20 Nov 2013

5 Reasons You'll Love The IPod Touch 5G

The iPod touch is more than just a music player. In a nutshell, it’s an iPhone that cannot make calls. This is perfect for anyone who can’t or won’t make calls with an iPhone. With the latest iOS software installed, users get a lot of amazing features at an affordable price.

 Lightweight and Slim Design

The iPod touch has an advantage on the iPhone in terms of size. With no extra cellular phone features added to it's design, the iPod will be appreciated for it's slim and lightweight build. The slightly rounded corners on the device will fit naturally in the palm of your hands.

Same iPhone Features

Anyone, at any age, will have fun using this device. Very much like the iPhone, the only difference, being the inability to make calls. Other than that, you can use your iPod as a music player, camera, gaming device, Siri navigator and more. The wrist strap on the device seems genius; especially good for people prone to dropping their devices.

Easy Activation

With this model, Apple removed the need for a Mac or PC to activate the iPod. Now anyone anywhere can open and activate their new iPod out of the box. The device comes with all the necessary software already installed, and any extras can be added wirelessly. That’s good news for the people who do not have access to a computer or Internet.

IPod Touch 5G
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Computing Power

 Don’t underestimate the power of this mobile device for a minute. With an upgrade to 512 MB of RAM on this model, the average user will have sufficient memory to do lots of computing on the go. Don’t get caught up with the naysayers calling for more. This is more than you’ll ever need for computing and using the Internet on the go.

Improved iPod Ear buds

Apple did more than just change the name of their unique ear buds, and consumers are thankful for that. Now called earPods, the new headphones come with some major upgrades. A new design, built-in microphone, and an ergonomic shape to fit nicely in your ears are just some of the reason that the company claims that this ear bud is better than most expensive brands on the market. The earPods are included with every iPod touch purchase.

Color Time

The array of fun and exciting colors provide the final reason you’ll love iPod touch. With five amazing colors to choose from, you’re bound to find one to fit your personal style. Available in slate, yellow, pink, blue and silver, you’ll get a matching colored wrist strap to go along with your device. The iPod is made from aluminum alloy metal which serves are the outer colored covering. The metal makes the device both sturdy and light.

These five features don’t begin to scrape the surface of all the features and benefits that you’ll get with the iPod. You’ll discover more features only as you begin using the device. The upgraded operating system alone comes with over 200 new features! And if you’re not drawn to the iPod Touch, you can always check out the Classic, Shuffle or Nano.

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