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21 Jan 2022


We are seeing a number of news stories nowadays about giant ed-tech organizations' despicable behaviour in the country, and how they are lowering the quality of education and converting into sales-driven businesses with only one goal: "Sell At Any Cost."



Then, in the midst of a pandemic, Techokids emerges, providing kids innovative ways to learn coding languages, artificial intelligence, robotics, and web development, all of which are particularly targeted and tailored for children aged 6 to 18.


Alumni from Google, Facebook, IIT, IIM, and MSU collaborated and formed Techokids. Because of the curriculum's unique design, exposure to industry experts and educators, 1:1 online live courses, and a learn-and-implement-based concept on real-world projects, our students successfully risen to the next level.


We see our students as the future Tech-Entrepreneur, Tech-Leader, or Tech-Specialist, that is why we have made it a priority to prepare them with 21st-century new-age tech skills.


Techokids Highlights:

1. Collaborated with Government of Gujarat State 2500 Schools.

2. Conducted 60,000+ live classes and registered 10,000 students.

3. Teaching expansion - USA, UK, UAE, and India