14 Jun 2013

Are Wrist Cell Phones The Future? Here's 4 Predictions...

Cell Phones are become more and more extensive with each new release. Cell phones now have the capability of sensing a fall, and preparing the components inside for impact.

There are weight counters established in some new styles that help the phones fall onto a particular region of the phone designed to withstand a fall.

With all of the advances, it is plausible to believe that a wrist cell phone will be working itself onto retail shelves within a few years. As the smartphones altered the cell phone world forever, the capability of carrying all of the computing power and knowledge of an android device on your wrist will change the realm of phones again.

Full Integration

The new style of cell phones will branch from the extensive research on wrist cell phones. It is an extraordinary concept that can now be backed by the advances in technology. There are still many questions that remain unknown about them. Some of the key attributes of having the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5 are the screen sizes.

The tech savvy are looking for a large screen to incorporate entertainment into the mobile phones. Nowadays you can watch a movie on your phone or play your favorite games. These aspects will be lost when condensing the screen size of your phone down to a watch. Being able to multi-task, or even text on such a small screen will also have its downsides.

The wrist cell phones may become a reality within the next few years, maybe as early as by the holiday season this year, but they will come at a cost of entertainment.

Options and Accessories

As mentioned above, a lot of the “extras” that come included with the smart phones will be lost in the transition to a wrist carried device. There will be accessories and options available to widen the use of your wrist phone, but at what cost. There may be an extra monthly charge to connect extra devices to your watch, or to use them entirely.

You may be able to connect your iphone or other, more specific device to allow for the texting and entertainment capabilities. The iPhone or other gadget will not have any direct connection to satellites, rather a Bluetooth connection to the wrist phone.

Wrist Mounted Smartphones

As Google explores the options with their Cell Phone Glasses, do not be surprised if these become incorporated together. You can send the texts and images from your wrist phone to your Glasses making it easier to read and manage.

Difficulties and Issues

As with any new technology, there are going to be bugs and hiccups. There are going to be trial and error phases until the design and process has been perfected. Unfortunately the only way to be positive is to release the cell phones onto the market.

Critics will quickly praise or condemn the products, and give feedback as to why they feel that way. These critics drive the sales of modern technology, and one bad review on a freshly released product could spell doom for the entire line.

Texting has become as integral into the cell phone community as using the device as a phone. More and more people send text  messages in lieu of making a phone call for many different reasons. With the shrunken screen, being able to type efficiently, if at all, is a concern. It is a great idea but one that needs to be carefully accessed.

If you make the screen too large, it will be an obnoxious accessory and will most likely end up in your pocket as a cell phone rather than on your wrist. Many people may have to adjust back to the T9 style of texting (where you use the numbers rather than a keyboard).

There is talk of using a bluetooth headset along with the cell phone to privitize calls. The new models have speakers surrounding the phone to boost the voice to your ears. That can be quite distracting and will become daunting if everyone shifts to speakerphone phone calls while out in public.

With the advances in microphones, the device should be able to not only pick up your voice from a greater distance away, but ignore other sounds that will cause more background noise than there will already be.

Wrist SmartWatch

Security and Protection

Cell phones can be just as slippery as soap. Think back on all of the cell phones that would not have broken or dropped if they were securely strapped to your wrist. The new phones can give some professions and predominantly clumsy people a sense of protection.

No longer do you have to worry about dropping your phone while trying to troubleshoot, or worrying your phone may fall into the pool at your next party. In addition, it can be quite difficult to steal a phone if it is strapped around your wrist. Many phones are picked up right under your noses, whether at the bar or relaxing with “friends” at a party.

Gone are the days of rushing around the house wondering where you misplaced your phone. Not only has it been eaten by the cushions that seem to be a labrynth underneath, but it has also died and you have no other means of exacting its location. There are going to be many different styles of bands and faces to accommodate anyone’s fashion sense or professional needs.

While there are prototypes available on the market, many of these still have bugs to be ironed out. As Sony has released their SmartWatch idea, LG has also countered the battle against Sony’s wrist cell phone concept. Google is working on another style of phone in the Google Glasses.

A cell phone that be conveniently worn as sunglasses and offer both UV protection, and your text messages all at once. Convenience is King in the cell phone world and with all of the new technology being released, it may take years to fully integrate them.

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