5 Jul 2018

7 Essential Marketing Techniques for Startups and Small Businesses

The marketing techniques are considered an important part of the business world because firms
starting their business are looking to expand their business with low investment. This article
presents seven most common strategies used by the small firms to establish themselves at the
early stages of development. The strategies are explained in the upcoming headings.

1. Facebook advertising
Facebook advertising helped many small firms to establish themselves at the early stages of
development because this marketing tool is not only inexpensive, it is one of the most effective
ways of marketing in the 21st century. Facebook is an inexpensive method of marketing and also
supported by various tools and techniques, which can be used for attracting an audience from all
around the world.

Facebook is also supported by various types of marketing options, which can be used by small and medium enterprises. For example, Facebook ads excel provides the option of targeting a specific audience based on age, age, gender, location, and many other options.

Facebook ads can be easily created by just using a headline or tagline, and a bit of description
related to purpose and offerings. The advertisement on Facebook is also supported by the addition
of images, and a link. The inclusion of images significantly increase the chances of attracting an audience, however, creativity in images is the pre-requisite of generating a good advertisement.

2. Google my business
Ranking your business using this approach is one of the effective ways of marketing your
business, and listing your business on the Google. In fact, when a person is running a business in
today’s era, this is considered the most powerful strategy available to them. For example, when
someone will search your business on Google, and your website is sitting at the top, the traffic on
your website will automatically arrive. However, this method of generating traffic takes some
time, which is more than 6 months for getting a website on top.

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When a website is sitting on the top three ranking on Google, then chances of visitors will
significantly increase. If the business will reach the top of the google than ads can also be posted
on the website because those advertisers will pay a handsome amount. So not only traffic will
increase, other methods of generating leads can also be used for increasing options of generating

4. Content marketing
Many marketers say that content marketing has a significant impact on their business especially
in the initial stages of business development. Content marketing demands the creation and
distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain an audience. This
action ultimately results in driving profitable customer action. Unlike paid advertising, this
method of marketing demands using long-term actions, and initial payoffs are low as compared
to high leads to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

Content marketing is versatile and provides many options for marketing. It includes online
courses, videos, podcasts, and a lot of other options, in which people consume information.
However, this method of advertising demands uses of capital and time in comparatively high
numbers, as compared to other methods of advertising.

5. Organic social media
Many companies nowadays make use of social media for interacting with people and attracting
them from various online channels of social media. This method of advertising is although time-
consuming, if marketing is done effectively on numerous pages, and groups on social media, the
number of visitors on the page will significantly increase. If people are unable to find your
business on social media, they will look for alternatives, and competitors present on social

The real question is, how much active a company should be on social media, for growing the
business market. It is argued that more time a company invests, more business is generated.
However, businesses which are established need to invest heavily in organic social media to
achieve their targets.

6. Coupon deal sites
It is one of the methods, which gained popularity in a short period of time, and it promotes the use of
coupons on various websites for business marketing. It can be used on the sites such as Groupon
for the promotion of business products. Coupon deal sites get daily visits in very high numbers.
coupon sites receive audiences according to the locations and allow promotion on the local,
regional, and national business platforms too. These websites can be used to offer discounts to
the visitors for a limited time through a voucher.

7. Email marketing
Most of the people visiting the website may not buy on the first visit. Therefore, a good strategist
will note down their contact information, such as email address or contact number for marketing.
This method of marketing is considered one of the most effective ways of marketing because it
requires no investment. Email marketing begins with the strategy of lead magnet, and various
discount offers can be sent on emails for marketing. This method of marketing is the cheapest and
should be used by every new company.

The above-mentioned marketing methods are the seven best methods of marketing, because they
promote business in a short period, and have a positive impact on the performance. If the
business wants to achieve revenues in a short period of time, it should be using a combination of
best marketing methods, explained above.

 Erica Cohen

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