26 Dec 2013

Five Ways to Increase Your Sales through Facebook Marketing in Singapore

Social media has taken the advertising world by storm, and social media advertising seems to be getting popular with each passing day. Social marketing in Singapore is at par with the rest of the world with different social media agencies offering attractive services to business people who are out to to use social media marketing.

Facebook is among the popular platforms that have been used by many business people to market their products to millions of customers, and generate huge profits. A social media agency helps individual business owners with the creation of attractive, and customer-friendly Facebook pages that are both interactive and informative, and can be updated with ease by the business owners.

If you plan to use Facebook as a marketing platform, you need to know that having loads of fans on Facebook is not all it takes to get customers. More often than not a little nudge is required to convert the fans in to paying customers so do not stop at getting a professionally done page.

Five of the ways in which you can increase sales using Facebook include;

1. Include a call to action on your Facebook page
Most of your fans will visit your Facebook page for a number of reasons. Including a call of action on your page will mean that any visitor to the page get to know of the available deals and this can make all the difference when it comes to turning these visitors into customers much to the benefit of your business.

2. Encourage your fans to share
Most of your fans will be happy to share great deals with their friends, but reminding them to do so does not hurt. Encouraging your fans to share means that you can expect more customers through them, and this will translate to more sales.

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3. Update the Facebook profile as and when necessary
Nothing puts off potential customers than outdated information. Keeping your Facebook profile updated keeps your fans updated on the major changes in the business that might affect them in one way or another. Setting time for making updates works well in most cases, as you can forget to make necessary updates especially when you are involved in the daily running of the business.

4. Appreciate your fans
Your fans are among your greatest assets when it comes to Facebook marketing. Letting them know that you appreciate them will go a long way into ensuring that they remain loyal, and encourage their friends to check out your awesome deals as well. You can offer exclusive deals to your fans or simply tell them that you appreciate them every now and then.

5. Offer helpful content
Offering helpful content will keep your fans coming back for more. You can opt to include helpful, factual, and detailed content that is related to the products you are offering. This ensures that your customers are well informed about the products and are more likely to buy from you since they will be buying from someone who clearly understands the product.

Follow the above ways and you will achieve your objectives, and benefit from using Facebook for marketing your business.

Marcus Ho

About the Author:

Marcus Ho is a highly sought-after Social Media Strategist who specializes in revenue-driven campaigns on social media for businesses. Well known for his cutting-edge, fresh insights and proven strategies, Marcus has successfully helped over 200 corporations and SMEs to rake in hundreds of thousands within very short periods of time.