’t require any internet connectivity
This helps in capturing cash-flow using iPhone anywhere and at any time

These are top applications used to manage your money. Some of the apps are available for free whereas others need to be purchased. In case you fall short of funds to buy any of the application then one best option is to opt for a same day cash loans. These are instant loans accessed with less processing time and can be repaid by the next paycheque


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