10 Aug 2018

Learner, Pedagogue & Technology

Education is a learning experience which, at the same time, should be effective for an individual to survive in the long run. Education is a very important aspect of each & every individuals’ lives and acts as a gateway to success. It is because success (worth-mentioning) can only be achieved when individuals have the correct knowledge, skills and abilities. The positive attitude and confidence come when persons are well-educated. Thus, education is being continuously enhanced, over the years, through proper implementation and blend of Technology. Technology has helped education to nurture persons and bring out the talent within them. Also, it must be remembered that no individual in the world, with education, is ever neglected.

Technology has made the long-distance learning a bliss in the life of the persons, who have the zeal to learn and keep themselves updated & educated. Online learning and virtual classrooms have proven to be an efficient method of study and are also extremely flexible and affordable. While traditional teaching only works to provide knowledge, the tools in educational technology actually challenge the students in their day-to-day comprehension. It stimulates freedom and provides guidance while still maintaining and giving the structure, that candidates are familiar with.

How technology helps in Courses
Students who are eyeing admission into the Bachelor in Technology or popularly known as B.Tech Courses, need to prepare a lot due to the exceeding competition both during the entrance examinations as well as during pursuing the course in any college or institution. This is where students can use the technology in education and can stay in an advantage over others. The virtual classrooms have gradually decreased the gap between the students and the teachers/instructors to collaborate in real-time. This has removed the educational boundaries and has also given the students, an opportunity to choose from the wide range of options available.

Digital Natives
The Internet is a great place where apart from getting the enormous knowledge of any courses, an individual can also search various colleges and institutes across the globe and decide to take admission according to their merit and budget. The internet today is a global village and thus encouraged by different faculty members of various Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad, like Institute of Technology, LD College of Engineering, Institute of Information and Communication Technology, etc. to not only learn about particular courses that the students are studying, but also to go for various extra-curricular studies which might add a significant value to the Resume of the students and also help them further in their career. As per various researches being conducted across India, the advancements in the educational technologies have contributed to positive outcomes in India’s education sector.

Who gets benefited
It is not only the students who are gaining from the educational technology but also the teachers/professors/instructors, who have learnt how to integrate technology & relevant tools in the classrooms and gather more interest within the students to learn efficiently. Also, the use of the tools of technology has enabled the teachers to test the abilities of students and their learnings in real-time. This is why the teachers can also give constructive feedback to the students or individuals as and when required for the betterment of the Apprentice.

Though the educational technology has proven to have a bunch of benefits, still it must be remembered that technology and teaching are not substitutes. Technology adds value to the traditional teaching methods and enhances education. Though various private and public schools and institutions have integrated the Flipped classroom method to educate the students, due to the budget cuts and the staffing problems, or for the cost-cutting, still technology should not replace Teaching.