22 Jan 2013

Print From Your iPad Using 5 Of The Coolest Apps Around

The iPad is an unbelievable device that you can do almost anything with, but one thing that's obviously missing is the ability to print stuff out. Sooner or later you're going to want to print out all your lovely photos and designs, so now is a good time to learn about some of the printing apps you can use to help you.

You can't do anything without a special printing app, but even if you have your printer lying around the house somewhere you can still hit a button and print something off as long as everything is running smoothly. It's not as easy to print with an iPad, but it's definitely not going to put people off buying one.

Print n Share

Print n Share

Imagine being able to take a photo when you're down at the beach and it sitting waiting for you when you get home. That's the kind of thing you get with this app since it works over 3G. It's pretty handy when you want to print something while you're on the go so you can just pick it up later on.

If you're thinking about going through your main computer's printer it's possible to print that way, but you will need to install some software on your main machine. Then there's the option of printing from nearly all Wi-Fi enabled printers.

Printer Pro

Printer Pro

This is pretty cool because you will find the option to use Printer Pro is many apps around at the moment, which will be located in the main menu. You can choose this option and print whatever file you want on many of the compatible printers.

If you're not sure whether your one will work you just need to download a lite version of the app and you'll know soon enough. Just remember when it comes to printing something your printer will need to be connected to a Mac or PC, plus you'll need to install some software onto it.


If you're lucky enough to have a wireless or Bluetooth enabled printer you can easily print something straight from the app. If you don't then it's the same as the others and you'll need to print through your main computer, which again needs special software installed.

Just remember than even if you have a Bluetooth enabled printer you will still need to use your computer as a proxy. PrintCentral is also very generous in what it lets you print, so there's not going to be any time you really want to print something but are unable to which is nice.


Before talking about some of this app's benefits we should maybe look at the one thing that's not so good. You won't be able to just find something you want to print and press a magic button to print it straight away.

With everything that's going to be printed out it will first need to be loaded into the app and only then can you hit print. This isn't too big a deal because it doesn't waste too much time. The number of things you can print out is very impressive, though don't expect to print off any emails unless you use a different app.
Print Magic

Print Magic

Sometimes you download an app and realize it's not compatible with the certain kind of printer you have, but the cool thing about this app is if you check on their website they will give you a big list of over 1000 printers it works with. It makes it easier on you downloading something only to realize you don't need it. It's one of the cheapest printing apps around and the ratings it has on iTunes shows that people love it.

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