1 Dec 2017

Convert PDF to Word on Your Desktop

Working on the go from our mobile devices has become customary and normal. It’s great that thanks to the Internet we can perform so much work on our smartphones today. This even includes sharing and managing our business documents and files.

For example, as we recently wrote here at the Tech Senser, you can even convert your PDF to Word on your mobile phone. If something needs to be done, preferably on the fly, you bet there’s a mobile app for that.

Convert PDF to Word

However, that does not mean that the good old desktop is dead. On the contrary, many professionals who work with sensitive information and data still prefer the safety of their desktops and opt for desktop apps and tools that allow them to manage documents and files locally, without sharing their information with some third-party servers. To go back to our example, this includes converting PDFs to editable file formats like Microsoft Word.

So, if you are looking for the desktop app that can quickly, accurately and safely convert PDF to Word, try Able2Extract Professional. It is a full-blown PDF solution, but it is quite easy to use. You can check out the quick PDF to Word demo to see for yourself. It’s interactive, so you will actually go through the entire conversion process using the prompts and then be able to repeat the steps for yourself super quickly when you find yourself in the need to export content of your PDF to Word.

From PDF to Word in Three Steps

Basically, as the demo above clearly shows, conversion from PDF to Word is a three-step process:

1) Open the PDF for conversion
2) Select what you want to convert (you can actually hand select the part of the document for conversion, specify the area or just click to choose to convert the entire PDF).
3) Choose the file type, namely Microsoft Word and then specify where you want the converted .docx file saved on your computer.

That is all -- once the file has been converted, it will be opened for you automatically so you can start modifying it as initially planned. It means that there is no waiting associated with sending the file over the Internet to be converted on some remote servers. You have it when you need it, right on your hard drive.

Added bonus
As mentioned earlier, Able2Extract Professional is a full-featured piece of software, not just a simple PDF to Word converter. It is equipped with OCR technology, which means that you can also extract content from your scanned PDFs into Microsoft Word and other editable file types like Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice formats and more. On top of that, you can create PDF, both regular and secure, edit PDF content and pages without conversion, convert multiple files at once (perform batch PDF conversions), and more.

If you want to convert your PDFs to Word from your desktop or test some of those advanced PDF handling features, download Able2Extract and test free for seven days.