30 Jun 2013

How To Manage Content Effectively On Your Blog

Running a blog can be really rewarding. It can be a way to make money, through things like affiliate marketing programs or advertising schemes. It can be a way to build up a following of your work, and it can also be a way to express yourself to a potentially limitless world of people.

Whether you are writing your blog for fun, to promote yourself or your business, or to make money in its own right, how effective it will be depends to a very high degree on your content.

No matter how well you master search engine optimization techniques or how many links you post around the web, your blog won't achieve its goals if when people get to it, the content is poor or there just isn't enough of it. To help you avoid disappointment, here are some tips to help you manage content effectively:

Have a Content Strategy

You can only create, find or commission good content if you have a plan for how you are going to do this as soon as you start your blog. Are you going to be writing all of the content yourself, or are you going to find other people to contribute, or pay freelancers to create it for you? How often do you need to post something new?

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How much content should you have already in place before you start heavily promoting your blog? Is your content time sensitive, or will people still be able to read that first post a year from now and find it useful? These are all questions your content strategy needs to address.

Your content strategy can be something as simple as you committing to writing and promoting one new post per week, or can be more complex (you won't start pushing the site until you have 25 different product reviews on there, which you'll hire professionals to write, for example).

As you progress, you should also consider how your content will be organized, in terms of tagging categories, areas of the site and static pages. These are all things you can implement through the software your blog host provides, which we'll talk about next:

Make The Most of Your Content Management System

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Whether you have a proper domain of your own and managed hosting, or you have simply signed up to use Google Blogger or WordPress and host your blog on their domain, you will have that helpful back end system where you write and publish your posts.

In software terms, this is known as a 'content management system' or 'CMS', and it can be very helpful in allowing you to manage your content effectively. Learn how to use the CMS you have access to with your hosting solution, and make the most of its more advanced features.

Don't just scratch the surface and learn how to post a new article, edit an existing post or approve a comment, but learn about the ways you can schedule posts for publication, and tag and organize posts to make it easier for people to navigate your site and find content once there is a lot of information on there.

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