7 Mar 2013

Using WordPress Like a Boss - Some Useful Tips

WordPress is one of the most well known and famous blogging websites that exist and that is the reason why many, many people use WordPress for blogging. Whenever a person uses WordPress, they are always amazed at the different tools and the different service it provides.

WordPress simply has its perks but there is no use of these perks if a person cannot navigate through WordPress and cannot use the features that it provides well. To ensure that a person does use it the way it is meant to be, here are some tips and tricks that can help them.

1. Schedule blog posts

When a person has a good blog, the readers always expect to have new stories and new content up on the blog whenever they visit. Obviously, a person cannot deal with all those expectations and a person can certainly not meet the requirements. That is why a blogger can use the schedule a post feature that is provided by WordPress.

By using this feature, a blogger can create content when they are free and schedule it to be published afterwards. A person can really benefit from this feature and they can certainly use it to their advantage. This feature, if used in the right way, can help feed the content fetish of the blog readers.

WordPress Tips
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2. Change URLs to simpler ones

If a person wants to own a blog that is really easy to search and reach, they should definitely change their URLs to something simpler. That is because WordPress is known to assign URLs that contain many different numerical and symbolic characters and these characters are not easy to type in correctly every time.

In addition, there are many blogs with arguably the similar URLs on WordPress so it is really likely that a person searching for a certain blog might end up on someone else’s. Changing all URLs for every page and post is a wise step if a person is using WordPress.

3. Use the spell checker wisely

When creating content, a person should be sure to use the editor’s tools. That is because these tools can improve efficiency and the effectiveness of content and they can also help determine the mistakes.

That is true when we talk about the spell checker that WordPress houses. A person should be sure that they use the spell checker wisely and that they use it to their advantage when creating content for their blog.

4. Use WordPress keyboard shortcuts

A good blogger will always use shortcuts. That is because using shortcuts saves a lot of time; time that is valuable and time that can help a person write and create more content. A person should benefit from the vast varieties of keyboard shortcuts that WordPress has on board for them.

A person can save an amazing amount of time by simply using keyboard shortcuts instead of reaching things and using them from the menu. A person cannot only save time by doing this but they can also become more efficient at what they do.

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