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27 Nov 2019

Best Tools to Generate Reverse Text While Writing

Reverse text as its name suggests is the concept of generating the written texts of various types including the long sentences, fewer words, paragraphs, idioms, phrases, proverbs, saying quotations, etc. in reverse. Yes, it is not a joke but a reality. The count down from 10 to 1 is reverse. The word ‘yrotsih’ is the reverse of the word ‘history’.

Nowadays, YouTube is full of videos by the people regarding the pronunciation of reverse words. We are just sharing with you this example of youtube so that you can learn more about the word reversal by watching videos if you are not able to understand it.

Reverse Text Generator

People, play the games in their daily lives with each other or on the websites of the pronunciation of word reversal. Then, on the basis of the reverse text, the other person has to guess the original word. For example, you have 5 seconds and you need to guess the original word with the help of the following word ‘retaeper’.

Well, the original word is ‘repeater’. It was not easy to guess. This is the beauty of this guessing game. Guessing the real word out of the reversed word will increase your brain capabilities as well. They increase the concentration, memory, and other hidden potentials of the brain.

The idea of the reverse text is not an invention of modern-day. It has also existed in the past as well. This phenomenon has continued until now as well. It was actually done to perverse the secret words, messages and ideas for the group of people they are trying to communicate something to.

Furthermore, the different kinds of civilizations were also trying to convey a message to their followers and generations to come in the future. Not everyone can understand the words. Those with intellect will pay attention to it and will come to know. However, the majority of the people will keep on considering the words as rubbish. But, the truth is that to whom the messages are conveyed, they are the focus.

In fact, be it a modern civilization or the older civilizations they have all been built on some kind of code. The reverse text was used by some people from history in order to carry on the legacy of their civilization. The reverse wordings are also known from the works of Leonardo Da Vinci who was the renowned painter of Mona Lisa. Many people as Dan Brown according to his novel Da Vinci code claims that Leonardo was a part of some kind of group. That is why you will see some kind of secrecy in his works. Thus it proves here that people like Leonardo were trying to communicate their words to some people who can understand what he is trying to tell them.

We are just trying to explain to you the mechanism behind the reverse text. We hope that you have enough details about how it all works. There are many websites present on the internet which are providing the service of reversing the text. But, not all of them are the best. You will see three of them providing the best service. The Prepost Seo gains the topmost position. With Mefancy on the second rank and textmechanic on the third rank.

All of these websites will be able to provide for you the mirrored texts. The real purpose is to transform and convert the texts and message into the texts as shown in the mirror. For instance, when you write the following words on a piece of paper ‘how is everything going in your life?’.

After writing it down you need to bring it in front of the mirror. Would the sentence appear as it is? No, it will not. This will be shown in the mirror ‘?efil ruoy ni gniog gnihtyreve si woh’. These words look very strange when reversed. This is the uniqueness of this tool that it hides an important message. A person who sees it the first time will be totally confused.

Similarly, the mirrored texts were also written during the Ottoman Caliphate of Muslims. It existed during the 18th and 19th century where the proponents of Bektashi Sufi Order wrote about their religious beliefs in the reverse text. For instance, the name of Islamic Fourth Caliph Ali has been written in reverse along with the name of Allah (name of God used among Muslims).

How to make use of this tool?

We have guided you about how this tool works in all of the websites mentioned above. Let us start with Prepost Seo. When you will open up the website you will see a box where you have to type the original text. Under the box you will see the following options: Reverse Text, Reverse Wording, Reverse Each Word’s Lettering, Select.

The option of Select is present to select all the text. However, in the case of Mefancy the box is also present on the website. Below the box you can find the following options present: Reverse Text, Flip Text, Reverse Wording, Flip Wording, Reverse Each Word’s Lettering, Upside Down, Select, Clear. Similarly, in the case of textmechanic the same options are available.

The option of Reverse Text is just the same as the mirror text. The reverse wording will reverse the whole sentence but it will not reverse each word. For example, the words ‘the world is beautiful’ will be like the following letters ‘beautiful is world the’.

The concept of flip text and reverse text works the same way. Just like the flip wording and reverse wording works the same way. But, in the case of Reverse Each Word’s Lettering, only the words will be reversed but the sequence of the whole will not change. Moreover, the option of Upside Down means that the word will be turned from top to bottom (topsy-turvy).