22 Nov 2012

Guest Blogging: 10 Best Tips

Guest post or Guest blogging is a healthy method of practice to excel in SEO. You can get more inbound links that connects to your website and can build an online healthy relationship with other entrepreneurs.

Guest Blogging is no more a strategy, it has evolved in to a general solution and you need to keep in mind that Google updates are getting smarter each day. So, if you have been guest blogging for some time or you are new to guest blogging, implement the following ten tips. 

•    The first important thing that any blogger should do is to know and have a complete knowledge about the website that he/she intends to guest post. Spend some time to learn about the blogger, the type of contents written, the way of writing and the number of audience they have attracted.

Take a quick glance at the archives and the recent posts. The comments section will give you a clear idea of what is accepted and expected by the visitors. This makes it easier for you to guest post an idea that is related to the original post. Make sure to have maximum information in your guest post.

•    When contacting other bloggers for guest posts, it is vital to provide your credentials. While sending an email, you need to provide the exact picture as to why you can guest post for him/her. Make the blogger understand that you will write unique relevant articles that will attract more visitors. Start writing after you get the approval from the blog owner.

•    Sharing your blog statistics does no harm to your online business. Inform him about the unique visitors you get each month, total number of page views and the like. In addition, you can also share your website rankings in Google, Technorati and Alexa. In short, you can share any information which stands as a proof that you will provide potential links and drive in a considerable amount of traffic.

•    Most bloggers are very busy throughout the day. So, do not waste their time and yours by complimenting and congratulating them. Ensure that your email is very clear and precise. Mention who you are and what kind of posts you can write for the other blogger.

•    Deliver your guest post so that it can be published right away. For example: When you send guest posts in word documents, the blog owner has to take the trouble of pasting these details in the blogging software and remove the HTML codes. You need to make the blog owner understand that your guest post can be directly posted.

•    Are you new to Guest blogging? It is best advised that you start guest posting on smaller blogs. Experts suggest that it is best to write guest posts on blogs that are bigger than yours. This helps in gaining more traffic and exposure. However, if you are a new guest blogger, start from smaller blogs and learn the tricks and traits to build an online reputation.

•    While writing guest posts, you need to give your best for every post. Submit the guest post on time and check for grammatical and spelling errors. Do not overload your guest post with links that point to your own website, blog or other activities. Instead, add a small bio which has a few links that point to pages of a website or other links.

•    When the guest post is published online, take tremendous efforts to drive traffic and to promote it. If there is an increase in traffic because of your post, it is more than likely that the blog owner asks you to write more guest posts in the future.

•    Do not spam your guest post with comments. Even if you use multiple user names, may be names of your friends and family members, blog owners will be able to find out the trick. This will have a deep impact on you and no blog owner will accept your guest post.

Don’t be satisfied with the number of audience you receive. Build a healthy relationship with the audience and spread yourself to reach new people. Every new blog will have new visitors and so take that extra step to change them into regular visitors.


About the Guest Author:

Gabbie has been writing technology related contents such as blogging, social media, gadget reviews and tutorials and making money online for more than four years now. She is currently working as a writer for Massbeacon where you can get details on FiOS offers and savings.