27 Jul 2018

Identifying Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Rank

You’re blogging to reach people; however, Google won’t just let you reach your target audience. Why is that when you’re sure to put content that would be relevant to readers?

Being a blogger or site owner, perhaps you keep wondering how search engines work and what’s the updated algorithm you need to work on. Well, while I honestly can’t answer that, what I can do instead is provide you possible reasons why you aren’t ranking.


You don’t have a focus page.

The focus is the key, even with rankings. Have you asked yourself what specific page on your site do you need to rank for a particular keyword phrase? Let’s say you keep on publishing blogs on your website and possibly, especially with niche marketing, you are bound to discuss a specific topic again. In this case, using and setting same keywords for different posts and pages won’t do good for your ranking. You need to optimize a specific page for keyword phrases you wish to rank; thus building a Page Authority (PA).

You’re doing your digital campaign on your own.

Many individuals underestimate the process of creating a digital marketing campaign and even assume they can do it on their own. Well, it is possible, but it requires enough research as it is too complicated and can quickly get technical, not to mention that it keeps on updating from time to time. Doing so, it’s not like you can also compete with site owners and bloggers who employ services of professional digital marketing agencies.
Thankfully, in today’s well-connected technology, businesses can easily outsource such services to a region which offers a better ratio of SEO Return on Investment (ROI). For example, instead of restricting yourself to a region you belong, you can search for SEO services in the Philippines where they offer affordable cost yet high quality and converting campaign.

You still have not established your site as an authority.

This is where link building plays crucial. You may have created the best blogs but are you linking them to credible sites that are known to discuss topics similar to yours? If not, then this could be the very reason why you don’t rank. Expert digital marketing agency found out that Google sees it this way: Credible sites link to sites that are also credible. The more frequent web crawlers find your site whenever a topic is discussed, the likelier it will reward you with a better ranking, considering that you provide users with relevancy and encourage readership to another credible website that gives relevancy as well.

You are using keywords that are too competitive.

The number one problem with doing keyword research for your blog is the matter of balance. You would like to find keywords with high search volumes, yet you would not want to compete with more prominent sites that are already targeting those keywords. For you to stand a chance on being discovered, you would need to play around with words that are related to those too competitive keywords. Long-tail keywords will come in handy in your case. There are terms often used by searchers that remain unleveraged by other companies since they are busy targeting keywords with greater competition.

The right mindset should come into play. Never hit a truck if you’re using a bicycle; in the end, you’ll only ruin your bike and harm yourself. You may get into a complex competition in the future as your site gets established. However, if you’re beginning but would want to rank, then it’s ideal to choose a more attainable campaign.

Faizan Ahmad

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