18 Oct 2018

Want to Attract More Customers to Your Business Through Marketing and Brand Perception?

When you are in a romantic relationship, you always want to make yourself presentable in the eyes of the other person, as often as possible. You go out of your way to choose the best clothes and presentation style when you go to meet them, and you cannot deny your attraction to each other – love is so exciting, and you cannot wait to spend your time with them.

This may seem like a scenario you take for granted, but it applies in many areas of life – even in business.

Many business owners strive to make their business as attractive as possible to customers so that they make profits at the end of the day. The best way to achieve this is through branding activities. So they go ahead to hire the best agencies they can find and afford, such as Sixinches.in, one of the top branding agencies in Mumbai – all in an effort to present their best face to the consumer.

However, if you are a business owner and are not sure on how to achieve this, how do the best brands in the world succeed? Here are some basic rules of attraction marketing that you can apply.

The design of your brand and logo needs to identify and connect to the customer

If you are the owner of an enterprise, it is very important to ensure the brand messaging connects to the consumer, as well as fitting their expectations. Part of this involves consistency, and the other part is making sure you fulfill their needs in the best ways possible.

Efforts to market your business such as brochures, business cards, mobile apps, and websites should be fully functional and flawless, as well as connecting to the main objective of your business. In addition, it is a good idea to add personal touches to the efforts you make, through making some customized gifts for your loyal customers, which can include the company image and logo.

The brand you choose should be consistent in its design, regardless of the platform you use it on, and it should also incorporate creativity and individuality in design. In other words, this will create a ‘halo’ effect on the consumer, making them love your brand thanks to the initial impressions they got.

Understand the target audience completely

The importance of knowing and understanding your audience cannot be understated enough – it is essential to the success of your business venture. Get to know the details of your customers – their ages, interests, nationalities, socio-economic levels, gender, languages they speak, incomes, psychological profiles, and so on. This will all go into planning your marketing efforts and help you to implement them successfully.

This will also help in improving communication with your audience, and they will be loyal because they see you are making an effort to understand their needs and interests. In addition, it will also help you in using the means of communication that the audience is comfortable with, based on where they spend most of their time.

Make an effort to help the customer sincerely
One of the major failures a business can do is failing to communicate with their audience in a sincere manner. Make sure this does not happen in your case – improve all the channels to your customers.
You can do this by offering better customer support, offering them discounts when they shop from your company, better channels of communication, or awarding them with various rewards. All these will help you improve the customer-business relationship significantly, and there are various tools available that can improve your customer experience.

Another way to achieve this is through personalization, which helps the consumers to fall in love with the brand. For example, personalizing their emails, dashboards and offers – all in an effort to understand them and their experiences.

Make sure to conduct sufficient research on market gaps, and fill the voids

All businesses operate to fill in consumer needs and wants. However, the best businesses also seek to create wants, then fill the same void. For you to attract consumers and loyal ones by your side, then you should make an effort to identify and create needs, then provide solutions to those needs.
This may seem like a complicated strategy, but it is easily done through conducting market research, through either secondary or primary data collection methods. When you use the second approach, you will piece your data based on previous data that someone else has done. This is using government data to create women’s clothing, for instance – because you do not need to ask the audience if they are female.
Primary collection means that you do the legwork in collecting and analyzing data, such as finding out what colors of the products your consumers prefer to have.
Once you are able to do your research on the market, you will be in a better position to create services or products to fill the needs of your consumers.

Increase your retention rates and CLV

Research findings from Harvard Business School imply that when you have a customer retention rate of at least 5 percent, you will increase your profits by at least 25 percent. This is an important thing to keep in mind – so make sure your strategies are geared towards customer retention as well.

The Customer Lifetime Value, or CLV,  is another essential metric when you want to measure the marketing effectiveness of your branding strategies. This is the prediction of the value your business gets, as long as it retains its relationship with the customers.

The most successful brands you know use this information. They are able to increase their CLV as well as their retention rates, and this makes them have a wide base of very loyal customers. These consumers will also do part of the marketing work for them, through strategies such as word-of-mouth marketing.

Final thoughts

As long as you follow strategies to increase your efficiency, you will attract the right customers to your business and brand.