22 Dec 2018

Signing PDF Documents With Able2Extract Pro 14 PDF Suite

Document integrity is an important factor for business transactions, which is why almost every company uses the PDF format for sharing and sending business material. Yet with today’s advanced tools, PDFs can now be compromised.
Fortunately, PDF signatures are just one of a handful of solutions in detecting and preventing that issue. What you need to accomplish that, though, is an advanced PDF tool, one that is affordable, versatile and secure. In our software reviews, Able2Extract Professional stood out to us as a PDF solution that fit all categories. As a business tool, it has everything you need.

We showed you last time how easily it lets you convert PDF to Word on your desktop.
This time we’re taking a look at the latest Able2Extract Professional 14 and showing you the new PDF signatures feature. Below, we walk you through the process of signing a PDF electronically.

Sign PDF Documents Electronically

Electronically signing a PDF document is the most common way to sign documents, which involves signing your PDF with a signature image. This means that you can add a visual representation of your signature to let others know you have looked at, approved or consented to the contents in the document.
To electronically sign PDF files, follow these steps:
1.    Open a PDF in Able2Extract.
2.    Open the Digital Signatures menu.
3.    Click on Choose Signature.

Sign PDF Documents Electronically

4.    Check the Add Signature Image option and click on the Create button.
5.    Type, draw or import a signature image.

6.    Click on the Add button to create a signature.
7.    Click on Sign and place the signature on the page
8.    Save the signed PDF by clicking on the Save button from the Command toolbar.
You can create and save more than one signature for future use, which can further shorten the process even more.
In addition, you also have the ability to sign a PDF document with a digital certificate by checking the Digitally Sign the Document option. Able2Extract supports digital certificates on external USB devices and will list them for you in the Signatures dialog. All you need to do is select the digital certificate you need and click on Sign.

Validate  PDF Signatures

You can also validate digital cryptographic signatures that are attached to PDFs. This lets you ensure that the PDF you’re viewing hasn’t been altered and can check out the details about the signature attached to the file. 

A padlock icon on the document‘s tab and the Digital Signatures side panel gives you quick viewing access to determine the integrity of the PDF document.
As you can tell, being able to sign PDF documents is a good, if not essential, feature you should have at your fingertips.

You can download Able2Extract free for 7 days from the developer’s site to try this out yourself. No internet required to use the software and you can download it on Windows, macOS or Linux platforms.