27 May 2013

How 4G Is Changing The World

4G is changing the world. How is it doing so? This article dives into some of the ways the world is changing because of 4G.

There are a lot of things you can do with your 4G connection and what is possible is only limited by your imagination. At the center of 4G is superfast net connectivity. Almost anything is possible with a 4G connection.

Streaming Videos

With 4G it will become easier to watch streaming videos via the net. Imagine that movie you always wanted to see – watchable via just a net connection on your computer. YouTube and Metacafe are already changing the way content is accessed and watched in the world. CNN live broadcasts can be easily watched online. What is more, organizations like the Art of Living even conduct live meditations online.

One side effect of streaming videos is that people will buy CD’s of films and other programs less and less. They may even be less likely to visit cinema halls. So these two businesses will be hit due to the speed and power of 4G which allows the download of a film in five minutes.

Online Calls (VOIP)

Before streaming internet people across the world connected via analog phone lines and later through cell phones. Now with high speed net access available people can phone other phones around the world using the power of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). In addition people can make free video calls by services like Skype and Google Talk from computer to computer.

One side effect of this technology is that old generation call companies might begin to die out. With communication migrating to the internet at cheaper rates and with good quality, traditional communication firms might just be unable to compete.

4G Technology
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Web Surfing

Internet surfing is set to undergo one more revolutionary step with 4G. Usage of more complex applications that require greater bandwidth is set to become a reality. Surfers will be able to do more with a 4G connection. As a byproduct of faster and more mobile net usage, net café’s are set to become consigned to history. People everywhere will own high speed internet connections and so they may not need to use net café’s any more.

Large File Downloads

Large files can now be easily downloaded with 4G connections. This means better syncing and sharing around the world. This also means that large files can easily be transferred over the internet. This means a bonanza for the music industry which can make albums easily transferable and downloadable over the internet. This might spell the slow death of traditional record firms that market CD’s and cassettes.

Video Chatting

Video chatting is another advantage of 4G. Seamless quality is possible as a result of 4G speeds. This means teleconferencing will benefit. People from one business location will be able to communicate with people in another business location via the internet. Travel will become unnecessary for face to face communication and this will impact business in a big way.

Use of Apps

Application will be widely used on cell phones with 4G connection. Multi player games of high bandwidth will easily be playable using 4G. A host of new applications will also become a reality on smartphones.

4G is set to change the world. It is – to paraphrase the famous words of a moonwalker – a giant leap for mankind. Get ready to ride the wave or to be left behind. Clear 4G is one of the firms at the forefront of this change and clear 4G reviews will let you know the impact this firm is making.

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