11 Feb 2013

How To Blog Successfully About Even The Most Boring Subject

Blogging is something which has taken over the web in recent years, with millions of people scrambling to get their thoughts, perspectives and even their emotions out to a wider audience than ever before.

Alongside any blog which is read by others, however, there is sure to be an element of criticism, whether it be of your writing style, blog template, or just your opinion in general.

One way to stem this tide of criticism is to learn how to effectively blog on your chosen subject, and ensure that you can write the liveliest posts about even the most boring topics, engaging your reader and increasing the chances of them leaving a positive comment, instead of another confidence-shattering one.

Learn How To Make Watching Paint Dry Exciting

While anyone has the ability to start a blog and populate it with content for search engines to find, not everyone has the skills to blog in a way which will see a low bounce rate, returning visitors, and an engaged audience.

In order to do this, you need to review whether you are firstly writing in an SEO friendly way to get visitors, but also, very importantly, writing in a style which is going to make those initial visitors want to return without the help of Google.

There are several extremely key points to consider when you begin writing your blog, and that includes choosing the correct tone for your blog subject and your reader demographic (or the demographic that you want to build up).

If you don’t have a target audience for your blog, you’re losing the battle before you’ve even begun and you seriously need to think about your aims. Who do you want to read your blog, and what will they want to see? Before you can successful define what your blog needs to sound like, you need to understand what your audience are going to demand from it.

Even Boring Subjects Will Be Interesting To Someone

No matter what you fancy writing about, whether it’s the hottest new technology or a brilliant hair color brand, you’ll go far if you remember to always be honest to your readers. The community that will come from your blog is going to be crucial in defining whether it succeeds or fails , and if you represent yourself honestly, your visitors are likely to follow your lead.

Finally, consider the structure of your blog very carefully indeed. The visual appeal of a blog goes beyond the template and the navigation structure; the content itself needs to be appealing to the eye as well. Break up your posts into shorter paragraphs of around three sentences, to keep any wall of text down to a minimum, making it easier for your audience to read, digest and discover the wonders that you are trying to share with them.

  Laura Watson

About the Guest Author:

is an experienced blogger in the alternative fashion scene, and has successfully blogged for many years, even in some of the most boring subjects.