17 Nov 2015

The Undeniable Bond between SEO and Content Marketing

Experts believe that SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. They fit and work really well together. In fact, SEO is supposed to be everything about content marketing and so is content marketing all about SEO. However, the problem today is that in several cases content marketing and SEO are not integrated, they are separated. The underlying truth is that content marketing and SEO actually overlap, blend, cohere and go together very well. It is high time that disconnect between the two is identified and efforts are made to bring them back together.

SEO & Content Marketing Differ Yet Not Separate
It is an accepted fact that there are quite a few differences between content marketing and SEO in some critical areas, yet these two cannot really be separated entirely. They seem to differ in degree only. SEO seems to be narrower yet more technical than content marketing. Content marketing has a holistic and a broader approach. You need to channelize specific SEO technical efforts into content marketing. Conversely speaking, the success of any content marketing endeavor depends primarily on application of SEO techniques, while implementing it.

The Overlapping Roles of Content Marketing and SEO
SEO seems to make demands that are fulfilled by content marketing. SEO lays down the precise requirements and content marketing makes concerted efforts toward fulfilling those requirements. SEO and content certainly complement each other.

SEO Demands & Survives on Content, Content Marketing is nothing but Content
You cannot think of SEO without content. You definitely require articles, words, keywords, and substance. The fact remains that content is really the king. It is all about content, content and more content. This is the hardcore reality of the SEO world. And what does content marketing entail? It is clearly about content. The practical and successful application of SEO is the very essence of content marketing. You should take an advanced SEO course for understanding the intricacies of the SEO industry.

SEO Wants Keywords, Content Marketing is All about Using Keywords
SEO always demands keywords. Content marketing implies effective use of keywords. There is absolutely no question of an argument regarding keywords being the fundamental or the key component of SEO. SEO is all about researching appropriate keywords, using them effectively and tracking your precise ranking of these in the SERPs.

How do you actually apply these keywords? How is your research channeled toward its practical application? The answer is through content marketing. The best way to use your keywords effectively is to infuse them strategically and effectively throughout your content. Content marketing comprises brilliant content, using targeted keywords and written for humans of course.

Success of SEO Depends on Link Building and Content Marketing is All about Robust Link Building
SEO success can become a reality if stellar content is provided through content marketing. Links can be built by getting in touch with several link-building agencies, which may or may not be reliable. The best way however, to build links is simply by publishing exceptional content and allowing the audience to link back to the content. This is the actual way of ensuring SEO survival and continued SEO success.

SEO and Content Marketing Complement One Another
Good SEO is nothing but steady output of content. If you are involved in content marketing and doing your business right, consistent output would be a reality. There is no second thought about it. Content marketing is regarded as an active verb. It represents an ongoing action.

You are not just doing it and stopping. You are doing it and keeping on doing it. It is supposed to go on and on. Most definitely the success of content marketing is related to and dependent on its SEO features. Your content is of no value unless people are searching and finding it.

Author Bio: Catherine Hooper is an SEO consultant attached to a leading SEO firm in Las Vegas. She is an avid blogger. She recommends taking an advanced SEO course for success in the SEO industry.


About the Author:

Catherine Hooper is an SEO consultant attached to a leading SEO firm in Las Vegas. She is an avid blogger. She recommends taking an advancedSEO course for success in the SEO industry.