20 Nov 2017

Using Social Media to Increase Potential in the Job Hunt

Perhaps you’ll agree to me if I say that the whole job-hunting process, in the same manner with resume writing papers, is indeed frustrating. There will hundreds, if not thousands, of candidates, competing for the attention of recruiters and/or employers the reason why it becomes significant to find ways on how you can stand out amongst the pack.

Parenthetically, would you be surprised to know that your consumption of social media can increase your possibility of getting hired?

But of course, it will only work through proper usage and engagement in the online world! Here’s how to boost your chances in the job search through the use of social media.

Using Social Media to Increase Potential in the Job Hunt

Pay attention to your social profile
When screening candidates, the most go – to – websites of employers are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. That being said, you may want to make some necessary tweaks and adjustments to your social profiles.

A significant study has been performed by Career Builders which revealed surprising statistics:
• 51% of the employers say that they look if the candidate will be a good fit in the corporate world.
• 45% are researching potential hires on social media to find out more about the candidate’s qualifications.
• 44% of hiring managers want to see if a candidate is creative.
Moreover, also cited from the research are the leading types of posts and behaviours employers do not want to see on candidates’ profiles. These include:
• Posting provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos or information
• Posting information about them drinking or using drugs
• Having comments that relate to discrimination of race, gender, religion
• Bad-mouthing previous company and/or fellow employees
• Candidate lying about qualifications
• Having poor communication skills
• Being linked to criminal behaviour
• Shared confidential information from previous employers
• Candidate’s screen name unprofessional
• Lying about an absence
• Posting too frequently

What you post, how you post and who you interact can have a huge impact to potential employers. Be sure to hide or remove any post or information that may negatively impact your job hunt.
In addition, be cautious of the details you’ll input on your profile. There is also a tendency that your potential employer will caught you lying.

Since the employment has become very competitive in nature, there comes the desperate times wherein candidates are tempted to fib on their resume about their education and qualifications. In fact, HireRight.com, a provider of on-demand employment background screening, revealed that 34 percent of job applicants lie on their resume.

However, your lying may only drop off the possibility getting hired. As per Dennis Nason, CEO of the recruiting firm Nason & Nason, "Background checks are much easier now since it's all pretty open on the Internet."

Build online connections
“It is important for job seekers to utilize social media accounts,” says Rebecca White, an area director at staffing firm Kavaliro. "Not only does this show that they are current on the latest technologies, but it also provides them to stay in touch with their colleagues, expand their professional network and open themselves up to other career opportunities," added her.

Aside from making your social profile appear as professional as possible, you can also utilize social media to widen your connections. Personal networking can be a great tool in broadening your contacts but the online platform can be of great help too since most to all (employers or not) consume social media nowadays and whilst there’s only a little chance to be acquainted to them personally (considering their busy schedules), a greater possibility lies on meeting them online. And so, be wise enough to take this an advantage. Plus, chances are those connections of yours have more connections thus providing you further possibilities of getting hired.

As mentioned in an article from Business News Daily, Chief Marketing Officer of applicant – tracking system iCIMS Susan Vitale acknowledged that staying connected on social media (with companies you may want to work for) “helps your chances of being hired later.”
As per a study conducted by job match site The Ladders, “only about half of all available job openings are ever advertised publicly.”

This may put you into the curiosity of how the rest of the job positions are getting filled. And how can job seekers find these job openings?

In relation to this, there’s a survey which revealed that 85% of all jobs are filled via networking.
This now gets you back to the relevance of improving your social profile. Anything you want to be made apparent about yourself to recruiters must be prominently featured online through professional outlets and professional platforms.

According to Shankar Mishra, Vice President of Data Science and Analytics, “job seekers without visible brands will be missing out half of the opportunities.”

Research the company you’re eyeing
Social media consumption can also provide a unique opportunity to look over your desired company. It is only a mutual benefit for whilst they can search your profile, you too can do the same- may it be for the whole company profile or the personal profile of your potential employer. Visiting their pages to see the contents they are posting, you can get an exclusive insight of the company’s culture, priorities and its stand. You can learn from some reviews made on the company, making you understand if you’re a fit to the job.

Moreover, this can afford you with a decision in case you’re tied up on choosing between companies.

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