21 May 2013

Can Google Now Give You Answer Before You Ask The Question?

If you’re the kind of person who struggles to keep on top of what is going on in your world from day-to-day then a new application could make things a little easier for you. 

Google Now has been made available in the App Store and incorporates so many different features related to your world that it alone could encourage you to buy a new iPhone 5.

The application – the latest creation from the web search giant – promises to provide users with “the right information at just the right time”, which certainly sounds like an attractive proposition. You may be wondering just how it will manage to do this and the answer is that it will make use of information drawn from the various Google services you use and current your location.

In theory, this should mean that the more you use it the more informed it becomes about the things that interest you.

Features of the app include a comprehensive area dedicated to helping you manage your day. Within this lies details of the weather, friends birthdays, events you are planning to attend, traffic conditions and alternative routes for your regular journeys, information on flights and hotels and even a summary of how far you have walked or cycled in the past month.

Google Now for Smartphones
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If all that isn’t impressive enough then you’ll be pleased to hear that its coverage doesn’t stop there. If you’re a sports fan then the latest news and scores about your team can be accessed quickly and easily and if you fancy taking in a movie then simply take a look at what is on and when at your local cinema.

Those with a passion for travel might also find they are attracted to the app as it will offer webpage suggestions and more for a trip you have started looking in to.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination it can continue to help as its Be a local section aims to provide you with everything from details about popular local attractions, public transport and currency conversion rates . And if you’re ever lost for words in another country then the Translation section might help you to put your point across.

It seems likely that Google Now will prove a popular option for those with 4G phones in the UK and provide some real competition for Apple’s Siri, as it also offers voice recognition and aims to give you the answers you want before you have even asked – impressive stuff if it can be successfully achieved.

Users of the iPhone 5 may soon be provided with a software update as details of iOS 7 are expected to emerge at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference next month.

Faizan Ahmad

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