13 Jan 2013

5 Tips to Increase Blog’s Readership

Blogging is a tool utilized by virtually everyone in today’s world for the expression of views and thoughts in front of millions of users online. Blogging is not as simple as most people think and getting a blog popular over web demands dedication and effort.

There are a number of issues confronted by blogger worldwide which hinders their way to function at the optimal level. With the passage of time, as the technology is evolving and advancing, the world of blogging is also emerging and rising continually.

Bloggers have to get familiarize with the do’s and don’ts of the blogging and must know to stay consistent. With new tools and for managing blogs and updates from search engines to keep the high quality blogs prominent over the search engines, one has to plan strategies to run the blogs optimally.

2013 is approaching and with the new years, new trends are expected to emerge to enhance the experience of blogging. In order to stay competent, one has to abide by the rules set by search engines to continue enjoying higher ranking and greater revenues.

One way to stay prominent over search engines in increased readership. The more the readers at your blog, the more friendly the search engines would be with your site.

Tips to Increase Blog’s Readership in 2013

1.Plan social media strategies

Social media strategy involves making presence on popular social networking sites so more and more readers can read your stuff. The stronger your presence on social media, the more the readers at your page. Stay active and interact with your fans regularly and keep pleasing with fresh and interesting posts.

2.Update your page regularly

If you want your readers to stick at your page, you have to publish new articles daily to keep them engaged. Lack of new and fresh information disappoints readers and they are likely to move away. Keep updating and make your readers look forward to your upcoming articles/posts.

3.Do not get over involved in page ranking

Now days, many bloggers waste a lot of their precious time in evaluating their page rank over Google and on other search engine. In doing so, they neglect the quality of the content and focus more on getting their page towards higher rank. Do not get over involved in determining the page rank. Focus more on the content as it will automatically lead your blog toward high rankings at search engines.

4.Focus on the loading time and theme

Keep checking the loading speed of your page. Blogs that take more time to load are not liked by the users. Similarly, blogs with unusual and complex themes are not welcomed by the users. Install a simple yet attractive theme and keep your blog load at favorable speed.

5.Do not forget to add social media icons

To increase the blog’s readership, allow the visitors to share your stuff. Add icons for popular social media sites so that users can share your work on their profiles and this way you will get more exposure over web.

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