21 Aug 2013

Does The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Help Or Hurt Samsung?

Samsung may not be as dominant as Apple in the smart phone market, but the company has released more smart phones and devices than any other company.

When the mobile phone company released the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S3, it seemed the company was focused on creating products directed at certain demographics or markets.

The GS2 and the Galaxy S3 also helped increase the brand’s name amongst consumers. It seems to many industry experts that the company released the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini as an attempt to breathe new life into what seems to be a struggling company.

How Does The Galaxy S3 Mini Appear To The Public?

When you first hear about the features and design of the phone, it appears to be a mobile phone that is very solid. It operates on Android 4.1, and it includes a few of Samsung’s key features like SmartStay and S-Voice. The phone is a 4 inch phone that is just as great as the original, or is it?

What Is The Truth Behind The Screen?

The company states that the S3 Mini will give users a fabulous experience when they view photos and video on the 800x400 AMOLED display. The fact is, this technology falls at least two generations short of the technology that Samsung is currently using in other units.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
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The cameras on the S3 Mini is only 5 megapixels in the back with a VGA in the front, compared to the Galaxy S3 that has an 8 megapixel camera in the back with a 1.9 megapixel camera in the front.

What about the Weight, Battery, and Processor?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is around 22 grams lighter in weight than the Galaxy S3, and it is thicker than the S3. The weight has nothing to do with the battery. The battery in the Galaxy S3 Mini is a smaller 1500 mAh compared to the 2100 mAh that is found in the S3. Another difference is the processors that are used in each phone. The Mini uses a dual core 1GHz processor whilst the S3 uses the quad core Snapdragon processor.

The Differences in the Galaxy Line

Samsung has released many mobile phones throughout the years, and most of these phones have been in the Galaxy line. Although these mobile phones share the same lineage, none of them have ever performed as well as the original Galaxy phone.

Many would think that this has not been determined so much by the branding as it has been by the quality of the products. This is why many experts believe that Samsung specifically named this phone the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini so they could promote it as another great Galaxy phone.

As the economy continues to be unpredictable, more people are looking for budget friendly smart phones. This is why Samsung continues to roll out products that are not only affordable, but they carry basic features that users have come to expect. The only thing the company should have done differently is name this phone the Galaxy Mini. This way they could have preserved the Galaxy S product line.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is a smaller phone that has received mixed reviews, but is the perfect smart phone for many first time mobile users.

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