9 Feb 2013

How to Use Media Fire for Data Storage

The technology of cloud computing allowed the users of computers to benefit of an increased storage space which is available for them whenever they need it. In other worlds, you can have storage space on external servers, but which would be available for you to use just like using your hard disks.

You can find many services of this kind today. However, the majority of those would only give you 2-5 GB of space, which is not that great, considering the fact that the size of an average game today is 7-10 GB. Media Fire is a service of this kind that offers 50 GB of free storage space, but you can increase this capacity even more for a small fee.

One of the disadvantages of this service is the fact that it does not offer synchronization features, like those from DropBox. On the other hand, the program gives you the option to upload files through a simple web interface, and also through a program called Express Desktop Utility, which is available for a large number of operating systems. It also comes with a drag and drop feature which is pretty handy.

Another limitation is the maximum allowed size of files. Even if you have 50 GB of storage space, you can’t upload individual files with a size of more than 200 MB. This means that you need to archive the large files if you want to upload them here, or you need to “break” those into files with less than 200 MB size.

It is possible to backup your files, but this means that you need to upgrade to a premium account. It costs 9$ a month, but considering the number of extra features offered with this program, you can choose to pay for it.

The data stored on Media File is accessible from any computer, with a user and a password. This makes it great for companies that have offices in different locations, as the employees of the company have access to the important files of the company this way. Of course, you will need to be sure that your files are protected here, and this is why Media Fire applied a large number of security measurements to protect data of clients.

Media Fire has no traffic or bandwidth limitation, and if you don’t have activity on the account, you won’t be suspended. In other words, the speed of download and upload depend only on the capacities of your computer, and on the limitations of your internet connections.

If your download or upload stops, you can resume later. Other services of this kind don’t offer this facility, which is pretty important, especially if you need to upload and download large files of this kind.

If you are not connected to such a program, you should know that this is the future of storage, so you might consider subscribing for such a program now. Media Fire is indeed a good program, and for this reason, it is recommended for people that need cloud storage in an effective manner.

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