12 Mar 2019

Digital Signage – The Future Of Digital Marketing

Up until now, the field of digital marketing was primarily confined to gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and computers. The integration of digital marketing with the physical world has been minimal. However, digital signage is changing all of that. It is trying to amalgamate digital marketing into the physical world. It is the main reason why it has such a lot of potential.

Digital Signage
Credit: gctlsecurity.com

Digital Signage – Is it the future of digital marketing?

Digital signage refers to the actual digital boards which can be set-up in physical locations. The advantage is that they have 24x7 internet connectivity. That is why; the advertisers have an option to change the ads with the click of a button. Real-time bidding on such ads is possible. Instead of viewing these ads on computers, visitors can see these ads in the real world. The advantage for the advertisers is that not only physical interaction with the ads is possible, but also they can tap into a broader audience in a particular geographic location.

The real-time bidding allows advertisers to adjust their campaigns as per the requirement and the response. The digital signage industry is also evolving at a rapid pace. There are quite a few emerging trends in the field of digital signage which indicate that digital signage is the future of digital marketing.

        Emerging trends in the digital signage industry
        The emerging trends in the digital signage industry include

       Responsive advertisements
One of the main advantages of digital signage is that they offer a touchscreen and sensor-based experience. That is why; the users can interact with the advertisements. The increased interaction provides a higher conversion rate for the advertisers. Moreover, the advertisers can easily capture more data which will help them get more value for money from their advertisements.

Since the content is digital, the cost of displaying the content or interacting with the potential clients is on the lower side. It is the main reason why the brands are switching over to digital signage rather than the traditional methods of advertising.

       Smart advertisements
Most of the companies that offer digital signage options are introducing AI into the signboards. With the help of AI, the advertisers gather proper data. The data can help advertisers offer smart advertisements. With appropriate tracking and real-time analysis, the ads can be made more interactive and intelligent. With that, the conversion rate also increases. It will allow advertisers to reduce their advertising budgets and get a better ROI. The use of AI and data collection systems is another emerging trend in the digital signage industry.

       Amalgamation with the physical world
The core of the digital signage industry is dependent on the merger of the digital world with the physical world. With real-time tracking and online bidding for advertisements, the line between the physical world and digital marketing is blurring at a fast pace. Moreover, augmented reality and virtual reality are the next steps which digital signage industry can take to blur the lines even more. When that happens, the interaction levels will increase significantly and so will the conversion rates.

The companies will be able to target better and opt for geofencing which will help them address the viewer directly. The more targeted the campaigns, the more interactive they will be for the viewers. Already, the digital signage industry is using beacons to display advertisements aimed towards a particular venue. With the help of geo-fencing, this capability of the digital signage industry will enhance even more.

       Creating a narrative
The advantage of the digital signage industry is that it can create a story to lure the viewer. With the help of a proper description, it is easier to convert the visitor. It can use audio, video, sensor-based mechanisms to create the same. It can then integrate it with its online website or social media accounts to make it even more convincing. It is already happening in some parts of the world. 

While the digital signage industry has a lot working for it but these four trends will surely make it the future of digital marketing. Search emerging trends are making digital signages more and more effective. With such high effectiveness, it is just a matter of time before more advertisers use digital signage to reach their existing and prospective customers.