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4 Jul 2022

Pet Set Paw Offers All Pet Services at Your Doorstep

Pet Set Paw

Pet Set Paw is an on-demand pet service marketplace to find, schedule, and connect pet parents to trusted groomers, trainers, and vets in India. The founder, Aanandi Sardana came up with this idea in early 2021 after seeing several new and existing pet parents struggle during the pandemic to find trusted service providers to come to their doorstep for their fur baby. To find a qualified groomer or trainer, pet parents would ask friends and family with pets for a recommendation.

That's when it struck Aanandi how fragmented and unorganized the rapidly growing petcare sector was in India. In 2021 not having a place to easily find trusted service providers motivated her to begin her entrepreneurial journey in her fourth year of university at Sauder School of Business in the University of British Columbia.

Working on the idea while still being a full-time university student, she realized the potential and scope for growth in the Indian Pet Industry and has moved back to India to work full-time on her startup. 

Following the lean startup model, the company started as a search tool but the end goal is to make a seamless end-to-end transaction between the pet parent and service provider through a website and mobile application. It will be a two-sided market with service providers on one side and pet parents on the other.

The aim is not only to make the lives of pet parents easier but also for service providers to find more business. Currently Pet Set Paw is offering services in Delhi NCR and Mumbai but will soon be expanding to other major cities. The long-term vision is to be a household name for all pet services in India.